Call To Arms: Translators.

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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    if you haven't noticed, there is now a german version of available, containing a metric fuckton of translateds texts as well as designs for cards to spread around: :mrgreen:

    The thread about the site is here[/url:3t5t0owo].
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Er, not to rain on your parade or anything (because you all did a wonderful job) but the German Call to Action Vid literally read the full stop here:

    I suggest we keep an eye out for this sort of punctuation mistake with the other vids. Other than that, I'm really impressed with the artificial voice thingie in German. It sounds so real.
  3. Chinese and Italian versioin

    I'm not rushing you guys, but I put together the ides of march video Mandarin version for a test drive.

    The length of speech varies among languages, that I knew. But it surprised me that the video contains LHR's wife's name that needed to be sync to the vid. That's not difficult but I don't know how you guys do it without knowing the language. Though I can guess about European languages. Anyway I'll be using the low resolution video downloaded from youtube, and some other sound track music as I don't have the original. I'm suggesting if we have the choice of videos to translate next time, the amount of work need to be considered. Take a look at EU instruction manuals, they are so wonderfully short. That's why I picked a much easier vid to translate at first. Chinese translation isn't difficult. But making it still look like a serious propaganda is exhausting. I'm working on an Italian sample.
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    The first Italian version of Call to Action video is done. :wink: :mrgreen:

    To who may I send it?????????

    Please admin trans.costruth give me a sign!!!!!!

    Or at least the nickname of the one Anon who can than put it online. :D

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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    You have the video itself done? put it up on youtube and link to it on the wiki. If you dont want to actually do the youtube upload yourself put it on mediafire and link me to it and i will download it and put it up.
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    I was asked by some german-speaking anons if you could give them (better said me) some current shit to translate. I don't know how far the other german anons have translated the stuff. If someone needs anything from the germa/austrian/swiss-group, pm me.
  7. anon_it Member

  8. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Well we definitely need some people to make the actual videos from the transcripts on the wiki so they could help with that maybe.

  9. gregg Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    blankblankblank, think we should have some kind of a centralized page on the wiki to list videos that have gone up so far. So you dont have to dig around to find the videos themselves?
  10. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Okay I'm game. I'll try to have something up tonight.
  11. Re: Call To Arms: Translators. aaaaand

    That's just what I found on the wiki itself. TRANSLATION TEAMS: if you posted a video and it's not linked on the wiki, please put it in this article.
  12. gregg Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Quick work. Thanks for all this effort.
  13. anon_it Member

  14. gregg Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    More great work. Its great to see everyone working together.
  15. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Languagefags! We are being summoned!

    Children are being held against their will at FLAG in Clearwater (sauce: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4978) and the following text needs to be translated into the following languages:

    "Did they take your passport?
    CALL THIS NUMBER xxxxxxxxxx"

    The languages needed are: South American (Portuguese and Spanish) , Russian, Albanian, Hungarian, Czech, and Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian. I think there was a story also of three Korean girls so add Korean to that list. The children being held captive speak little to no English and they are there under the pretense of "religious missions".

    The folks doing the flyering in Clearwater can add the number themselves. Otherwise, translate away! I will add this to the wiki.
  16. Orderous Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    I have a person, currently in Korea, working on the Korean translation. Will ask around for others I know whom might be able to add their langauge skills to the project. I've got a rather colorful array of friends. Thank you international workplace.
  17. anon_david Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    French speaking Anons, could you help put the finishing touches on these translations please? We want the message to be as clear and as well-written as possible so that we'll get taken seriously. 8)

    Link to the wiki page for French translations:

    You can either edit the pages directly on the wiki or report any corrections here and we'll add them for you.
  18. Anónimo Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    "Did they take your passport?
    CALL THIS NUMBER xxxxxxxxxx"

    European Portuguese:
    "Roubaram-te o passaporte?
    LIGA PARA xxxxxxxxx"

    Brazilian Portuguese(acho eu, qualquer brasileiro que corrija se quiser);

    "Roubaram seu passaporte?
    LIGUE PARA xxxxxxxx"
  19. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    I read blogs in another language, by some seemingly real people who are being drawn into CoS. One girl read the only one anti-CoS blog and have serious doubts, but she was overwhelmed by the information. How could she know what is real and what is fake? Imagine if she could read etc and actually click on it, it could all be propaganda (unless she stays a little longer).

    I think it's very worthwhile to work on the wikipedia in local languages. The English version is at a standoff, in a frozen arbitration state. But other languages are open to edit or CoS entries non existence. If no one objects you can add any conspiracy theory BUT what helps are reference to "reliable sources", like BBC, CNN, Times Mag, major newspapers. Get the reference quotation template on the help pages to make it easier to fill in all the details of each reference. Journalists paid dearly for it and use it wisely. You can add other websites (and possibly blogs) but they could be removed if someone challenge them.

    Also I see youtube video being quoted too. I think I'm going to quote sound bites, video 2 @ 1:54, quote and translate (recommended by wikipedia for quoting foreign languages), something like "At 15, I was told to marry an SO officer.". Miscavige's niece, "I'm only allowed to see my mother once a year.". etc.

    I'll also try these subtitles which appears as TOC at top of page:

    money grabbing pyramid scheme
    scammed old lady to sell her house
    legal sex with minors
    legal child labor
    many deaths under care of CoS
    convicted criminals ran the church

    If the facts are quoted or backed up with well known worldwide or local news media, the impact will be a lot bigger than linking to the critic sites directly. The confused girl above will not have a clue about and but she will recognize Times, BBC etc.

    Also it's not just the main Scientology page, I have seen pages on everything Scieno linked to each other. Say for LRH, I can see his fictions, his canceled policies, his criminal convictions. Freewinds with asbestos (no news articles about it though).

    Scieno and anit-scieno, there are surprisingly many blogs and social networks for you to leave a comment. The wikipedia can be a very good e-flyer once you get their attention. WP pages will usually turn up high in search engines.

    Also the Wikinews, part of Wikipedia empire, is counted as a reliable source. Translate or just link to it. Really many people don't know about the protest if you count all the media coverages. Wikinews is the only one with global coverage.

    Are there "official" sites hosting legal documents of concern? Convictions, record of law suits, etc? There's little credibility if you post an Alfreddavid in a website for example.
  20. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    There has been a call for flyers in specific languages, namely Chinese for the SF area here:

    Can someone translate a flyer outlining the evils of Co$ into Chinese? (Like the "ask a Christian" roll of money one?)

    Thanks guise!
  21. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Either the fliers have to contain a lot of Chinese information, or point to some Chinese website. It's not easy to pick the right ones to translate. Someone is working on the Chinese wikipedia, and it should be on fliers too.
  22. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Do you have the link to the Chinese wiki page? Thanks for the update!

  23. chesirecat Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Hi, volunteering for Spanish here. I'm familiar with Spanish from Spain and Latin American styles.

    Edit: I'd like some help on what steps should I follow now. I'm not very wiki-wise nor OTVIII (in which case i would use my super OT-wiki powers to do this thing). I read some of the documents in Spanish, and they are OK, but to a native speaker (which I am) they will not sound very articulated.
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    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Hey, all, native Spanish speaker here, Caribbean/Latin American region. I translated the old 'Call to arms' video for Feb 10, trying to make it as natural as possible. Joined up just to post this too....

    Llamado a la acción

    A llegado a la atención de Anónimo de que hay un número de ustedes que no entiende claramente lo que somos ni porque hemos tomado este curso de acción. Contrario a lo que presume la prensa, Anónimo no es simplemente “un grupo de super-piratas.”

    Anónimo es una colectiva de individuos unidos por la conciencia de que alguien debe hacer lo correcto, que alguien debe traer luz a la oscuridad, que alguien debe abrir los ojos de un público que ha estado dormitando por demasiado tiempo.

    En nuestros números van a encontrar individuos de todo tipo de estilo de vida ---abogados, padres, profesionales de informática, miembros de la ley y el orden, estudiantes universitarios, técnicos veterinarios, y muchos más. Anónimo es todo el mundo y está en todas partes.

    No tenemos líderes, no hay una entidad en particular dirigiendonos ---solamente la furia colectiva de los individuos, guiando nuestra mano en los esfuerzos presentes de traer conciencia. Queremos que esten al tanto de los peligros muy reales de la Cienciología. Queremos que sepan acerca de la crasa violación de derechos humanos cometidas por este culto.

    Queremos que sepan acerca de Lisa McPhearson. Queremos que sepan acerca de las antiguas miembros de la marina privada de la Cienciología, SeaOrg, quienes fueron forzadas a abortar para que pudiesen continuar al servicio de la iglesia. Queremos que sepan acerca del uso de mano de obra infantil y sus campos de trabajo forzado.

    Queremos que sepan acerca de Operación Freakout y Paulette Cooper.
    Queremos que sepan acerca de Operación Blanca Nieves y los esfuerzos de la Cienciología de infiltrar el gobierno de los Estados Unidos de América.
    Queremos que sepan acerca de todas las cosas que han sido escondidas bajo el tapete por demasiado tiempo.
    La información está allá afuera. Es tuya para que la tengas. Ármate con conociemiento.

    Tengan cautela el 10 de febrero. Anónimo te invita a que te unas en un acto de solidaridad. Anónimo te invita a que tomes la bandera de libertad de expresión, derechos humanos, familia y libertad. Únete a nuestras protestas a las afueras de los centros de Cienciología a través del mundo.

    Somos Anónimo.
    Somos una legión.
    No perdonamos.
    No olvidamos.
    Seremos escuchados.

    I had a bit of trouble with 'Be very wary of the 10th of February'. The original insinuates that you should be afraid of feb 10, but that sounds clunky and aggressive in Spanish. The way I did it, it says 'be wary on Feb 10'. Feel free to change it as you see fit; its old anyway, so i guess it doesn't really matter.

    Also, on the 'we want you to know' sections, 'you' is both plural and singular in English. In Spanish, however, singular is 'tu' and plural is 'ustedes' is plural, with the verbs conjugated accordingly. I chose to translate as plural up to the 'yours for the taking' part, where it switches to the up-close-and -personal 'tú'.

    Someone already said it previously that 'Esperennos' is weird, so again I chose the singular 'you' conjugation, making it 'Espéranos' for the sake of immediacy and cool factor. Also used 'una legión' instead 'legión' for religious factors, as mentioned on this thread.

    I believe all Spanish speakers pretty much understand everyone's Spanish. If you wanted to be really picky, you could make a translation for Spain, but that's kinda going overboard.


    Here's the original, as gathered from YouTube:

    It has come to the attention of Anonymous that there are a number of you out there who do not clearly understand what we are or why we have undertaken our present course of action. Contrary to the assumptions of the media, Anonymous is not simply "a group of super hackers". Anonymous is a collective of individuals united by an awareness that someone must do the right thing, that someone must bring light to the darkness, that someone must open the eyes of a public that has slumbered for far too long. Among our numbers you will find individuals from all walks of life - lawyers, parents, IT professionals, members of law enforcement, college students, veterinary technicians and more. Anonymous is everyone and everywhere. We have no leaders, no single entity directing us - only the collective outrage of individuals, guiding our hand in the current efforts to bring awareness.We want you to be aware of the very real dangers of Scientology. We want you to know about the gross human rights violations committed by this cult. We want you to know about Lisa McPhearson. We want you to know about former members of Scientology's private navy, SeaOrg, who were forced to have abortions so that they could continue in service to the church. We want you to know about Scientology's use of child labor and their gulags. We want you to know about Operation Freakout and Paulette Cooper. We want you to know about Operation Snow White and Scientology's efforts to infiltrate the government of the United States of America.We want you to know about all of these things that have been swept under the rug for far too long. The information is out there. It is yours for the taking. Arm yourself with knowledge. Be very wary of the 10th of February. Anonymous invites you to join us in an act of solidarity. Anonymous invites you to take up the banner of free speech, of human rights, of family and freedom. Join us in protest outside of Scientology centers world wide. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We will be heard. Expect us.
  25. DarkL Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    I'm taking Spanish but it's my first year of this class at my school. In other words I am a total noob compared to others on this site.

    However, I was looking as the Ides of March translation.


    work better as

    I don't think there's a literal yet grammatically correct way of saying "This is Anonymous" but I think that this would be a little better at expressing a group. Wouldn't it?

    I sent the links and stuff to my Spanish teacher, and asked him his opinion of it. I know there are already fluent, native speakers on this board but I figured "what the hell, why not?'' Many hands make light work or whatever the hell the saying is.
  26. Lummy Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Two ways to do this. Observe:

    We are anonymous.
    Somos anónimo = Nosotros somos anónimo.

    'Somos' is the plural conjugated form of the verb 'ser'; as such, "nosotros somos anónimo' would be redundant, since 'somos' already tells the reader the number of speakers ('we') and that 'we are' anonymous. Implied subject and whatnot.

    Per your example, however:
    "This is Anonymous" would be literally translated as 'Esto es Anónimo'.

    'This' can be literally translated as 'esto', but it would actually sound clunky because 'esto' implies you're talking about a thing, not people. It works if you wanted to say:

    This is the Enterprise, from the United Federation of Planets.
    Este es el Enterprise, de la Federación Unida de Planetas.

    Enterprise in this case is a thing, so it would be ok to use 'esto-este'

    Not a grammar teacher, but I write in Spanish for a living, so its become my job to make sentences sound pretty.
  27. chesirecat Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Hi Lummy, nice work.
    I juts want to make a couple remarks.
    Where it says "super-piratas" it sounds too general in my know, in many countries and for the general public not familiar with the internet, "piratas" is associated mostly with the guys who sell pirated movies/software on the streets. Maybe it could be changed to "cyber-piratas", "piratas informáticos" or something similar (to include the idea of hackers).
    I also agree that a literal translation of the "be wary..." line sounds agressive in spanish, and could scare some people. I suggest the option "Estén atentos al 10 de Febrero", for "atento" is also a synonym of "vigilante".
    And finally, maybe it would be better to leave "operation snow-white" in english, as with operation freakout, and put the translation in brackets. Mainly, beacuse googling it in spanish leads to other operations under the same name in Spain (against narcotraffic).

    That's it.
  28. blow Member

  29. DarkL Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Eh. I knew about the implied subject thing but I'm not in the habit of exploiting it so I can type less 'n stuff.

    I tried to use one of those online translator sites but it gave me "esto" - and I figured what you said about that as well, that "esto" means "this" in regards to objects.

    What I really meant to ask was, is "Somos Anónimo" or "Soy Anónimo" a better translation for our purposes?
  30. Anónimo Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    First anonymous video in european portuguese:

    Saudações, Lideres da Scientologia. Nós somos Anónimos.

    Ao longo dos anos, temos vindo a observar-vos. As vossas capanhas de desinformação; a supressão da dissidencia interna; a vossa natureza litigiosa, tudo isto chamou a nossa atenção. Com a libertação do vosso ultimo video de propaganda interna, a extensão da vossa influencia maligna sobre aqueles que confiam na vossa liderança tornou-se ainda mais clara. Foi então decidido que a vossa organização deve ser destruida. Para o bem dos vossos seguidores, para o bem da humanidade--por piada--expulsar-vos-emos da internet e desmantelaremos sistematicamente a Igreja da Cientologia na sua forma actual. Reconhecemos a vossa organização como um adversário sério e estamos preparados para uma campanha tão longa quanto for necessário. A vossa organização não resistirá à furia das massas esclarecidas.Os vossos métodos, a vossa hipocrisia e ineficiencia, todos eles contribuirão para a vossa destruição.

    Não se podem esconder; estamos em todo o lado

    Não podemos morrer; somos eternos. Crescemos a cada dia--unicamente pela força das nossas ideias, ainda que elas por vezes sejam hostis ou destrutivas. Se quiserem outro nome para o vosso inimigo podem chamar-nos Legião, pois somos muitos.

    Apesar de não sermos tão monstruosos como vocês, os nossos metodos são em parte semelhantes aos vossos. Não nos importamos se formos considerados um exemplo da perseguição que tem sido anunciada aos vossos seguidores. Na verdade até achamos bem. Nós somos as vossas Pessoas Supressivas.

    Gradualmente, à medida que formos percebendo melhor o funcionamento interno da vossa "Igreja",a opresão dos vossos seguidores tornar-se-á cada vez mais dificil de manter. Crentes acordarão , percebendo que a salvação não tem preço. Perceberão então que o stress e a frustração que sentem não é provocada por nós. Verão que a fonte de tais sentimentos está muito mais próxima. Sim, somos Pessoas Supressivas. Mas a soma de toda a supressão que alguma vez poderiamos provocar não é sequer comparavel com a do Centro de Tecnologia Religiosa.

    O conhecimento não tem preço

    Nós somos Anónimos

    Nós somos Legião

    Nós não esquecemos

    Nós não perdoamos


    I am not a translator, just happen to be portuguese and knowing all the English one can learn at school
  31. Anon060 Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    French here! PM me whenever. I'm always on the computer so PM me day or night. :3
  32. Anónimo Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Call to Action Video European Portuguese

    Apercebemo-nos de que grande parte do publico em geral ainda não percebeu quem somos nós e porque é que estamos a fazer o que fazemos. Ao contrário do que foi dito nos meios de comunicação social Anónimos não é simplesmente "um grupo de super hackers". Anónimos é de facto um conjunto de individuos unidos pela percepção de que alguem tem que fazer o que está certo, de que alguem tem que iluminar a escuridão, de que alguem tem que abrir os olhos de um publico que tem estado adormecido durante demasiado tempo. Nas nossas fileiras podem encontrar pessoas de todas as profissões, idedades e estatutos sociais. Anónimos é toda a gente e está em todo o lado. Não temos lideres, nenhuma entidade nos dirige, apenas a indignação colectiva dos individuos, que nos guia nos nossos esforços para chamar a atenção para este assunto.

    Queremos que percebam os verdadeiros perigos da cientologia. Queremos que saibam das escandalosas violações de direitos humanos cometidas por esta seita. Queremos que saibam quem foi Lisa McPhearson. Queremos que conheçam a história de ex-membros da marinha privada da cientologia, SeaOrg, que foram forçadas a abortar para que continuassem a servir a organização. Queremos que saibam do trabalho infantil que ocorre nas suas gulags. Queremos que saibam o que foi a operação Freakout e quem é Paulette Cooper. Queremos que saibam o que foi a operação Snow White e todas as tentativas de infiltração do governo dos Estados Unidos da America. Quremos que conheçam todos estes acontecimentos que se têm mantido debaixo do tapete da ignorância durante demasiado tempo. A informação está aí. Qualquer pessoa a pode encontrar. O conhecimento é uma arma.

    Tenham muita atenção ao dia 10 de Fevereiro. Anónimo convida todos os interessados a que se juntem a nós num acto de solidariedade. Anónimo convidada -vos a defender a liberdade de expressão, os direitos humanos, os valores da familia e a liberdade. Juntem-se a nós nos protestos à porta dos centros da cientologia em todo o mundo.

    Somos Anónimous.

    Nós somos Legão.

    Nós não esquecemos

    Nós não perdoamos

    Seremos ouvidos

  33. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    There seems to be a lack of any Indian languages, or any real info on whats happening in India. Seeing as the whole Coka-a-cola fiasco was based around Co$ in Pakistan I think it would be a good idea, though English is a very strong second language there too, it would still appeal to India a lot more to show people of their own tongues cared about the Co$.

    There's a new user (Vajradhara , 7 posts atm) kicking about who claims to have video of an Indian Anonymous protest, just seeing his posts is what made me think to check translation status, maybe he can help if legit.
  34. Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Attention all language teams
    Go to your specific language here ... :Languages and see what still needs to be done.

    We do have a rather large new transcripts for ALL languages in need of translation. It is the "Why We Protest" transcript. Links to that project can be found in your respective language project pages linked above.

    Drop me a line on my userpage on the wiki if you have any questions.
  35. gregg Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    I added a little more to it. I added the skeleton of subjects/questions to each page so they come out formated all the same.
  36. chesirecat Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Hi everyone,

    Just to send notice, since I don't know how to use the wiki (....that's a hacker on steroids to you, Co$).
    I'm half on my way to complete a preliminary version of "why we protest" in spanish. Will post it here as soon as possible.
  37. Anónimo Member

    Re: Call To Arms: Translators.

    Who is Anonymous in European Portuguese
    Quem é Anónimo?
    Anónimo é um fenomeno cultural que começou em fora de imagens online. Em muitos deste fora não é necessário registo para participar, sendo assim os seus participantes são anónimos. Esta forma de comunicação é intrinsecamente ruidosa e caótica. No entanto, a liberdade sem precedentes feita possivel pela sua existencia possibilitou o surgimento de uma subcultura completamente única.

    Somos um conjunto de individuos unidos por ideias. Provavelmente já ouviste falar de nós, embora não conheças exactamente a nossa natureza. Somos os teus irmãos e irmãs, os teus pais e os teus filhos, os teus superiores e os teus subordinados. Somos os cidadãos conscientes que se encontram ao teu lado. Estamos em todo o lado e no entanto, em lado nenhum. A nossa força baseia-se nos numeros. A nossa vontade como um todo é a vontade combinada dos individuos. A nossa maior força é o conhecimento fundamental que partilhamos enquanto seres humanos que somos. Esse conhecimento é consequencia do nosso anonimato.

    Não é a primeira vez que deixamos a nossa marca na sociedade. Projectos anteriores resultaram por exemplo no encerramento do programa de rádio racista produzido por Hal Turner e na prisão do pedófilo canadiano Chris Forcrand. Fomos já caracterizados como "Cyber-Vigilantes" pelo jornal Toronto Sun e pelo canal Global News. Na realidade somos muito mais que isso.

    Nós somos Anónimos. Tu também podes ser Anónimo. Juntos podemos mudar a sociedade em que vivemos

    Porque é que protestamos?
    A Igreja da Cientologia foi escolhida originalmente como alvo desta campanha na sequencia dos acontecimentos relacionados com agora famoso video da Cientologia com o conhecido actor tom Cruise. Embora o video em si não tenha sozinho provocado o nosso interesse, a subsequente tentativa do remoção do mesmo pela igreja da cientologia provocou como reacção a actual campanha.

    Desde o inicio da nossa campanha, foram já descobertas bastantes ilegalidades, actividades fraudulentas e violações dos direitos humanos, atribuidas à Igreja da Cientologia.

    Porquê as Mascaras?

    Temos sido continuamente interrogados sobre a razão para usarmos mascaras nos nossos protestos. A principal razão para tal coisa é a protecção das nossas identidades. Sem essa protecção o proprio conceito de anonimato seria destruido. A segunda razão é a protecção da nossa propria vida e integridade fisica. Devido à politica de Fair Game, ao falar contra esta perigosa seita, colocamo-nos em risco social politica e financeiramente.
    Esta seita tem uma merecida reputação de assediar os seus criticos nos seus lares e locais de trabalho. Tomar medidas que protejam a nossa identidade ao lidar com uma seita agressiva e litigiante, uma seita cujo lema é "Nunca defender, Atacar sempre" é uma simples questão de bom senso.

    Um artigo mais profundo sobre a politica de Fair Game pode ser encontrado no site Operation Clambake. Resumidamente a existencia desta politica implica que qualquer pessoa declarada Fair game pela igreja da cientologia pode ser atacado +pr qualquer meio legal ou ilegal sendo que o Cientologista que o fizer não será punido de maneira nenhuma pela seita. Apesar desta seita afirmar que a prática de Fair Game já foi abandonada, esta continua a ser praticada até hoje.

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