Cabinet Voting News From The Parliament

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Visionary, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Visionary Member

    Cabinet Voting News (UPDATE: NOW INCLUDES RESULTS)

    The Latest from Iran (28 August): The President Prays | Enduring America

    I'm not sure that this article is correct.
    I don't see what they are saying he said, in the statements below.

    Parliament urged to approve Ahmadinejad Cabinet
  2. Visionary Member

    Lobbyists Try to Buy Support for Ahmadinejad’s Cabinet niacINsight

  3. Visionary Member

    One-third of nominees will be rejected: MP

    One-third of nominees will be rejected: MP

    I think this is the guy who wanted Mortazavi to be put on trial.
  4. Visionary Member

    IRAN: Proposed education minister accused of making up his degrees | Babylon & Beyond | Los Angeles Times

  5. Good chart of "who's who" in AH nominations and gov't in general

    link via twitter:

    Prefaced with
    "Iran’s leaders are currently engaged in forming a post-election government. There are few new faces among those recently appointed, a sign that most government officials have simply been moved into different positions. Nearly all of the nominees have strong ties to the supreme leader or to the president. In the cabinet, Ahmadinejad has appointed a cadre of loyalists, many of whom served previously as high-ranking members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) (See Ali Alfoneh’s Ahmadinejad’s War Cabinet). The table below highlights key dynamics in the unfolding political re-structuring in Iran."

    Government Re-Shuffling in Iran | IranTracker
  6. Visionary Member

    A lot of the stuff in the article seems like it's from his friday speech.
    (maybe it all is?)

    Ahmadinejad urges Majlis on 'easy' cabinet approval

  7. Visionary Member

    Ah, they're not voting until, I was expecting some news in a few hours or so.
    I thought they'd been debating all week already. :D
  8. From MikVerbrugge on Majlis in session

    Interesting tweets from MikVerbrugge describing the ongoing parliament confidence vote proceedings. A dozen or so posts.

  9. More from MikVerbrugge on Majlis in session

    Mehrzad Vafa (MikVerbrugge) on Twitter

    Majlis session Bahonar blasts AN,but asks Majlis to help 10thGov put together its "qualified" members 2 hv a functioning Gov

    Majlis session Motahari blasts AN,his cabinet & subversive influence Mashaei has on him.He has nothing nice to say!

    Majlis session Nassiri blasts AN, without mercy. (not that he deserves any)

    Parleman says antiGov MPs speak in respectful silence but when proGov MPs speak, ppl roam around, talk
  10. Visionary Member

    lol, I only saw the post right before mine.

    Anyway, thanks for this stuff.
    This is getting exciting.

    I'm waiting for someone to tweet that Ahmadinejad has resigned in shame.

    (Although I have a bad feeling that the parliament will tear him up and then go and vote for his cabinet anyway.)
  11. Visionary Member

    Iran's president defends Cabinet amid skepticism -

  12. Visionary Member

    neo-resistance: Ahmadinejad breaks the law AGAIN: enters the parliament floor with his bodyguards!!

  13. Visionary Member
  14. Visionary Member

    some older news (sort of)
    Lawmaker says Majlis to cooperate with president on cabinet

    And this from twitter now:
  15. Visionary Member

    I don't recall seeing anything from the 2nd day of cabinet debating yet.
    Is there any news about it or more about the voting yet?

    Parliament begins 2nd day of voting on Cabinet
    This site seems really quiet lately.
  16. Visionary Member

    I still haven't seen any updates about the cabinet debates since the first day.

    I mean other than the general stuff like this.
    Actually this is the first I've heard about voting results.
    Is there any other news on the confidence votes and results???

  17. Visionary Member

    not sure about the source, but this is the first I've heard about this particular vote result.
    Iran parliament endorses controversial general as defence minister : Middle East World

  18. Visionary Member

    Mehrzad Vafa (MikVerbrugge) on Twitter
  19. Akhbar Azadi Member

    All this would tie in with report from again on Moussavi FB page:

  20. Visionary Member

    Majlis unanimously supports Ahmadinejad defense pick
  21. Visionary Member

    I still haven't heard any news about voting results yet except for the defense minister (and possibly the health minister) being confirmed.

    But I'm starting to think maybe they will all pass.

  22. Paleene Member

    so true, so true :(

    hope the good men hear the calling in time
  23. Visionary Member

    To be honest, I hope I'm just being overly paranoid because of the lack of news from the parliament the last couple of days or so.
    But I'm getting really anxious about the results.
  24. Nedjarsan Member

    Today the last day began for Majli to give their votes...
    ... from experiance i wonder if the votes will be counted.

    In the end of the day i come to one conclusion.
    (after i talked to my father in law which follows Iran and world politics for more than 60 years now, and he is a very wise Iranian man)

    The sad thing is that all MP are in some kind dependent and forced on keeping up the system one or the other way.
    If Ahmadi has to leave the whole system will crash and the cards will have to be mixed again. The majority of the MP will be in danger of losing influence and positions. Not speaking of Khamenei.
    Do not forget Ahmadi has got a second chance to present another set-up, before there would be a legal way paved for another national voting.
    Everybody in the Majli including Rafsanjani will try to prevent this.
    In addition to this, perhaps Mr. Ahmadinocchio has strategic interests to delay the process in getting his 1st proposal denied to come up with the 2nd and final one to win some time to strengthen his influence.

    Thats it sofar from me...

    All stay safe !
    May Your Hands Never Hurt !
    All my prayers, heart and tears to all suffering, dead and injured Irani and their families.

    P.S: I will not be here from 08.09.09 to 15.09.09 and probably not have an internet-connection.
  25. Visionary Member

    Not exactly new news, but it is an article about the parliament and some of the cabinet choices.
    Sara Dehghan: Iran: Male Clerics Call for Justice While Female Parliamentarians Advocate for Discriminatory Laws Against Women
    (It's also from the Huff Post)
  26. Visionary Member

    When is the voting going to end?
    The lack of news is really annoying me.
    I have to go to work now.
    I guess I'll have to wait until at least tonight to find out what happened.
  27. Visionary Member

    Iran MPs criticize minister job for election official | Reuters
  28. Deluxe Member

    A few weeks ago, I though some of the MP had enough balls to reject his cabinet. Now I realize it is not the case. Sadly, I think his cabinet will get approved and it will be business as usual.
  29. Everyone is feeling downhearted

    I am, too. I can hardly get away from the puter for more than a few minutes/ hours at a time because I want good news so, so badly.
    I also think it's risky to indulge negativity too much because it could help it manifest (flakey, I know), so trying hard to stay at least somewhat positive.

    Enduring America ( has *some* bright spots right now. Go look. Even if it's just for a few minutes, it might help.

    This is no time to blink- not when freedom seems so much closer. It is miraculous what can be accomplished if only you can BELIEVE.
  30. Visionary Member

    neo-resistance: Iranian Democracy dips to a new low: Khamenei and the guards are pressuring the parliament to give the cabinet vote of confidence.

  31. Visionary Member

    Pedestrian Blog Archive Rumor Has It …

  32. Visionary Member

    Iran Parliament to decide fate of Cabinet Thursday
  33. Visionary Member

    Iran's parliament set to vote on cabinet


  34. Nedjarsan Member

    Sad to think about...

    ... they prosponed the voting untill today (thursday).

    Never the less I am forced to say that Inran only will change if the massiv public uprising in any form or case will come up and continue; that will eventually change anything.

    It is forming out that the parliamenteral way will not work out.
  35. Visionary Member

  36. Nedjarsan Member

    Yer lollollollol or oolo and the result will be presented by Mr. Khamenei one second after the last ballot is thrown in the box.

    - no counting needed -

    Allah has provided the result to him 3 months ago
  37. Visionary Member

    Yuck...I think I'm going to be sick. :mad:

    Looking back at those (especially the last two)...I wonder if the numbers are accurate....
  38. Nedjarsan Member

    Not so fast...

    ... 3 are rejected. He has to make a second line-up to be approved.

    Just wait and see


    Looking back at those (especially the last two)...I wonder if the numbers are accurate....[/QUOTE]
  39. Visionary Member

    Does he?
    Then how can they have the session in a week?
    I don't think 3 is enough to require a second line-up.
    But I could be wrong.
    I'd like to be wrong about that. ;)
  40. Nedjarsan Member

    As far as i am informed the line-up has to be confirmed for all candidates

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