Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by starborgled, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. As for the 'music' these idiots make, we put a snippet of one of the tracks from John's upcoming abortions... sorry, albums at the end of our episode. I couldn't bring myself to put one of Ted's on there too. It would have been too much for the human brain to take!

    It's. All. So. Awful. And I know shit music; I've played in some bloody dodgy punk/metal bands.
  2. SPRTT Member

    ^^ So I see that you have made a new best friend of this thread. I approve. I get lonely if I don't read it consistently.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Anything new going on in Tintagel? This truly is one of the funniest and most enduring Scientology scandals,
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  4. Anonymous Member

    They seem to have hired some kind of reputation managment company judging by the "managment responses" that are popping up on Trip advisor!
  5. Anonymous Member

    I have only ever seen a "management response" on reviews that mentioned the Scientology in which case the response always complains about "anti-religious bigotry". This seems to be the opposite of what a reputation management company would focus on.

    If there are other types of reviews they have responded to I'd be interested in a link.
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  6. GoogleMappin Member

    Hey great to see the lulz lives on and on and on. What a monster thread - made possible by the stupidity of those three freaks. Just chuckled my way through the last few pages so long live the CCH thread.
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  7. Indeed I have, it's always good for a good laugh...or get very scared!
  8. Oh, is there any way of uploading your own pictures on here? There doesn't seem to be a way of uploading. I got a Christmas card from them the other day. Thought you might like to see the woeful photoshopping!

    Cheers guys!
  9. Anonymous Member

    If you go to 'more options' you can upload files. However I'm not sure if that includes everyone or is a 'members only' function.

    Otherwise create a sock account on photobucket or one of those, put it up there and post it from there.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Must. Have. CCH Christmas Card.
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  11. Ogsonofgroo Member

    No shit, always good for a groan or three, having witnessed so much of their other attempts at ingratiating themselves into normal society, I laugh in their general directions at each feeble attempt. Really, such a waste of energy and potential... gee thanks LRon Hubbard, you fucking deliciously dead waste of time and space.
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  12. 496

  13. Anonymous Member

    Aahh. The magic of season.
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  14. SPRTT Member

    Can't be real. Can't be real life. No way. That's like, VistaPrint FLUNK.

    The dogs. The.....Holiday FEZ???????

    OMG. O. M. G.
  15. rickybobby Member

    Um, does Christmas come early there? It's Halloween, FFS!
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  16. Wonder what this is about??

    "Post subject: Re: Credit card fraud attempt.PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:09 pm
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    We booked a last-minute break at the Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel in March and paid over the phone via my Nationwide credit card - a card i hadn't used for nearly 9 months and don't buy online with in any case, that's how i can be sure it was this hotel (don't worry Nick, legal team for liable can stand down :lol: ). When we got back i had two unknown transactions on my account that had happened the following day and two days after booking, one for a Polish travel company and the other for a Polish phone company. How strange we thought.... the majority of staff at the Camelot hotel were Polish, I wonder if there's a connection? :wall:

    Nationwide were pretty good, they'd tried to ring me and had left messages on the home phone but had already declined the transactions anyway as they didn't match my spend pattern."

  17. LINK:

    (British Saab Fanboi Forum)
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I guess it could be worse. Poor guy could have been charged for a case of Dianetics volumes.

    Polish travel company. He doesn't say how much the charge was for. Was one of the Camelot imported laborers attempting an escape?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Thanks Bayir! This is LULzy.
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  20. RightOn Member

  21. Any day. I have to say, I did wonder how desperate I might become if I really, really needed a couple of calls home & a running-away fund...
  22. For me, one summer (two days), it was extremely weird. The dark, ornate but shabby "castle" would be a great set for a horror movie. The bathroom was small, like that of an airplane. The desk clerk was thin to the point of emaciation. One could only answer "yes" or "no" regarding whether the stay was satisfactory. No one mentioned Scientology but there were photos of Tom Cruse on the wall, and the in house artist who had a pretentious air, suggesting he was brilliant. I found the paintings unremarkable. John Mappin left his doggerel on the pillows. I would never stay there, again.
  23. Thank you Corrmichi. Many of us are located on other continents and lack local perspective. It's good to hear from those who have sampled the pleasures that are Camelot Castle Cornwall.:)

    Did you see the lightbox?
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  24. Anonymous Member


    All it needs is a damn Bentley blocking the drive....
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  25. DeathHamster Member

    That's why Narconon prefers to sign people up to fresh new cards then max them out before the people even know the cards exist.
  26. Hell, those Polish slaves NEED to buy Ted's artwork.

    If they have to skim the credit cards of customers to do it then that's the price of love.

    They were NOT trying to escape. They were immersing themselves in a world of Stourton.

    They were Mappin themselves a future..?
  27. FreakE420 Member

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    <3 <3<3! It's like you read my mind!
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    Beautiful, FreakE.
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    And don't forget William Castle's wonderful gimmicks!
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    Was wondering do we have any local Anons on hand to find out if the Mappins are / have jetted off for the Super Dooper power opening ceremony in Clearwater? If i remember they where big doners to this project and often mentioned it in their diatribes foisted upon the locals!
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Not frightened silent, they just don't speak the language. I also heard that Mappin was last seen in one of his porto potties shouting "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"

  37. Not a very dyplomatic comment. I don't think that polish employees are buying his artwork, and if they do, it isn't in a way you suggest. You d better think twice or in your case ten times before you say (write) something ..... people working there are not only polish and they are not slaves - I have no idea where did you get this information, anyway, the fact that someone did a transaction for some polish company may have nothing to do with the employees........ the manager is also polish and a scientology too. So work it out yourself.
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