Call To Arms: Translators.

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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Speaking as someone who was raised in an extremely fundamentalist Christian home (think snake handling), you DO NOT WANT TO USE THE BIBLICAL REFERENCE. It refers to a demon/multiple demon consciousness that Jesus cast out of someone. He forced Legion to abandon its/their host and go into a herd of swine, which then rushed into the sea and were drowned.

    "Legion" is already being picked up upon by the charismatic Christians online, who are thinking that it refers to the demon, and not the intended meaning of "there are a lot of us." :anon: It's an unfortunate coincidence, but we have to live with it. The videos using multiple voices are not helping, either. The intention, I gather, was to show that there are many voices in Anonymous; these people are taking it all the wrong way. :guyfawkes: = :twisted:

    This only applies to the God Warrior/Apocalyptic :tinfoil: crowd so far, but the story of "Jesus and Legion" is pretty mainstream. I know it sounds bizarre. There are far better ways to reach out to Christians.
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  3. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    We'll take it. Up on the wiki it goes! Thanks Senso! :mrgreen:

    EDIT: Actually, before I upload these. Can someone reality check the text one more time just for the lulz? Thanks!

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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Calm down. I was looking for the etymology. I was not thinking about reaching out to Christians at all. This is about *translation*.

    I had only heard about Legion from X-factor before this, actually.
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Alright guys, this is the transcript for Operation Reconnect in spanish, taken from the wiki:

    "El siguiente es un anuncio oficial al público en general y a todos aquellos que se identifiquen o estén afiliados con Anónimo.

    En sus continuos esfuerzos en contra de la Iglesia de la Cienciología, Anónimo lanzará un nuevo proyecto de nombre: Operación reconectar. Proyectada para el mes de abril, esta operación pondrá los reflectores sobre las familias que han sido desbaratadas por las prácticas de la Iglesia de la Cienciología. La meta de ésta nueva operación será el reunir a estas familias, divididas por causa de supuestas prácticas religiosas.

    El nombre de ésta operación surge de la notoria "política de desconexión" utilizada por la Iglesia de la Cienciología, bajo la cual se les prohíbe el contacto a los miembros de esta iglesia con aquellos a quienes se les considera una amenaza para la seguridad de la Cienciología. Ésta política es usada frecuentemente por la Iglesia de la Cienciología para dividir familias, creando un abismo entre aquellos que están fuera de la cienciología y aquellos atrapados dentro de ella. Esto también sirve para remover cualquier apoyo social que un individuo pueda tener fuera de la Cienciología, dificultando el que ellos puedan terminar con su afiliación con ésta organización.

    Desde que Anónimo inició ésta campaña contra la Iglesia de la Cienciología, una gran cantidad de personas han decidido contar sus experiencias personales con esta Iglesia. Muchas de estas personas describieron la influencia negativa ejercida por la Iglesia de la Cienciología sobre sus familias. En una fecha aún por anunciarse, algunas de éstas personas relatarán sus experiencias al público como oradores en demostraciones pacíficas por todo el mundo. Invitamos a todos a que escuchen sus relatos y así se enteren porque han permanecido en silencio durante tantos años.

    Somos Anónimo. Somos Legión. No Olvidamos. No Perdonamos. Estén a la expectativa.”

    I tried to use "neutral spanish" as much as possible, I think what came out is understandable in all of Latin America and Spain.

    Just a couple of things I wanted to clear with you guys:

    1.- I had a bitch of a time coming up for a translation of "Expect us" that didn't sound weird in spanish, since the most literal translation I came up with would be "Esperennos", which could be misunderstood as "Wait for us", which I think would cause confusion in some people.

    2.- I took the liberty of changing the parts that refer to Scientology as "The Church" to "Scientology" or "The church of scientology" since in Mexico and Latin America in general saying just "La Iglesia" refers you by default to the Catholic Church.

    Lastly, I think we can avoid the "Legion" biblical reference by changing "Somos Legión" to "Somos una legión", making us a legion instead of the legion, and we still get a message across that there's a fuckton of us.

    Hope this is helpful. :)
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    For Norwegian I used the word legio, which means an infinitely very large number.

    The latin legion means chosen, selected, and mostly refers to the military use.
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Just use 'legion' or 'a legion' (noun) instead of 'Legion' (name). Problem solved.
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    Re: good text to speech free websites

    Very good find. Can you add this info to the wiki?
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    SovietV, can you help me with this translation? I'm pretty much fluent (born in Russia but left a few years back), but I don't do much translation back and forth, and I don't want it to sound too... "official." if you know what I mean. :V

    ????????? ????????? ???????? ??????????? ?????????? ??? ??????? ??????? ? ???? ??? ??????? ???????? ?????? ??? ????? ??????? ? ??????????.

    ? ?? ?????????????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ???????????, ????????? ????????? ????? ????????? ??? ????????? ???????? ?????????????. ??? ????????, ???????????? ?? ??????, ????? ?????????? ?????? ??????????? ???????? ???????????. ????? ???? ???????? ????? ????????????? ????? ??????????? ? ??????????? ????? ??????????? ?????????.

    ???????? ???? ???????? ?????????? ?? ???????? ????????? "???????? ??????? ?????????," ??????????? ???? ????????? ????? ??????????? ?????? ? ???? ? ??? ??????? ????? ??? ???? ??????. ??????? ????? ????????? ??? ???????? ????? ????????? ?????, ???????? ?????? ????? ???? ??? ???????? ? ??????? ?????? ? ???? ??? ????????? ??? ??. ??? ?? ???? ??????? ??????? ????????? ??? ????? ???????? ??? ??????, ? ?????????? ??????? ??????? ????????? ? ???????????? ???????????.

    ? ??? ??? ??? ????????? ?????? ???? ???????? ?????? ?????? ??????????? ????????? ???? ?????? ?????????? ? ???? ????? ?????? ? ?????????? ? ?? ????? ??? ????? ??????. ?????? ?? ??? ??????? ????????????? ??????? ??????? ????? ??????? ??????????? ?? ?? ?????. ? ?????? ????????? ?? ???? ??? ????????? ?????? ?????????? ?? ????? ?????? ???????????? ?? ????? ????. ?? ?????????? ???? ???????? ?? ????? ? ?????? ??? ?? ?????????? ??????? ??????? ???.

    ?? ?????????.
    ????? ??? ??????.
    ?? ?? ???????.
    ?? ?? ????????.
    ???????? ???.

    I prefer ???????? since it's closer to "expect" than ????? which is closer to "wait," but yeah.
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    They were already translated by a professional translator but knock yourself out.
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Wow- this effort, amongst everything that Anonymous has done, has impressed me the most. I'm ready to do my part. Kudos and internets to EVERYONE who is helping out.
    Oh, do we keep our translations to the Ides of March vid, or should we start translating other major works?
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Hey Thanks for the update Krol-on!
    Let´s discuss our protest here in Brazil, please write what you think of the things that I brought attention to, there are many details to be consider, so let's begin! 8)
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Yeah we are waiting to get the text of The Ides Draws Near...I think we'll have it soon.... we can translate the flyers for while...among other things like making videos for Anonymous in our own language.
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Didn't mean to come across as strident. I realize that a great many Anons come from secular, humanist backgrounds or from many different faiths. My intention was to inform everyone just what a hot button that the "Legion" story can be.

    I think the idea of not capitalizing the word is a great solution, no chance to twist it into being a proper name that way. I realize how very, very silly this must seem to the majority. It is religious tinfoil at its peak. Just do not underestimate the power that a mistake here could have.
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    No worries.

    My main issue is communicating. I'd venture a guess and say that less than 5% in Norway would recognise the name Legion as anything from the Bible. So, even if we were to play on that "I am Legion, for we are many"-thing, practically nobody would get it.

    But maybe I'm just misunderestimating :wink:
  16. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Thanks Anonymonkey! I took added your version to the wiki and changed Legion to una legion. :mrgreen: ... _Video#New

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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Brazilian Portuguese - Full text rechecked and corrected:

    Operação Reconectar (Operation Reconnect):
    "O anúncio oficial a seguir é destinado ao público em geral e a todas as pessoas que se identificam ou são afiliadas aos Anonymous.

    No seu contínuo esforço contra a Igreja da Cientologia, Anonymous está lançando um novo projeto conhecido como Operação Reconectar. Projetada para entrar em atividade no mês de Abril, esta operação irá ajudar as famílias que foram despedaçadas pelas práticas da Igreja da Cientologia. O objetivo é reunir os membros destas famílias, que foram separados devido às práticas dessa religião.

    O nome desta operação deriva da notória ‘Política de Desconexão’ da Igreja da Cientologia, sob a qual seus membros são proibidos de contatar ou se relacionar com pessoas que a Igreja julga serem uma ameaça à segurança da organização. Esta política é freqüentemente usada pela Igreja da Cientologia para separar famílias, criando um abismo entre aqueles fora e aqueles dentro da Igreja. Esta política tem, também, o propósito de remover qualquer suporte social que o indivíduo possa ter fora da Igreja, tornando sua saída da Cientologia muito mais difícil.

    Desde o momento que Anonymous estabeleceu sua campanha contra a Igreja da Cientologia, várias pessoas têm vindo a público com relatos de suas experiências dentro desta, muitas descrevendo a influência negativa exercida por esta organização sobre suas famílias. Em uma data que ainda será anunciada, algumas destas pessoas relatarão suas experiências ao público em manifestações pacíficas ao redor do mundo. Todos serão muito bem vindos para ouvir essas histórias que foram mantidas em silêncio por tantos anos.

    Nós somos Anonymous. Nós somos uma legião. Nós não perdoamos. Nós não esquecemos. Aguardem-nos."
  18. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    SovietV, incognita, and Girlontheinternet: here you go! ... eo_Russian

    Needs more sauce.

  19. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Moved to finished on the wiki.

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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    in this version we would have a "Tempuswechsel", I dont think it is grammatically completely correct either (passiert erst im April, aber thematisiert jetzt schon). Im Original ist beides Futur (at least one is in April (future) and the other in Futur). Thats why I think it should not be changed. It is a little clumsy the way it is, I admit to that, but I dont think it can be changed that way. But thats just my opinion, the wiki is now the "place of authority".[/quote:2jdkegqx]

    Ah, ok, it's the future. I didn' see the whole sentence. :oops:
  21. Go languagefags, go!

    :shock: I detect incredible amounts of win on this thread it's insane! Guise, please make sure you update the wiki with your new edits/translation! This is an Anonymous community event!

    There's SO MUCH TEXT that needs to be translated! Here's the complete list of everything that needs translation: it's over 9000![/url:2yfaawbj]

    If we prevent one person speaking any of these languages from falling into the trap of this evil, vicious cult, we've won! Gooooooooooo!!!! :mrgreen:
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  23. Re: Go languagefags, go!

    Thanks gregg! I'm just doing what a good anonymous should do: contributing knowledge to the collective. Seriously, if by the end of the month, we manage to propagate the entire intarwebs with our message of caution about Co$ in all the major languages, we all deserve +10 internets, cake, hookers, and blow. :mrgreen:
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    I'm still stumbling on the translation for "Expect us". I think someone else further upthread had the same problem with another language. It translates into 'wait for us' in French.

    We need a suitably chilling alternative. So far I've only seen:

    Attendez-nous (wait for us)
    Prévoyez-nous (expect us, but in the same sort of context as expect rain or taxes or whatever)
    Nous serons de retour (we'll be back. DUN DUN DUNNHH!! Well, maybe not the last part.)
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    i'm fluent in spanish.
  26. Anon105 Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    I've been studying Japanese for a while. I might be able to help. At the very least, I can enlist the help of some friends or teachers.
  27. anon_david Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Volunteer translators: the translation wiki page is here:

    Choose what you want to translate, then put it up on the specific page for your language. (Just passing the message along :wink: )

    I've been working on the Ides video text and wondering if we wouldn't be better off using another text, say the one from this vid:

    Because the current text is very US-targetted and I'm not sure if it'll have the same impact on citizens of other countries:

  28. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    From my brother, who speaks fluent Brazillian portugese:

    He's usually pretty spot-on with this stuff, and he DID read the thread. Whoever is in charge could perhaps consider his suggestions.
  29. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    I was thinking the same thing as well.

    You might also like to know that Legion was the name that the demon gave in "The Exorcist".
    I'm not sure how mainstream the Legion story in the Bible is (as was stated, it's pretty much religious tinfoilhattery), though, having grown up in a Christian country, hearing the word Legion used as a name does entail a sense of mysticism.
    I would also assume that, due to the strong influence of traditional Catholicism in Spanish speaking countries, it would be best to stay away from negative biblical references in Spanish translations.

    So it might be safer to use "legion" in a non-capitalized way, as in, "We are a legion" or something to that effect (though I personally feel it loses a lot of the impact).
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    The text of the "Operation Reconnect" in italian is translated and set into wiki. Can someone please check everythig is fine? ... eo_Italian

    I used "ricongiungere" (Operazione Ricongiungimento) 'cose in italy family don't get reconnect but they will "reunite".
    Anyway, please languagefags can you give a check?

    I add here below the translate text in the case something isn't right or get lost or changed in wiki, with the text posted here anyone can readd or use again.
    Annuncio ufficiale al pubblico generale e a tutti coloro che sono affiliati o che si identificano con gli Anonimi.

    Nel loro impegno continuo contro l'organizzazione di Scientology, gli Anonimi avviano un nuovo progetto denominato "Operazione Ricongiungimento". Questa operazione che e` in progetto per il mese di aprile, vuole far risplendere una luce per tutte le famiglie dilaniate dalle prassi di Scientology. L'obiettivo di questa nuova operazione e` quello di riunificare le famiglie che, come parte delle pratiche religiose, sono state divise.

    Il nome di questa operazione nasce in opposizione alla famigerata "politica di disconnessione" praticata dalla "Chiesa di Scientology" , in virtù della quale agli individui all'interno della Chiesa è vietato il contatto con coloro che la Chiesa ritiene essere una minaccia per la propria sicurezza. Questo criterio è utilizzato spesso dalla Chiesa di Scientology per separare le famiglie, creando una spaccatura tra coloro al di fuori della Chiesa e quelli intrappolati all'interno di essa. Questo serve anche allo scopo di eliminare ogni supporto sociale un individuo possa avere al di fuori della Chiesa, il che rende più difficile per gli affiliati mettere fine alla loro appartenenza all'organizzazione di Scientology.

    Da quando gli Anonimi hanno cominciato la campagna contro la Chiesa di Scientology, sempre piu` persone sono venute allo scoperto con le loro storie e esperienze personali con la Chiesa. Molte di queste persone hanno descritto l'influenza negativa esercitata dalla Chiesa di Scientology sulle loro famiglie. A una data che deve ancora essere annunciata, alcune di queste persone racconteranno al pubblico le loro esperienze come oratori a manifestazioni pacifiche in tutto il mondo. Invitiamo tutti ad ascoltare le loro storie e ad apprendere che cosa li ha tenuti in silenzio per tanti anni.

    (Ed nota: La parte finale si suppone venga ancora cambiata. Outtro Standard incluso).

    Siamo Anonimi. Siamo Legioni. Non perdoniamo. Non dimentichiamo. Aspettateci.
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    New add to wiki - The Ides of March Video - Italian
    Ciao ancora una volta, capi di Scientology.

    E` Anonimo che vi parla.

    Le nostre stesse aspettative sono state superate. Il nostro messaggio è stato recapitato a migliaia di persone in tutto il mondo. E la nostra determinazione cresce sempre più forte con ogni giorno che passa. Il 10 di febbraio 2008 sarà ricordato come il giorno in cui gli Anonimi hanno scritto storia, il giorno in cui la gente nel mondo si e` riunita incanalando la loro indignazione in una protesta. Migliaia si sono fatti avanti in difesa della verità, dell'onestà e dell'integrità. L'attuale capo di Scientology, David Miscavige, non può più nascondere il vero volto della sua organizzazione agli occhi del pubblico. Siamo orgogliosi. Stiamo uniti. Ma non è ancora sufficiente.

    Nonostante abbiamo ottenuto un certo successo, le ingiustizie perpetrate dalla cosiddetta "chiesa" continuano a riverberare. Ci auguriamo che il nostro messaggio vi sia giunto attraverso i volantini, internet, o attraverso il passaparola. Ci auguriamo che siate stati ispirati ad alzarvi e aiutarci in questa campagna contro questo culto pericoloso.
    Scrivere a funzionari del governo locale è un modo eccellente di far pressione e far cambiare alla chiesa i suoi metodi illegali, usufruendo dell'intervento del governo. Non importa dove vivete, ma per i residenti degli Stati Uniti, scrivere a senatori del Congresso è assolutamente essenziale per la nostra causa. Mettete inchiostro su carta, mostriamo alla chiesa di Scientology che le nostre parole sono più forti della loro violenza. La forza delle idee è indiscutibile.
    Il "momentum" è con noi e ci solleva a grandi altitudini.

    Alcuni sono scettici, ma le evidenze per la necessità di queste azioni sono solide. Scientology non è una chiesa, è una organizzazione lucrativa che non merita il generoso stato di "esente da tasse" che si mantiene, mentre il normale cittadino (americano) che paga le tasse, lavora duramente per il suo salario giornaliero. Mentre il pedaggio umano delle azioni della chiesa è grande, il governo degli Stati Uniti e` rimasto vittima delle loro nefaste tecniche. L' Operazione Biancaneve è stata uno sforzo di Scientology per ripulire la loro facciata da infiltrazione e frode a carico di molte organizzazioni governative tra cui anche l'IRS e l'FBI. Quando l'operazione è stata scoperta, i membri piu` alti nella gerarchia della chiesa sono stati accusati e imprigionati, tra cui anche la moglie del fondatore. La scoperta della loro infiltrazione, la più grande e unica per dimensioni nella storia del governo degli Stati Uniti, non li ha resi meno sfacciati. La violenza è il loro credo e questo si è visto il 10 di febbraio quando due seguaci di Scientology sono stati arrestati a Londra per aggressione. Questo è il motivo per cui scendiamo in piazza ancora una volta.

    Il 15 di marzo, ricorrenza del compleanno del fondatore L. Ron Hubbard's, celebreremo fuori degli edifici di Scientology in tutto il mondo. Gli Anonimi estendono un cordiale invito a tutti coloro che possono partecipare ad aiutare a liberare il mondo da questa organizzazione corrotta.

    E` ora che il loro stato di "esenzione da tasse" ottenuto con l'inganno, sia finalmente revocato.
    E` ora che il loro coinvolgimento nella distruzione delle famiglie venga rivelato.
    E` ora che scriviamo al nostro Congresso, ai nostri senatori, ai nostri politici, che la consapevolezza cresca in tutto il mondo.
    E` ora di prendere posizione contro la corruzione e le macchinazioni distorte di Miscavige e dei suoi compagni.

    A Scientology verra` mostrata la luce accecante della nostra verità, e sicuramente fuggiranno da essa.

    Siamo Anonimi.

    Siamo Legioni.

    Non perdoniamo e faremo in modo che nessuno potrà mai dimenticare.

    Attenzione al di` di marzo.
  32. anon_david Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    The Ides of March text has L. Ron Hubbard's birthday listed as the 15th of March when he was in fact born on the 13th.

    Can someone more in the know review this text for other inaccuracies? We don't want to be making a bunch of false statements while purporting to bring the truth to the public. :oops:
  33. Senso Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    We all know that but the 13th is a Thursday so it was decided to protest on Saturday.
  34. anon_david Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    I'm well aware of that, but this text specifically states: "On the 15th of March, L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, we shall celebrate outside Scientology's buildings worldwide."

    Now, I may be making a mountain out of a molehill here, but isn't that basically an incorrect statement? I would have expected something along the lines of "On the 15th of March, the Saturday following L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, we ..."
  35. gregg Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    I'm well aware of that, but this text specifically states: "On the 15th of March, L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, we shall celebrate outside Scientology's buildings worldwide."

    Now, I may be making a mountain out of a molehill here, but isn't that basically an incorrect statement? I would have expected something along the lines of "On the 15th of March, the Saturday following L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, we ..."[/quote:30ywccy2]

    You are correct, and we didnt catch it until the video was done. In the translations it would be nice if they were fixed.
  36. anon_it Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Thanks for the correction. Before I put the change to wiki, please check the text again.

    Sabato 15 marzo, celebreremo davanti agli edifici di Scientology in tutto il mondo la ricorrenza del compleanno del loro fondatore L. Ron Hubbard's che ricorre il giorno 13. Gli Anonimi estendono un cordiale invito a tutti coloro che possono partecipare ad aiutare a liberare il mondo da questa organizzazione corrotta. etc..
  37. thenewanon Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Hi Wookie, well the text is basically the same...I've noticed a grammar error on: 'Política de Desconexão', sube qual indivíduos dentro ....the word sube is spelled sob...the rest is essentially the same, checked by two Brazilians...I think it's better to leave that way... :wink:
  38. anon_david Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    French version of the Ides of March video. Thank you for pointing out any mistakes this may contain before it gets transferred to the wiki:

    Rebonjour, chefs de l’Eglise de Scienthologie. Ici Anonymous.

    Nos attentes ont été surpassées. Notre message a atteint des milliers de personnes autour du monde. Et notre détermination ne fait que s’affermir avec chaque jour qui passe. Le dix Février restera en mémoire comme le jour où Anonymous est entré dans l’histoire. Des milliers de gens tout autour du monde sont venus de l’avant en défense de la vérité, de l’honêteté, et de l’intégrité. David Miscavige, la tête de la Scienthologie, ne peut plus cacher la vraie face de son organisation au public. Nous restons fiers. Nous restons unis. Mais cela ne suffit pas.

    Malgré nos succès jusqu'à-l'heure, les injustices perpétrées par la soi-disant église réverbèrent toujours. Nous espérons que notre message vous a atteint, que ce soit à travers des tracts, l’internet, ou par bouche-à-oreille. Nous espérons vous avoir inspiré à prendre action et à nous aider dans notre campagne continuelle contre cette culte dangereuse. Ecrire aux officiels du gouvernement au niveau local est une façon excellente de mettre pression sur cette église afin qu’elle mette fin à ses pratiques illégales et en même temps à provoquer une intervention gouvernementale. Il est fondamental à notre cause que les habitants des Etats-Unis écrivent à leurs députés et à leurs sénateurs. Montrons ainsi à l’église que nos mots ont plus d'impact que leur violence. La puissance des idées est indisputable. Avec l’élan que nous avons, notre essor ne fait que commencer.

    Il y a des sceptiques, mais les faits attestent à la nécessité de nos actions. La Scienthologie n’est pas une église, c'est une organisation à but lucratif et ne mérite pas le généreux statut d’exemption fiscale qu’elle retient alors que l’Américain moyen paie ses taxes et travaille dur pour gagner son pain. Le bilan humain du aux actions de l’église est important et le gouvernement des Etats-Unis se retrouve victimisé par ses techniques néfastes. Afin de présenter une apparence plus nette, la Scienthologie mit en oeuvre l' “Operation Snow White”, infiltrant plusieurs organisations gouvernementales des Etats-Unis, dont l’IRS et le FBI, y commetant même des vols. Des membres haut-gradés de l’église, dont l’épouse du fondateur, furent inculpés et emprisonés quand l’opération fut demantelée. Le démantellement de cette infiltration, la plus importante dans l’histoire du gouvernement des Etats-Unis, ne réduit pas leur audacité. La violence est leur credo, et les arrestations pour assaut de deux membres de cette culte le dix Février à Londres en font témoignage. Voilà pourquoi nous protesterons une fois encore.

    Le Samedi suivant l’anniversaire de L. Ron Hubbard, c’est-à-dire le quinze Mars, nous fêterons devant les locaux de la Scienthologie à travers le monde. Anonymous invite cordiallement tous ceux qui voudraient y assister et nous aider à débarasser le monde de cette organisation corrompue. Il est temps que le statut d’exemption fiscale obtenu par l'église par des méthodes malhonnêtes soit enfin révoqué. Il est temps que vienne au jour leur participation dans la destruction de familles de membres de leur congrégation. Il est temps d’écrire à nos députés, à nos sénateurs, à nos politiciens, et de conscientiser le monde entier. Il est temps pour nous de prendre position contre la corruption et les machinations perverties de Miscavige et de ses complices. Nous ferons voir à la Scienthologie la lumière de vérité, de laquelle elle essaiera surement de fuir.

    Nous sommes Anonymous.

    Nous sommes légion.

    Nous ne pardonnons pas, et nous ferons en sorte que personne n’oublie jamais.

    Attention aux Ides de Mars.
  39. SovietV Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    To incognita I understand what you mean by not wanting it to sound too official, we don't want it to sound like a communist propoganda video!
    But it does sound quite official in English, and it would be good to keep that feel.

    This seems a little unweildy to me, I'd change it to something like this:
    ??????????? ??????????? ????????? ??????????? ??? ??????? ??????? ? ???? ??? ??????? ???????? ?????? ??? ????? ????? c ??????????

    I would change
    to "???????? ????????????"

    Sounds abit weird somehow, but I'm no quite sure how to change it, sorry if I'm just being picky here.

    Is fine, but personaly, I would change it to
    ?? ?????????? ???? ???????? ?? ????? ? ?????? ??? ?? ?????????? ??????? ??? ??? ????

    ????? ??? is deffinatly better than ??? ???, gets rid of the Biblical Demonic conotations. But I still would change ???????? to ?????, I just think it sounds more ominous, but either will do. Overall, it's really really good! Well done and collect +5 internets on the way out =p
  40. Tweenon Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    :? There's a Church of Scientology in Thailand?

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