bye bye ACTA

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Crash&Burn, Feb 10, 2012.

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  3. The German Goverment has decided not sign the treaty FOR NOW.
    But they still want to. That´s the Problem,
    the Official hearing is om 1st of March 2012.
    So we are on a Demonstration tomorrow "Stop Acta 2.0 "
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  6. Yeah, Thats a victory i´m glad to hear that.
    I hope our goverment decide not to sign on first of march.
    Thnx I´ve forgotten to post the link. (Newbie :oops: )
  7. Anonymous Member

    So i guess I understand why you dont like the idea of ACTA. I personally think freedom of information is very important.

    BUT as a musician I got to tell you that intellectual property rights should be taken more seriously.

    Why should someone who has worked hard on an album or a film get nothing for it just because you think everyone should get it for free in the internet?

    And the funny thing about it is that poeple like the guy from megaupload earn money from things they have never produced but the people who have put their hearts in it should get nothing for it.

    I guess your gonne kill me verbaly now because I have the opinion that ACTA might be important in a way but I guess freedom of speech should be respected in every matter. ;)

    And know that not all of ACTA is good and I am of course for personal privacy but not for the sake that everybody can do what they want to do and damage other poeples lives because thats what you do when you steal intellectual property.

    So this is my request explain me why I'm wrong and ACTA is totally bullshit and if you have strong arguments I'll be happy to rethink my opinion :)

  8. So, I´m a musician too, the fact is:
    If you don´t have enough money, anotherone can get the Copyright of a song wich is made by you.
    If you are in a cooking course and you get a nice recipe , when you tell your girlfriend about the recipe
    you are a criminal according to acta. That´s not cool
  9. Enturbulette Member

    Don't assume a negative response from your audience, it is condescending and gives the message that you consider the people you are addressing a bunch of knee-jerk thinkers.

    Here is my response to your valid question:

    Musicians can now find an audience through more channels, not just the old style studio system controlled by corporations which allowed only a few chosen artists the benefits of tours, publicity campaigns and contracts. This system guaranteed great wealth for a very few artists, and the total invisibility of the vast majority of other artists in the same field who did not have the connections or the luck to be "signed" and controlled by the corporations.

    So the huge upside of today's internet culture for artists is that now musicians and other artists have a much greater access to the public through the internet and through independent entities. For example, if you are a musician that the public appreciates, you can book your own concerts and publicize them through social media. The old completely overpriced $15 CD is a thing of the past, and yes, Metallica's grandkids have been robbed of their trust funds and Gossip Girl lifestyles, but musicians far and wide can now maintain their own public profile and request their audience to pay a fee for downloads and they can sell CDs or Tshirts or what have you directly with no or very little "middle man". If they find enough of an audience, they can make a living at it, like any freelancer. Musicians still make good money directly from studio sessions, and from contracting their work to television and film production. This is not a fully developed or completely fair system and there is abuse through file sharing, but this system does allow MANY more musicians to find their audience and make a living, rather than just a few chosen musicians to live a grandiose and overblown lifestyle while the distribution chain is tightly controlled by a few people who dictate what the public gets to have access to.

    I don't think the old system was very good, and the new system is far from perfect, but today people who would never have been exposed to the public in the past have a chance at exposure and a career. The example of Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts" hit single comes immediately to mind.

    From what I understand, the specific ACTA legislation uses the "plight" of modern entertainment mega-corporations like Disney in the internet age to mask hardcore legislation against freedom of speech. Any reasonable person, artist or not, must be against unreasonable legislation, no matter how they stand to benefit from it personally.

    I am an artist as well. I write 19th century influenced ballad style poetry. Guess what, NOBODY buys poetry, either before the web or after. If you are a musician because you are an artist, then you will pursue your art no matter what. If you are a musician because you expect to make a good buck from it, then you are going to have to work the system that is available. Try your hand at delivering a cappella rhyming couplets to an audience without the benefit of a background of music that covers up lost lines and mistakes, and then you'll see just how hard things can be!

    But seriously, instead of trying to convince the average person that you deserve to be better compensated by the world wide web, how about using your energy to convince legislators that they need to write more concise and targeted legislation that will give you some protection without trespassing all over the freedom of the internet in the process?

    Good luck.
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  10. I see that even so,
    I appreciate the opportunity that I can publish my music without any companies. I make my music for everyone, but first and foremost for me. If many people like the music you get already his appreciation. You have also the possibility to develop the music in General...
  11. Oh yeah, and Music should be fun for the Musicians and for the audience
  12. DaLigeTrinity Member


    Guys, don't you think you re talking about the depth, and the form ? In its present forms, I am not convinced A.C.T.A. is acceptable, the text current form is obviously malicious, whereas artists works need to be protected as well.
    We should not limit our effort to the web, we should be able to work together in another way, a way where politicians are not working for firm's lobby, a way where politicians are consistent with human rights.

    Please never forget that we are united as one, and that we are divided by zero. Otherwise, the whole Anons world is in danger. "Don't forgive censorship" do not necessarily mean that intellectual property should be violated, but we need to all agree with a new definition of it, a respectable one for everybody.

    Remember what is Trinity

  13. You are right man!
    I think the same dude..
    We should be one Unity.
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