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  1. Dear True American.*

    Those Iranians are at it again. They are trying to spread more lies. This time it is about the prison rapes of Ahmedinejad's political opponents. *They are stuffing the Ramadan celebration around the nation with Basiji thugs to try to make their opinion look mainstream. But you know better. You know that they are just a bunch of hypocrites. Why, just two years ago when they started getting used to being in power they said that Israel was disappearing but now that they are in trouble they say it is only for generating electricity. Who do they think they're kidding? You know that they are just the mouth piece for the Taliban.*

    The American people deserve the truth and with your help we will bring it to them. Please call your senator so that we can keep their lies from spreading. This may be the most important thing you do in your life. The time is now. Join me so that we can defend America.*

    Patriotically yours,*
    Astley Redmond
  2. Now more than ever in history.

    Hear hear!!! Khamedinejad's provocation via ballistic missile is proof positive that these "masters" and thier thugs need to be relocated to a more secure facility in which their ability to communicate with military forces can be completely and absolutely curtailed! Call your Senator, then call your Representative.

    We are lucky to have these voices and sympathetic ears in congress. Use them well!

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