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    This is major news and a lot of hard work went on for two years to compile this list.


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    Wait for just a few days until the list has 1,600 entries, adjust the press release, and then release it. :p
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    GO GO GO!!!!
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    mad love to mods
    thank you! :)
  6. Just some info on one of the PhD's on your list Dr. Gregory Shipp has a arrest warrant out due to failure to pay child support for his two daughters ages 7 and 9. He has fled the US to avoid arrest. I guess this is how scientologists handle responsibility. He was also arrested in comal county Texas in 2007 or 08 for domestic abuse. Just some FYI. Don't know if will help but maybe you can use it.
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    ^ Wrong thread?
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    ^^ Yes.

    Also: no dox.
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    This post is for backup purposes.

    I've been working my way through this thread to 'harvest' names for the list of exes speaking out. Below is a list of 548 names I found.

    First, I haven't bothered to delete duplicates because of errors in spelling.

    Second, I'm sure I've missed a few names [but not much], and that I put up some names of people who never were at FCDC, or were never a scilon to begin with.

    Third, the amount of people in COS marrying, divorcing and then marrying again repeatedly astonishes me. [I understand the background though.] So there are names on this list of women with the surname of their 1st, 2nd, 3d etc. etc husbands.

    Fourth. There will also be duplicates because of - don't know how to call it in English - short names, e.g. Bill and William, Ken and Kenneth etc.

    Here it is:

    Abbey Bregman
    Abby Bregman
    Adrian Dillard
    Adriana Castle
    Adrianna Castle
    Adrianna Lewis
    Al Rawlins
    Alan Blake
    Alan Blakets
    Alan Thomas
    Alice Stroud
    Allen Blake
    Allison Kimmel
    Allison Tierney
    Allyson Kimmel
    Andrea Letterese
    Andrea Letteresse
    Andrea Shwartz
    Andrew Bagley
    Andy Bagley
    Andy Kitt
    Ann Fewel
    Ann Kolson
    Ann Snyder
    Arlene Richards
    Arlene Saritzky
    Arlene Zaretsky
    Barb Lamb
    Barb Reeves
    Barb Waters
    Barbara Lamb
    Barbara Richards
    Barclay Bean
    Bard Waters
    Ben Atwood
    Ben Lewis
    Bennet Cerf
    Betsy Fisher
    Betty Henderson
    Betty Kelley
    Bev Cola
    Bill Austin
    Bill Downey
    Bill Franks
    Bill Franks garrison
    Bill Green
    Bill Hines
    Bill Hynes
    Bill Miller
    Bill Muldoon
    Bill Nichols
    Bill Page
    Bill Reeves
    Bill Shields
    Bill Stanley
    Bill Whitter
    Bill Witter
    Billy Jones
    Billy Nichols
    Blake Smith
    Bob Foss
    Bob Wisner
    Bobbi Woods
    Bobby Florentz
    Bobby Jacobs
    Bobby Jacobson
    Bobby Wisner
    Boyd Hall
    Brad Brewster
    Brad Sweigert
    Brandon Pearson
    Brook Campbell
    Bruce Ullman
    C.C. Sherille
    C.R. Bankson
    Carla Bazin
    Carla Knapp
    Carla Moxons
    Carol and Rick green
    Carol Cappello
    Carol Engholm Green Womble
    Carol Gallo
    Carol Green
    Carol Peters
    Cathy Wiltsey
    CC Sherrill
    Charlie Coulon
    Charlie Rosenkranz
    Chas Oliver
    Chazz Oliver
    Cheryl DeSimone
    Cheryl Hoover
    Chris DiCarlo
    Chris Free
    Christi Oliver
    Chuck Judge
    Cindy Kasrcinski
    Cindy Krucynski
    Cindy Kruscinski
    Cindy Krusienski
    Cindy Kruszinski
    Cindy Kruzinski
    Cindy Topel
    Claire Kople
    Cliff Ready
    Col Klink
    Colleen K. Peltomaa
    Conley Kelley
    Connie Cambron too
    Craig Sharp
    Craig Sharp
    Craig Waters
    Creed Pearson
    Curt VanAudustrade
    Dagmar Papaherekles
    Dan Deming
    Dan Demming
    Darius Wilhere
    Darrel Washburn
    Dave and Lousia Brummers
    Dave Enteman
    Dave Richards
    Dave Tidman
    David Aldrich
    David Barber
    David Brummer
    David Di Palma
    David Graham
    David Kline
    David Lamb
    David Lee Enteman
    David Noe
    David Sonenfild
    David Speed Ream
    David Tidman
    Dean Blehart
    Debbie Masters
    Debbie Matson
    Debbie Vincent
    Dee Carson
    Dennis Dilbeck
    Dick Winn
    Dickie Romejko
    Divona Lewis (married to Michael)
    Don Cooper
    Dorothy Kilgalen
    Doug Legum
    Doug Troup
    Duke Snyder
    E. James McDonough
    Ed Naccash
    Equin Rhodes
    Erica Gludovatz
    Eugene Kallman
    Eva Jackson
    Eve Lobell
    Eve Witter
    Ford Schwartz
    Ford Shwartz
    Gary Kalin
    Gene Kallman
    George Papaherekles
    George Spingler
    Gerald Wolfe
    Gerhard Schwandt
    Gib Campion
    Glen Smoak
    Glen Smoak story
    Glenn Smoak
    Glenn Wahlquist
    Gordon Bell
    Grant Missonis
    Greg Dearing
    Greg Doehring
    Greg Gloor
    Greg Layton
    Greg Shulman
    Greg Wilhere
    Gregor Wisner
    Guy Castle
    Gyme DeAngelo
    Harvey Litmann
    Harvey Littman
    Harvey Littmann
    Helen Lane
    Herb Wisner
    Herb Zerden
    Ira and Patty Crowe
    Ira Crowe
    Irene Breeden
    Irene Dunleavy
    Irene Rochefort
    Ivana Burc
    Ivanna Burc
    Ivanna Burke
    Jack Becker
    Jaime Sara
    Jaime Serra
    James K. Leon
    James Schisler
    Jane Condon
    Jane Layton
    Jay Armstrong
    Jeanette Miller
    Jeanette Weir
    Jeanne Angelo
    Jeannette O'Connell
    Jeannie Bogvad
    Jeannie Franks
    Jeb Goldberg
    Jed Goldberg
    Jeff Baker
    Jeff Cronin
    Jeff Deitz
    Jeff Dietz
    Jeff Drumm
    Jeff Filburt
    Jeff Kronin
    Jeff Krowden
    Jeff Rusby
    Jeffery Deitz
    Jeffrey Dietz
    Jerry Newman
    Jill Press
    Jim Arnold
    Jim Baldwin
    Jim Leon
    Jim Massey
    Jim Miller
    Jim Pearson
    Jim Taylor
    Jimmie Pearson
    Jimmy De Angelo
    Jimmy Pearson
    Joan Moore Olin
    Joan Tortellot
    Joan Tourtellot
    Joan Tourtellotte
    Joan Tourtelot
    Joanne Ash
    JoAnnne and Lee Terbush
    Joe Alesi
    Joe Belotte
    Joe Breeden
    Joe Burns
    Joe Savickas
    Joe Savikas
    John Austin
    John Boucher
    John Devereaux
    John Devereux
    John Fox
    John Gillespie
    John Gludovatz
    John Higginbotham
    John Hoffman
    John Keilholtz
    John Lutz
    John Massey
    John Powers
    John Ruane
    John Spagnola
    John Stanard
    John Thomas
    John Walet
    Jon Fox
    Jon Mervine
    Jude Lobel
    Jude Lobell
    Jude Lobelle
    Jude LoBelle Sullivan
    Jude Sullivan
    Judy Cranford
    Julie Mervine
    Julie Stanard
    Jussi Bjoerling
    Karen Hollender
    Karen Richardson
    Kate Parman De Gonzalez
    Kathy Burdwood
    Kathy Norman
    Kathy Wilhere
    Kathy Wiltsey
    Kay Elstner
    Keith Holmes
    Kevin O'Donnell
    Kevin Shields
    Kim Bellotte
    Kim Belotte
    Kirsten Richter
    Larney Carson
    Larry Hoffman
    Larry Hoffmann
    Larry Master
    Larry Masters
    Larry Spinks
    Lauren Lovejoy
    Lay Letterese
    Lee Arvil
    Lee Avril
    Lee Terbush
    Leland Imler
    Lesile Shields
    Lesle Shields
    Leslie Shields
    Linda Purdue
    Linda Troutman
    Liz Clapp
    Liza Brummer
    Lois Gloor
    Lorraine Scheffler
    Lorraine Shefferman
    Lorraine Sheffernan
    Lou Dockendorf
    Louie Bellucci
    Louie Belluci
    Louie Beloucci
    Lurie Belotte
    Lynn Fountain
    Lynn McNeil
    Lynn Oakes
    Maddy Ruane
    Mallory Pasco
    Manyann Lamb
    Marc Fisher
    Marcia Glorious
    Marcia Quinn
    Marge Pierce
    Margery Wakefield
    Mark and Ellen Jones
    Mark Elsner
    Mark Elstner
    Mark Jones
    Mark McGrath
    Mark Perkins
    Mark Robichaud
    Markus Schneider
    Marsha Quinn
    Marta Ishmael
    Marti Farra
    Marty Maayan
    Marty Sprung
    Mary Ferreter
    Mary Float
    Mary Letteresse
    Mary Lou Bell
    MaryAnn O'Donnell
    Maryanne Dubin
    Maryanne O'Donnell
    Maryanne Wood
    Megan Shields
    Michael Keel
    Michael Lewis
    Michael Meisner
    Michael Oakes
    Michael Witter
    Michelle Rochefort
    Mickey Rourke
    Mike Baum
    Mike Lewis
    Mike Meisner
    Mike Oakes
    Mike Rabin
    Milton Berle
    Mint Juleps
    Mitch Pilchuk
    Molly Missonis
    Nancy Aronian
    Nancy Pearson
    Nancy Pierson
    Neal Washburn
    Ned Burgeos
    Ned Burgos
    Neil Woods
    Nick Bruce
    Olivia Dillard
    Owen Banks
    Pam Blehart
    Pandora Cooper
    Pat Purdue
    Patsy Meisner
    Patty Armstrong
    Patty Crowe
    Patty Naccash
    Patty Pease
    Patty Wisner
    Paul Kelley
    Paul Konzic
    Paul Konzik
    Paul MacKenzie
    Paul Missonis
    Paul Wasserman
    Paula Quigley
    Peggy Barthelow Miller
    Peggy Barthlelow
    Pem Wall
    Penny Wisner
    Peter Breggin
    Peter Gillham
    Peter Letterese
    Peter Letteresse
    Peyton Scott
    Phil Detweiler
    Phyllis Aden
    Phyllis Breggin
    Phyllis Bregin
    Ralph Boehm
    Randy Payne
    Ray Korn
    Ray Korns
    Rebecca Sweigart
    Rebecca Sweigert
    Rex Rhoades
    Rex Rhodes
    Rich Arnold
    Richard Alexander
    Richard Olsen
    Richard Romejko
    Richard Sutton Miller
    Richard Washburn
    Rick Bannerman
    Rick Green
    Rick Harlow
    Rick Kimmel
    Rick Miller
    Rick Moxon
    Rick Moxon and his wife
    Rickie Westlake
    Ricky Westlake
    Rita Smoak
    Roberta Washburn
    Rod Jenkins
    Roger Barnes
    Roger Harrison
    Ron and Sally Baker
    Ron Baker
    Ron Cotton
    Ron Diehm
    Rona VanAudustrade
    Ronna Vanadestrad
    Roy Rogers
    Roz Wall
    Russel Missonis
    Russell Fisher
    Sally and Ron Baker
    Sally Baker
    Sam Liccardi
    Sam Licciardi
    Sam Licciarrdi
    Sandy Stevens
    Sandy Wilhere
    Sara Kuhli
    Sara Kuhly
    Sarah Cooley
    Sarah Kuhly
    Sean Kimmel
    Sean Smith
    Shaun Kimmel
    Sheryl DeSimone
    Sheryl Liccardi
    Sheryl Lowe
    Sheryl Lowe Licciardi
    Shiela Aldrich
    Skip Murgatroyd
    Stan Dubin
    Stanley Dubin
    Steve Dockendorf
    Steve Groton
    Steve Kople
    Steve Lauer
    Steve Lower
    Steve Miller
    Steve Steele
    Sue and Eddie Thompson
    Sue and Greg Taylor
    Sue Lerner
    Sue Olsen
    Sue Taylor
    Sue Wasserman
    Sue Wassermann
    Sue Wassserman
    Sunshine Bannerman
    Susan Ellsworth
    Susan Olsen
    Susan Prieur
    Susan Spring Olsen
    Susan Sprung
    Susie Kallman
    Susie Prieur
    Susy Kallman
    Susy Kalman
    Suzanne Prieur
    Suzie Kallman
    Suzy Kallman
    Suzy Kane
    Suzy Sharp
    Sydney Davis
    Sylvia and John Stannard
    Sylvia Hines
    Sylvia Hynes
    Sylvia Stanard
    Tara Kitt
    Ted Lovejoy
    Terry McConnell
    Thad Comstock
    Thierry De Chanauc
    Thierry DeChaunac
    Thierry DuChanac
    Tim Fahey
    Tim Mantis
    Tim Weir
    Tina Dillard
    Tina Ready
    Tina Reidy
    Tina Sharp
    Tip O'Neill
    Tom Clapp
    Tom Golden
    Tom McCaullife
    Tony and Connie Bylsma
    Tony Dunleavy
    Tony Jones
    Tony Settons
    Tony Turissi
    Tony Turrisi
    Tracy Lourdes
    Tracy Nepivoda
    Ty Dillard
    Vanna Bonta
    Vanna Burc
    Vicki Shulman
    Vicki Shulman Pearson
    Vicki Turrisi
    Vickie Eftis
    Vickie Masters
    Vickie Pearson
    Vickie Schulman
    Vickie Shulman
    Vicky Chalfante
    Vicky Pearson
    Vicky Shulman
    Virginia Downsborough
    William Birdwell
    William Burdwood
    William Stanley
    Yubi Wahlquist
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