Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton

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    It must hurt like motherfucking hell when getting tasered while in full-dress medieval armor, especially in the cod-piece area!

    camelot castle cunt.jpg
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    We think that the article below that ran in this weeks Guardian Newspaper is one of the best ever communications about the importance of reading and imagination to a society. It is by one of the greatest luminaries of writing of this Century, Neil Gaiman. We are sure you will recognise his name as he wrote the popular book “STARDUST” and has authored many other great books and films. Neil has been a tremendous inspiration to Camelot Castle for many years.

    Inspired by this article and our own feelings on the importance of literacy. We want to start a Camelot Castle Literacy Club and Game both locally and across Cornwall and England. And we wanted to know what you felt about this and how you feel we might do it? We had the idea of inviting local children in our village from 5-18 to bring their parents for dinner or tea at Camelot as our private guests every time they finish a fiction book that is not on their school reading list or to have a range of other prizes for children who complete books.

    The whole idea is to stimulate the reading of books at a grass roots level but also to create a fun game that rolls out and gets children reading more fiction.

    Anyway please read the article below and give us your feedback on such an idea and do let us know what your ideas are on this subject. We think Neil has really struck a chord here and lets see if we can do something that helps this area.

    We feel that it is so important and that it might be something that we at Camelot Castle can do.

    And Finally we are reinstating our “Bring Your Granny or Grandpa to Camelot” Game this Christmas and New Year…We think that it is very important to get the family together over the Christmas holidays and so any one bringing their Grandmother or Grandfather to Camelot Castle to enjoy the Christmas decorations over the Holidays gets a FREE Drink for their Granny or Grandpa at the Golden Age Bar from us…

    Anyway please to write back to us with all your feedback on these ideas. Write to in particular on the idea relating to children’s literacy. ( The article is below )

    And may we be the first to wish you a very happy Holiday Season.

    We hope to see you soon.

    John, Irina and Ted

    John, Irina and Ted in the Golden Age Bar. Photo: Francis Mander.
  3. Anonymous Member

    "Inspired by this article and our own feelings on the importance of literacy."
    Write in sentences when expounding on the importance of literacy, Camelot.
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  4. The Mappins are demonstrating that the ability to purchase obscenely expensive tailored clothing does not automatically confer taste or the prescence to wear such things with grace.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Why dress up as knights? Wouldn't it be cooler to dress up as L Ron Hubbard, during his cowboy movie-director phase?
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  7. 648

    From Karen#1 on OCMB

    Jack Ries and Al Trout, Madison Avenu Big League Marketing and PR Gurus came to lecture to us at Big Blue.. (Big falling out happened subsequently between them and the Church ~~ )
    In the early 1980s SURVEYS were done rigorously. All Orgs implemented these on their Publics new and old.
    One question was:

    “What group in history conjures up in the mind representing Glory, Core Values, Excellence, Legendary, Camaraderie and Leaving a Legacy” . Vaughn Young wrote the survey questions.(paraphrased)
    The big overwhelming response was King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, Camelot.
    At that time we all had to study the book “Positioning, the Battle for your Mind” by Al Rues and Jack Trout.

    The *positioning* was decided !
    IAS = the legendary Camelot, Knights of the Round Table, hence man on horseback.,
    See this short 1 min 20 second Church video to re-enforce the “Positioning” of the rip off scam of Miscavige slush fund ~ the“IAS”
  8. Daverator Member

    How much you wanna bet that the fiction book must be selected from the L. Ron Hubtard library?
  9. anon walker Moderator

    Various sizes of Ted Stourton paintings, perhaps?
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Free personality tests?
  11. IAS lifetime memberships?
  12. It's like they read New York Magazine's annual "What All You Tasteless New Money Fucks Should Be Buying" issue, chose one item from each page, mixed them all together with garishness as a binding agent, and reconstituted it into the sartorial salmon loaf we see before us.

    In a word: unappetizing.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Those are tailored outfits? I thought those were rejects from Clown College.
  14. I'm sure they all have meticulously crafted slopers on file at the best Savile Row tailors in London. Heh.
  15. They have to be custom. You can't just pick up a fugly fucshia and black dinner jacket off the rack- the reason being that most humans, even blind ones, have better sense.

    And even a clown would wear a more appropriate shirt, or at least fix the fucking collar. I just want to reach thru the screen and yank the fucking thing out, like Irina should have before they were taking pictures. It definitely triggers the latent 'mom dealing with ten-year-old' reflex that hides inside me.

    At least Irina appears to only be wearing one paisley at a time. Around here the russian ladies wear five kinds of paisley at once with a plaid overcoat.
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    I bet that where they buy them from puts a label inside for a rival shop.
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  17. feast your eyes (or gouge them out) on more of one of England's greatest living artists.....
    preview of "Beauty"
    ^ is a self publishing website, i think the book is only printed upon order.

    And another Stourton painting for sale - no prices, contact the seller....
    Dutch marktplaats
  18. She is probably attired is teh usual garish Versace/Gucci/Vuitton that the new rich from Eastern Europe favour.
    His stuff is far away from the sartorial splendor of Savile Row - Tommy Nutters is long gone and Ed Sexton hasn't made a velvet thing like that ages. As for shoes, what I've seen in pix are no way by Lobb/Fosters/Cleverley... Looks more like rtw Italian shit
  19. I defer to you.

    It all reminds me of my SIL's bathroom stocked with Vogue and W. Some women look good in those clothes but most don't...and where the fuck you gonna wear them anyway? I was just guessing at tailoring because the jackets are fairly unique colors and the buttonholes are all finished. The button on Mappin's jacket cracks me up. That one detail gives an overpriced coat the air of a high school project completed with what mom already had on hand. Mom didn't have enough black either, but Mappin is stuck in about 1981 and black and pink were edgy then so he'll make it work.
  20. [IMG]
    US $226.29



    A real Ted Stourton (England) with certificate.
    Size 30 x 30
    Price: Negotiable
  21. More like:
    Value: Negotiable.

    Gonna have to do some negotiating to get it out of the house and those hazmat guys don't pick up toxic waste for free, you know.
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  22. muldrake Member

    Suppose I don't want a Ted Stourton. Suppose it's not housebroken and shits all over the place.
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  23. should be less than the one here, lot 566 which sold for 10 squids since it is smaller.....
  24. Anonymous Member

    Ten Pounds! Yes folks that's Ten Pounds £10 quid around $15 fiftenn bucks for a 3ft x 2ft Original Ted Stourton painting the value of the Ted Stouton painting is £10!

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  25. And that's one of the better Stourtons.

    Before his "butterfly and glitter" phase
  26. Is it possible to purchase a Ted Stourton anonymously, do you think? I want one really badly, especially at $15.

    Any suggestions?
  27. actually I think that is the value of the frame.
  28. Maybe newer cause it has teh unicorn...
    Which probably stabbed the eye of the owner once they got home away from the 'dazzling' effects of ted's singing and lightboxing
  29. RightOn Member

    I would say not to buy it or encourage him in any way to make more. Also his money goes to the cult.
    I made my own for an auction once complete with glitter, butterflies and globs of paint. It was fun to make. It sold for a DECENT chunk of change.
    Make your own creation and see if Ted wants to buy yours for $20.00 :p
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  30. This is a good point.
  31. I think it may actually be a good idea... Why?

    1. Stourton loses money on materials alone- that 3x2 feet painting cost a lot more than the 10 squids it sold for... The frame alone would have cost at least that... So less money goes to teh scilons and the dwarf.

    2. At least while Ted is jacking off working on a new commission, he may have a bit less time to woo the guests with his bs and lightboxing

    3. ????????

    4. Profit!!!!
  32. RightOn Member

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  33. Just what came to my mind. That's about thrift store prices, although most are cheaper. I just picked up a couple of antique woodblock prints of kabuki by Toyohara Kunichika for six bucks each at the local jumble. I'd be hard pressed to spend $15 on a Stourton as there is a definite ceiling of about $15 on his resale value (although something tells me there would be buyers here if that ever happened:p ...).
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  34. RightOn Member

    hard to believe that was over three years ago? wow
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  35. I know. Tempus fugit, eh?

    I do have to say the Lulz/progress ratio on this project has been quite satisfactory, With 10/10 glittery butterflies awarded to this epic thread.:p
  36. rof Member

    All my tempus ran away.

    Now I eat tabouli.

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  37. fishypants Moderator

    It's surprisingly postmodern. I quite like it. I like the way the 'receipt' is tucked casually into the 'frame' as a comment on authenticity.

    I'm not saying it's not an idea that hasn't been done before, but frankly I wasn't expecting this much creativity.

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  38. Anonymous Member

    offs there is a unicorn.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Until I spotted that I thought it might just be a still from the Lion King.

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