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    I decided to post a new thread so this message doesn't get buried.
    Many times people will see the title of the Ex COS List thread and not bother reading it.
    Which is understandable, it has been around a long time now. :)

    The following is a message I posted on the Big List of Ex COS Members List thread.
    I am asking for help with the list so it can hit 1700 names and beyond. We are currently 40 names shy of that goal. When it reaches 1700, I hope we can do a new press release.

    Bi-lingual Anons please post this message on WWP, blogs, cell pages and anywhere else you can.
    Poon the list to media, and whoever will listen. The veil of fear is lifting from the media and I think this would make a great article/story now. Especially with what has been going on as of late.
    Poon Brian Seymore of Today Tonight? Ortega of the Village Voice? Xenophon? the BBC? or whatever.


    I know there are SO many names missing from the list that could be added.
    This list simply needs to get out there more. It has grown and we are only 40 names away from reaching 1700. That is quite a milestone!
    Thanks to all that have helped with information, and also people who post on the wiki. <3

    I am asking for help from Germany, Italy, Denmark, UK, Copenhagen, and all other counties to help out in finding any names of ex scis that have spoken out publically (need proof) who would like to be added to the list. Speaking out can be in many forems like an interview, an article, a video, if they attended a protest or talking to an ex who would like to be added to the list.
    ONLY actual names will be accepted for the list. NO psuedo or knicknames. This keeps the list credible. Along with a name, please list other info like their time in COS, position, staff, Sea Org, and area (org), and a link to that info. Please do not just list a name with a link. Please pull the info from that link and post it along with th e name. This saves a LOT of time.
    If ex's request that they want to be added to the list themselves, this is also enough proof of speaking out.

    If you are bi lingual and can put this message on cell pages and or anywhere else you can think, of please do! Ask others in the language you speak to do the same.
    Contact the media in any way and get the list out there!
    We are trying to reach 1700 names!

    Maybe something like this for cell pages and or blogs:

    Please include your time in COS, position, public, staff, Sea Org, and area (org)
    If ex's want to be added to the list themselves, this is also enough proof of speaking out. They must use your actual name. This keeps the list credible. We are currently pushing towards 1700 names!

    Please speak out and be heard! Strength is in numbers! This list helps others to have the courage to come forward and it is also a wealth of information for anyone looking to write a book, article, media story or what have you.


    Will you be the person who will add the 1700th name?

    GO GO GO!!
    Thanks to all!
    Your help is MUCH appreciated!
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  2. RightOn Member

  3. RightOn Member

    if you poon anyone about the list and you get an answer, please post it here!!!
  4. RightOn Member

    another bump for halp
    or even one reply would be nice! :)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Might just have to harangue an ex that still hasn't spoken out, just for you Right On.
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  6. RightOn Member

    harangue away!! :)
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Try posting a link on the ex scientologist forums. You will get some feedback from there.
  9. RightOn Member

    I don't have an ESMB account, and a message was left by AnonLover a while back for the push to 1500.
    But if anyone has an ESMB account, can they please cros post?
    THANKS <<<<<333333
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  10. If any anons know any one who is an ex scientologist please pass this on
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  11. TrevAnon Member

  12. Bump for more ex scions!
  13. slobeck Member

    Call to arms? Is there gonna be extra loot?

    moar ex's plx
  14. Anonymous Member

    30 Missing?
  15. RightOn Member

    25 MORE TO GO TO HOT 1500!!!!

    WHO WILL FIND THE 1500th name?

    Anyone have an ESMB account feel like cross posting the following question over there?

    Is there anyone out there (or do you know of anyone else) who participated in the 1986 "FAIR" Class action lawsuit against Scientology whose names do not currently appear on the ex COS member list who spoke out?
    400 people where in that lawsuit and I would like to know where to aquire those names, so they can be added to the ex COS list.
    Any help is appreciated!!!
    Here is the link to the ex COS list. We are currently at 1475 names and we are trying to go over 1500 names.
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  16. TrevAnon Member

    ^^Above crossposting already has been done.

    Now for something completely different...

    I was able to make a comparison between:
    a. the list of ex-scientologists who have spoken out, when there were 1474 names on the list
    b. the enemy names list published by scientology - I used (It is always nice to notice that COS helps us fight them :) )
    c. the list of names in Kristi Wachter's completions database

    What did I do?

    Step 1: I subtracted the list a from the list b.

    This left me with a list COS enemies that are NOT on the list. See also

    Step 2: I cross-checked the completions database with the list that resulted from step 1.

    With this step I was able to make a list of 331 people in the completions database that are ALSO on the COS enemy list.

    In this step I used an exact name search, but there may be sneaky differences. Searching for "Gary Barnes" in the completions list gives "James Gary Barnes". So there is still some cross checking to do.

    Anyway, with this list of 331 we will be able to search better. For these people we need to find proof that they have spoken out. Then we will be able to put them on the list.

    In the following posts I will put the lists that I made.

    To do:
    - fuzzy version of the comparison in step 2, so I might even be able to deliver MORE names that are both in the completions database and in the enemies list.
    - anything else I can think of... :)
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  17. TrevAnon Member

    The following people on the enemies list are already on our list. They need NOT be searched for:

    Marcus Allen
    James Anderson
    Mike Argue
    Gerry Armstrong
    Jon Atack
    John Ausley
    Richard Aznaran
    Vickie Aznaran
    Steve Backerman
    Mark A. Baker
    Eric Ballard
    Jean-Luc Barbier
    Julian Bell
    Bruce Bishop
    Truman Bolinger
    Maiken Borre
    Mohamed Bouderba
    Kevin Brady
    Allan Buchanan
    Tonja Burden
    Alex Castillo
    Maude Castillo
    Ira Chaleff
    Neville Chamberlain
    Carol Coburn
    Bent Corydon
    Mary Corydon
    Michael Dearing
    Gene Decheff
    Sue Deutscher
    Jim Dincalci
    Nancy Dincalci
    Kima Douglas
    Virginia Downsborough
    Malcom Duncan
    David Dunlop
    Gary Earle
    Werner Erhard
    Dennis Erlich
    Fleming Evaldsen
    Paulo Facchinetti
    George Fearon
    John Fisher
    Mark Fisher
    Sue Fisher
    Steven Fishman
    Peter Forde
    Paul Franklin
    William (Bill) Franks
    Franklin Freedman
    Roxanne Friend
    Chip Gallo
    John Galusha
    Fernando Gamboa
    Terri Gamboa
    Silvana Garritano
    Carol Garrity
    Ole Gerstrom
    Emile Gilbert
    Dylan Gill
    Peter L Gillham Jr.
    Doreen Gillham
    Mike Goldstein
    Rebecca Goldstein
    Roger Gonnet
    Milton Gordon
    Milton Gordon
    Janis Grady
    Paul Grady
    David Graham
    Bernard Green
    Peter Greene
    Pete Griffiths
    Eileen Griswold
    Alistair Guy
    Blake Haber
    Dona Haber
    Marianne Hagen
    Cindy Hall
    Bill Hamilton
    Jeanny Hanson
    Travers E. Harris
    George Hay
    Ralph Hilton
    Ron Hopkins
    Jack Horner
    Frank Huber
    Martin Hunt
    Jay Hurwitz
    Pam Hurwitz
    Kim Hutton
    Thomas Jefferson
    Margaret Jennings
    Amos Jessup
    Mark Jones
    David Jordan
    Carol Kanda
    Mike Kelly
    Pam Kemp
    Eric Knutson
    Laure Beth Konneus
    Laure Beth Konneus
    Lucia Krahenbuhl
    Noel A. Land
    Don Larson
    Mike Lawley
    Ron Lawley
    Debbie Leighton
    Bryan Levman
    Kenny Lipton
    Betty Mace
    Eddie Mace
    Marjorie Mace
    Don C. Maier
    Mary Maren
    Cathy Mase
    David Mayo
    Julie Mayo
    Merrill Mayo
    Yvan Mayor
    Russ Meadows
    Dino Michieletto
    Steve Muro
    Jan Nash
    Gloria Neumeyer
    Malcolm Claude Nothling
    Harry Palmer
    Bob Penny
    Dick (Richard J.) Peterson
    Janie Peterson
    Elly Poortenaar
    Bevan Preece
    Marvin Price
    John Rafanello
    Kathy Raine
    David Ray
    Dede Reisdorf
    Otto Roos
    Ken Rose
    Annie Rosenblum
    Martin Ruston
    Bill Ryan
    Todde Salen
    Glenn Samuels
    Martin Samuels
    Jeanette Schweitzer
    Michael Linn Shannon
    Avra Smith
    Penelope Smith
    Denise Smithers
    Fred Smithers
    Gulliver Smithers
    Valerie Stansfield
    Joyce Stephenson
    John Stevens
    Alan Stewart
    Maryon Stewart
    Dean Stokes
    Leon Swart
    Darrell Sykes
    Patti Thompson
    Chris Tyler
    Kenneth Urquhart
    Joe Van Staden
    Diana Voegeding
    Cyril Vosper
    Gordon Walker
    Jeff Walker
    Alan Walter
    Kenny Wasserman
    Ian Waxler
    Mick Wenlock
    Hanna Eltringham Whitfield
    Jerry Whitfield
    Charles Wildbank
    Richard Williams
    Bernie Wimbush
    Eileen Wimbush
    Larry Wollersheim
    Heather Wray
    Mike Wray
    Loy Young
    Vivien Zegal
    Jon Zegel
  18. TrevAnon Member

    The following people are in the Scientology Completions database AND they are on the COS enemies list. However, they are NOT on our list.

    If you can find proof that these people have spoken out, please add a post in the thread

    Rodney Adams
    Barry Adler
    Kaj Akesson
    Lena Akesson
    John Alexander
    John Allard
    Pat Allen
    Robert Almblad
    Jose Alvarez
    Joelle Alves
    Georges Andreu
    Mike Armstrong
    Peter Arnold
    Cass Auerbach
    Dan Auerbach
    Bob Babendreier
    Paul Barbaro
    Gary Barnes
    Carl Barney
    David Bath
    Steve Beaumont
    Vincenzo Bellotti
    Rick Benson
    Orlando Bentz
    Gina Bertinato
    Dj Binda
    Len Bolton
    Gwynne Borthwick
    John Borthwick
    Rick Boss
    John Bostrom
    Jim Bowers
    John Bradley
    Richard Brandes
    Chris Brown
    Scott Brown
    Daniel Bruneau
    Giacomo Bucchi
    Eileen Buchanan
    Debbie Burch
    Gretchen Burke
    Caryl Burnett
    Richard Burnett
    Bill Butler
    Fausto Callegarini
    Gianni Canuti
    Cricket Carlisle
    Hector Carmona
    Teri Carter
    Miguel Catano
    Alvaro Ceballos
    Frankie Clark
    Keli Clark
    Scott Clifford
    Jim Collins
    Luigi Colombo
    Ron Condron
    Gordon Cook
    George Coopman
    Chris Cordes
    David Cortez
    Jesus Cruz
    Rod Dale
    Vero Dantes
    Bernard Dare
    Rod Davey
    Alice Davis
    Chris Davis
    Ron Davis
    Stephen Davis
    Bertrand De Petigny
    Marie Therese De Petigny
    Mark Dobson
    Larry Dunn
    Jeanne Dyer
    Marsha Elleston
    John Elliot
    John Elliott
    Nancy Faber
    Mirit Faier
    Arif Fareed
    Mary Jane Farrow
    Michael Feldman
    Marc Ferreira
    Alberto Ferrero
    Evan Ferris
    Monica Ferry
    Steve Ferry
    David Findlay
    Marcus Fishman
    Giovanna Florian
    Tiziano Fracassetti
    Phyllis Franklin
    Andrea Fuhrmann
    Wayne Furnell
    Richard Fyke
    Cecilia Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia
    Roberto Garcia
    Yvon Gelinas
    Sarge Gerbode
    Pedro Gil
    Sandra Gil
    John Gilgar
    Emily Goldfield
    Steve Goldfield
    Lori Gordon
    Patrick Gordon
    Marilyn Grace
    Dale Grady
    Craig Graessle
    Michael Graham
    Pam Graham
    Peter Grant
    Peter Green
    Doran Greene
    David Greig
    Marie Noelle Guillemin
    Klaus Hahn
    Tommy Hald
    Dianna Hansen
    Noel Hanson
    Bill Harker
    Bruce Harrell
    Mark Harrison
    Dan Henning
    Kathy Hermans
    Agapito Hernandez
    Judy Hill
    Val Hill
    Peter Holleley
    Dick Hughes
    Wayne Hutchins
    Dawn Hutchinson
    Mike Hutson
    Peter Imburgia
    Charles Jackson
    Richard Jacob
    Lori James
    Annika Jamtheden
    Lars Jamtheden
    Bernt Jansson
    Harriet Jarva
    Rod Jenkins
    Lamont Johnson
    Mark Johnson
    Matthew Johnson
    Bob Jones
    Doranne Jory
    Tom Joyce
    David Karas
    David Keat
    Ursula Keat
    Don Keeler
    Dennis Kelly
    Patricia Kelly
    Jane Kember
    David Kemp
    Don Kimnach
    Bill Knight
    Gary Kubica
    Roland Kuhn
    Steve Landry
    Linda Larson
    Bo Larsson
    Lila Lear
    Jeff Lee
    John Leong
    Bruce Levinton
    Doug Lewis
    Peter Lewis
    Max Liberson
    Mickey Lipton
    Gloria Lista
    Robin Listino
    Robert Littler
    Vicki Livingston
    Dave Lockey
    Bill Long
    Eduardo Lopez
    Eduardo Lopez
    Jorge Lopez
    Frank Lovato
    Chris Lucas
    Glen Luckman
    Leon Lundquist
    Alex Lynas-Jones
    John Lynch
    Bob Magaziner
    Paolo Maggini
    Sally Mahoney
    Kurt Malmberg
    Massimo Manitta
    Francesco Mannara
    Luca Marchi
    Pat Marks
    Wayne Marple
    Beth Marshall
    Roger Martin
    Alex Martinez
    Francisco Martinez
    Luigi Mazzucchelli
    Michael Meyer
    Renato Milani
    Bob Miller
    Craig Miller
    Linda Miller
    Thierry Mingione
    David Mogul
    Willy Mohorn
    Mark Morgan
    Graham Morland
    Eric Morrell
    John Morrison
    Ed Murawski
    Ross Nakamura
    Nathan Nedvedovich
    Jack Needham
    Craig Nelson
    Jeri Noble
    Thomas Nordlund
    Carla North
    Chris Norton
    Marina Olsen
    Jason Orsak
    Andy Osvath
    Bill Owen
    Gino Pacitti
    Sue Pathman
    Celia Patrick
    Steve Perrin
    Mirko Popovich
    Joan Prather
    Clay Primrose
    Tim Prosen
    Tom Provenzano
    Mick Quander
    Vincenzo Raspante
    Else Reitz
    Jon Rich
    Brenda Richardson
    Ken Richardson
    Harry Rickard
    Ricardo Robotton
    Peter Rogen
    Michael Rubin
    Mike Rubin
    Janet Russell
    Manny Salinas
    Jamie Sams
    Brian Sattler
    Valerio Scarrone
    Norm Schaefer
    Norbert Schnitzler
    Dana Scott
    Wes Sealman
    Phil Seiflein
    Mike Shea
    Jerry Simmons
    Nola Simmons
    Don Simons
    Shawn Skinner
    Heidi Small
    Chris Smith
    Denise Smith
    Gary Smith
    Jack Smith
    Margaret Smith
    Mike Smith
    Richard Smith
    Alex Soroka
    Randy South
    Jon Spear
    Richard T. Spear
    Michael Steckler
    Bengt Strom
    Graham Stuckey
    Jonas Svensson
    Ingo Swann
    Susan Sweetland
    Renee Swisko
    Daniel Talbot
    Bruce Taylor
    David Taylor
    Scott Taylor
    Spanky Taylor
    Ray Terris
    Bob Thomas
    Larry Thomas
    Mark Thomas
    Tom Thomas
    Chris Thompson
    Lars Timberg
    Angel Torres
    Tom Trauberman
    Jane Truax
    George Turner
    Steve Van Hoomisen
    Enid Vein
    Joan Velke
    Debbie Vincent
    Beat Vogel
    Christian Vogelbach
    Notta Vogelback
    Mark Vokey
    Brian Waiting
    John Walker
    Michael Walker
    Peter Walker
    Sylvia Walker
    Brian Walsh
    Don Warnock
    Carlos Warter
    Hans Wassaether
    Margaret Watson
    Steve Watts
    Bette Welker
    Kjell Westphal
    Bob White
    Kevin Wilkins
    Dee Williams
    Mike Williams
    Peter Williams
    David Wilson
    John Wood
    Jim Wright
    Bill Young
    Bob Young
    Holly Young
    Claudio Zanella
    Elvio Zannoni
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    It's a pretty sure bet these are the people in the 1986 "FAIR" Class action lawsuit against Scientology, since that enemies list dates from the 1990s, and the CoS would definitely have found out who they were.
  21. Triumph Member

    Its like an easter egg hunt!
    Is there a prize?
    Is there a quiz?
    Is there a firing squad?
    Is there time to join the cult, quit on the same day and make the list?

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  22. RightOn Member

    the prize is hopefully a new press release
    It's a big win for all of those who worked so hard on the list
    and a bigger win for everyone who is on the list
  23. TrevAnon Member

    The enemies list is a list of COS-enemies compiled by COS, which can amongst other places, be found here:

    The list in the post to which you refer is a list of COS-enemies (as defined by COS) who are also on our list of ex-scientology members who have spoken out. So there is no need to go and find proof they spoke out.
  24. TrevAnon Member

    Well, I thought that anyone who has ever read or even looked at Dianetics is counted in the 8 million (or 10 or whatever) members of Scientology.

    So please put me on the list also.... There's plenty of proof on this board where I speak out! :p

    EDIT: oh wait, TrevAnon is not my real name. :(
  25. TrevAnon Member

    If anyone feels like doing a job similar to mine please look at

    This is a list of people who had a personal scientologist website, so I guess it is a way to verify if someone was ever in besides the completions database.
  26. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I can post this on OCMB if nobody has yet.

    I will start drafting a new press release.
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  27. TrevAnon Member

    Please post a thread on OCMB with:

    Thanks in advance.
  28. Anonymous Member

    not to mention those on the list that are in Marty's group or have returned to the cult.
  29. JohnnyRUClear Member

    OK, here's a starting point for a press release.

    My comments are in {curlies} and obviously need to be replaced with suitable content prior to publishing. I thought about putting in more "stuff" but I don't think length is necessarily a plus. Get in, get the money, and get out, as Tom McFarland (R.I.P.) used to sing. Besides, if we do include examples (as I think we should), that will add some length already.

    Now then:

    THE FOLLOWING IS A ROUGH DRAFT. THIS IS NOT A FINAL RELEASE. DO NOT FORWARD, PUBLISH, OR USE THIS DRAFT please. A final version will emerge after everybody has their chance to fold, spindle and mutilate and the substantial holes are filled in.

    Thank you.

    OK, hive, have at it.

    Done; awaiting moderator approval. FWIW, I fixed the two typos -- "where" and "aquire" -- before posting it. :)
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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. TrevAnon Member

    In my post above there seem to be people who got declared for serious out-ethics or even illegal behavior.

    E.g. Marie Therese De Petigny was declared for some financial irregularities: , see the 2nd post by Tilman Hausherr.

    While randomly trying people from this list I found more of them like Georges Andreu (too bad I cannot find the link for what reason this one was declared anymore).

    So it might be an idea to make a list of Ex-scientologists most wanted villains or something... :p

    Would that also explain why they do not speak out - the Church has dirt on them?
  32. They probably do they might have files on them. So what if they have files on them they can speak out against the cult if they want to
  33. Anonymous Member

    /r/ separate thread for the press release.
  34. JohnnyRUClear Member

    By the time the gang bang sec checks are done, plenty of "crimes" have been confessed to and documented -- all in the name of KSW, of course. Gotta keep those squirrelly PTS types in line somehow, y'know.

    Nothing in a "declare" should be taken at face value.

    That said, it shouldn't be ruled out a priori, either.
  35. Anonymous Member

    I get all hard when someone writes a priori.
  36. JohnnyRUClear Member

    No replies yet.
  37. TrevAnon Member

    Got a suggestion on the ESMB-thread I made:
  38. TrevAnon Member

    The link in this post goes to a page where I have to log in (I don't have an account). Below is a link that does the trick.
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  39. TrevAnon Member

    By now I did some more cross checks. (LibreOffice Calc is quite a fine tool for these analyses. :) )

    On Pierre Ethier's site there is a list of all people he ever audited (I guess that is while IN COS as well as OUT OF COS). Ethier's list can be found: It consists of 3613 names.

    Here are the results of my analysis:


    829 people on Ethier's list are not in the Completions (exact name check). So either Ethier audited after Kristi stopped updating the completions database (?), or they came directly to him (were never in COS). That leaves us with 2784 names.


    29 of those 2784 already spoke out (again: exact name check - however against the list while there were 1474 exes - cut me some slack). They are:

    Robin Adair, Peter Alexander, Jean-Luc Barbier, Debra Barnes, Mike Clark, Scott Duncan, Roxanne Friend, Dave Gibbons, Cindy Hall, Lisa Halverson, Wally Hanks, Debbie Jones, Mark Jones, Gary Lerner, Trey Lotz, Claudio Lugli, Renata Lugli, Conny Lundberg, Gloria Neumeyer, Ruth Nighswonger, Silvio Perotti, Maria Pia Gardini, Michel Puzzolante, Joe Reaiche, Peter Smith, David Thomas, Stefan Tunedal, George White, Brenda Yates

    Leaves us with 2755 names.


    32 of those are on the COS enemies list (again: exact name check). They are:

    Lena Akesson, Paul Barbaro, Giacomo Bucchi, Fausto Callegarini, Gianni Canuti, Jim Collins, Ron Condron, Chris Davis, David Findlay, Cecilia Garcia, Sandra Gil, Emily Goldfield, Steve Goldfield, Mark Johnson, David Keat, Roland Kuhn, Francisco Martinez, Renato Milani, Thomas Nordlund, Bill Owen, Clay Primrose, Harry Rickard, Ricardo Robotton, Michael Rubin, Bengt Strom, Renee Swisko, Bruce Taylor, Bob Thomas, Peter Walker, Kjell Westphal, Peter Williams, David Wilson

    This might be an interesting list to go hunt for proof whether they spoke out or not.


    This leaves us with 2723 names who:
    - were audited by Ethier
    - are in the Completions
    - are NOT on the list of exes who spoke out
    - are NOT on the COS enemies list

    If someone wants this list, please tell so. I can make it available in CSV, ODS, XLS - whatever you want.

    Edit: exact name searches have one important disadvantage: when comparing two lists of names you can not tell if "john doe" on the first list is actually the same person as "john doe" on the second list. However, I think in COS's ever shrinking world most of the names are good enough to make an exact name search a good guess.

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