Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton

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  1. Tintagel Xmas light switch on tonight girl from clamaot trying to hand out fliers for carol singing at the hotel getting short shrift from the locals bless her for trying!
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    lolol bless the locals also.
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    He could have worked his way up to a three wolf moon from there.
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    Lolol! Hey, anyone collecting that much Disney shit must have good taste, no? 90pounds? Lolol some more!
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    I bet the Mickey Mouse pin goes for more than the painting.
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    I am really sorry to have to do this to you, but misery loves company.
    With that in mind I present you with...A New Year's Pome by Ted Stourton.

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  8. RightOn Member

    you should be! :eek:
    It may be a POME as you stated, bur certainly not a poem.

    POME: A fleshy fruit, such as an apple, pear, or quince, having several seed chambers and an outer fleshy part largely derived from the hypanthium.

    that actually describes Ted.
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    And you should be! ;)
  10. Ogsonofgroo Member

    That was cruel :( '...the wind duth duly dye away,' Ted should be DIAF for that line alone, holy-mother-of-god *barfs*
  11. RightOn Member

    West Winds Blows?
    I am not a grammar fag,
    but shouldn't that be West Winds Blow?
    The whole POME blows
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    This is bizarre:
  13. Anonymous Member

    You forgot 'duth' lolol, its funny when idiots try to sound all profound an' shit.
  14. Anonymous Member

    I'm sure he looked up every word in the dictionary and they were all there. What more could you ask?
  15. Sekee Member

    It started badly; it rimes but makes no sense. I’m also confused by his usage of 17th century English since we are now in the 21st. By the last verse I found myself reading it in a pirate accent.
    I can only hope that the mentioned gull dumped on his head.
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  16. You say you're sorry but we know you are laughing at our pain.:(

    I think the archaic spellings were intentionally invoking the Robert Burns 'Auld Lang Syne' new year's stereotype. Or maybe Ted thinks po-tree is supposed to be archaic and unintelligible.

    I hope the gull pooed on his head too.
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    Lolol^^^ After the first line my head switched to a Rowan Atkin's voice with a lisp, I was not dissapoint. :p
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    Posted today:

    I have just finished Ethics and Justice Rundown on Superpower at Flag.

    I was very thorough on this Rundown and certainly left no stone unturned. The experience of being on Superpower and experiencing the New Flag Building is certainly the most delightful experiences of my life as a Scientologist to date.

    The wins I have had on this rundown have been dramatic both internaly and externaly.

    What was interesting is that even after going Clear at Flag doing the 3 L's and up to OT V this rundown brought to the surface some of the most obvious but previously uninspected transgressions on all four flows. Transgressions that literally one thought "well that should have come up on my very FIRST session in Scientology". Such transgressions were gross mis calculations on the dynamics by self and others and while I was aware of them before now, the consequences of the BPC that they still held onto were still ravaging my dynamics in PT.

    On this Rundown one gets to look at all flows on all sorts of subjects relating to ethics and justice.

    It was indeed Super.

    One might call this the "Super Friend Rundown" as you actually re-learn how to be a friend to yourself and others and who your friends really are.

    One particularly emotional and poignant knowingness that I totally owned on the rundown, is the certainty that far from having been harassed by ethics, the ethics terminals that I have run into on my track in Scientology are in truth the very BEST friends that I have EVER had on my entire whole track. And, BUT for them being there when I showed up in 1991 at CCInt and them being willing to listen to the various contortions of existence that I was calling life at the time today would be a VERY different story.

    I had the opportunity to look into the abyss of existence that would have been but for these friends.

    It is a very orienting moment in eternity to thoroughly locate ones friends and to observe that there is a true heirachy of help in this universe. It was an AWESOME moment. To see, simultaneously, how LOW and how HIGH life can go.

    As my auditor and I refiled countless misfilings in my mind relating to ethics and justice, my ability to REASON and compute with ethics and justice and life was restored and I became able to fully integrate all aspects of ethics and justice across the all dynamics of life.

    I discovered and inspected whole track examples and saw how the very lightest of touches of friendship and kindness can often be the most powerful ethics actions and can in fact prevent major whole track disasters.

    At one point on the rundown I literally "became Justice" across all dynamics, as an exterior immortal being, Justice ceased being an abstract function that occurs " somewhere over there" in the actions of others, it became an innate integrated part of my being and an analytical tool of reason at the very epicentre of my universe.

    Another major win that I had concerned the sometimes subtle and not often discussed subject of personal prejudice. In the modern politically correct world that one lives in of course one is not supposed to have prejudices, so of course, publicly, I have none.

    But I saw, as we progressed, that in truth I have had quite a number of prejudices, some of the more obvious ones, and some extremely subtle ones. In fact I noted at one point on the rundown, that I more or less had had one or more prejudices about most people and most things in one capacity or another up and down the track. This was interesting to me to note, and good to blow.

    But what was more interesting is what I had been doing with my prejudices and evaluations of others.

    I had been packaging the judgements and evaluations up in a sort of ball and "parking them" in my universe on a sort of "shelf" of my "friends" and "enemies" with an overall label on them of "Oh well that's Fred" or "that's the fellow I hated at school" and another one for "my wife" etc. etc. Then instead of communicating in life with the actual person I would somehow communicate to "the package". Of course because I had made the evaluations (and postulates as to how they would behave in any given situation), the responses that I got from the packages and their behaviour were always quite consistent and always quite predicable.

    As I spotted and as-issed these packages I had the realisation "I wonder if thats why my life has seemed a bit duller than usual (for that last few millennia)."

    The entire construct then as-ised and all the packages dismantled and the "shelf" disappeared too.

    From that moment I have been dealing with my fellow man and friends completely differently as I simply look at what is in front of me.

    So that, I am sure, is rather a good thing.

    NEW OT5 is a spectacular place on the Bridge to do the Superpower Ethics and Justice rundown for as well as doing the same rundown that one would do at other levels there is also a NOTS aspect to the Rundown which is confidential.

    The whole of Superpower for an OT5 is audited by a Class IX and I would estimante that I handled as much NOT's Charge on just this one rundown ( Ethics and Justice) as I did on about half of OT5.

    I did also have several external wins in the physical universe that are most interesting.

    To get the magnitude of one of them. This win actually started at a dinner at Camelot Castle in Nov 2002. To set the scene, that night an Atlantic storm with 100 mile an hour winds been raging outside the castle walls when a party of three rather enthusiastic looking Americans turned up to stay as our guests as they were touring the historic sights of England.

    As we sat down to dinner one guest in party said of the older gentleman :"I am sure you know Dr Connors professor of Duke University. He is the worlds leading authority on ADD ADHD in the US and has helped millions of children with their leaning difficulties." Indeed the "Connors Scale" was THE Scale used at the time to train teachers to diagnose kids as ADD ADHD.

    To cut a long story short...Dr Connors will NEVER forget the reality adjustment that he received that stormy night at Camelot Castle. At the time 12 years ago, I knew we had impinged on him and his party (As I recall he described it as "guest abuse" at the time) and have been sending him relevant CCHR material ever since, but as he was a fairly dedicated psych I was not holding out much hope for real case change.

    Anyway three days AFTER I started SUPERPOWER Dr Connors was quoted in a prime editorial by the New York Times and all over the media as someone who has completely changed his position on ADD ADHD and is now describing it as a concoction that is simply a way of selling medication.

    As this is a psych who has been personally responsible for the drugging of tens of millions millions of children it was great to see that he has now had ethics change and has changed his mind and is communicating in a more constructive direction.

    This was certainly an indicator that the Superpower Ethics and Justice Rundown delivery at Flag is effecting change externally as well as internally.

    From what has happened to me, I cannot even begin to imagine what will happen when the rest of our Scientology staffs and field receive this rundown and we THEN start to deliver to government and other opinion leaders on Earth.

    Except I can, because another of the abilities that this rundown rehabilitates is IMAGINATION.....and a beings ability to DREAM. To DREAM with confidence and to know that his DREAMS do come true.

    These are just a few of the wins that I had from this rundown but I wanted to share them with you and to thank my Auditors, my C/Ses and RTC and COB for making my dream come true to experience Superpower in our new building and to recognise the total and absolute genius of LRH for this Rundown.

    It truly leaves one speechless.

    All my Love


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    So THAT'S where my missing stain bed sheet ended up! Dang!
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    "Anyway three days AFTER I started SUPERPOWER Dr Connors was quoted in a prime editorial by the New York Times and all over the media as someone who has completely changed his position on ADD ADHD and is now describing it as a concoction that is simply a way of selling medication."
    What Dr. Connors really said:
    “This is a concoction to justify the giving out of medication at unprecedented and unjustifiable levels.”
    I believe Dr. Conners has not change his position but believes they are being over diagnosed, maybe someone should show him the artical and see if indeed he has " change his position".
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  21. I tried that image and it did not disappoint at all ...:D

    Then again DH does Hamlet as performed by James Hong. I have practice.
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    what a complete an utter dork
  23. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Lolol,Wtf IS 'OVER-DIAGNOSED', I mean really, from a cult that picks at every cell in a person's brain?

    Just fucking laugh my guts out!

    How the fuck do you ever 'over-diagnose'? "Oh no, oh no, there is too much diagnosis going on! Shut it all down, just shut it down!'


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    Well well well, very interesting can you please provide the source for this little gem? It seems JM is heading on up the Bridge amazing what cash can do for you.
    I would have thought that with all this attention JM would have been labled a PTS as he has failed to handle all the SP's heading his way?
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    So John Mappins an OT V interesting! So he knows all about Xenu then! Wonder how far up the Bridge Teddy Boy and Irina are now?
  26. Woo Hah Member

    No worries, on OT IX, you learn that you mocked up Xenu, and that you are responsible for the universes' BTs.

    Super Power Running Program can make BTs and Xenu disappear (into the oiliness table).

    On OT XI, you learn that you mocked up Hubbard.

    Can't wait to find out about OT XII (DM REVEALED)
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Surely if BTs are fat soluble then all that is needed to get rid of them is the Purification Rundown.
  28. Woo Hah Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    Somebody teach this man to spell, please.
  30. Anonymous Member

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    Here you go:

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  32. fishypants Moderator

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    maybe he can postulate some guests and new bathrooms in the room now
  34. muldrake Member

    You should be, you horrible person. Never, ever post Vogon poetry here again without a warning tag.
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    Just jumped onto Trip Advisor for a laugh at the latest Clamalot reviews and it seems that Trip Advisor has purged almost 500 reviews from their entry it was up over 900 reviews and is now down to 474? Seems very odd did anyone screen cap the figures recently?
    Was it the doing of Trip advisor of Clamalot although the removals seem to be accross the board of good and bad reviews???
  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. muldrake Member

    IMO bogus review sites like this should be jointly liable when they actively assist a fraudulent scam operation like Clamalot to cover up its lies and horrible service.
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  38. I note that people have pointed out that Mappin was done for fraud, but I don't think it's been pointed out that afterwards he tried to discredit the guy who did him for fraud in a ludicrous scheme involving allegations of the IRA, etc.

    Details here:
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  39. BlackRob Member



    Naturally the contents of this Powerful Rundown are Highly Confidential and with good reason.

    Simply put this is the processes that has delivered to me the greatest amount of win and generated the most TA in the shortest period of time so far on my bridge.

    The wins on this rundown were both intensely personal and intimate.

    Probably my GREATEST win on this rundown was that I answered THE philosophic spiritual question that has been bugging me for a very very long time. This was something that I knew was bugging me but I never knew just HOW much it had been bugging me.

    That question that I have NOW answered to the fullest level of certainly was:

    Will every Thetan everywhere make it?

    The more one considers that question of course the more important it becomes and indeed as ARC levels rise in life in line with ones own ascent up the bridge to OT states it becomes increasingly important to a thetan to fully resolve this with total certainty and with NO GLIBIDITY WHATSOEVER. For IF the answer is that only a handful of spirits will make it or even if it is that the vast majority will make it, what DOES one DO with the ARC on ALL flows to ALL terminals? For however modest that ARC might be for some of the low tone denizens of this universe and other universes, one has, and cannot deny having had, some level of ARC for them, without, at the same time, denying self. So what does one DO with the ARC for those spirits that perhaps have not had the intellectual foresight to cognite on the bridge at your first mention of it to them and whom are not gladly and joyfully moving through their academy levels and rising in present time to the states of OT.

    If, as my case, one has been born into a family and a society and environment this lifetime, and in earlier lives, where the icons of middle class thought, hold that thought and false ideas in place with an iron will that is underpinned by THE most vicious psychiatric implanting on the whole track, one can find oneself in quite a pretty pickle.

    For, as a thetan, ARC is natural to one and so one finds oneself EXTREMELY upset at the idea that some may NOT in fact in the END make it. LRH's description becoming a cinder is not an eventual fate that one wishes on even one worst enemy. And, if one has been scientifically educated in scientific method or just thinks for oneself then no amount of wishes and hopes that they WILL make it to total freedom or "platitudes" or "taking someone else's" word for it or "asking an OT what they think" or EVEN "listening to what Ron says" is going to cut it on THIS particular question. That would be Glib. And on THIS question no self respecting thetan is going to buy glibidity. For however annoying families and friends and enemies MAY WELL HAVE BEEN up and down the whole track - and surely some HAVE been annoying - for an immortal thetan with a code of honour and an innate sense of Noblesse Oblige, family is family, a friend is a friend, EVEN an enemy is an enemy. For is it not true that EVEN ones enemies have a role in the game of life for which one has ARC at some level. They most certainly minimally have kept one entertained at times during the more mundane moments of MEST universe theatre.

    But more on that shortly...

    After the wins I had had on the Superpower Ethics and Justice Rundown I was so blown out that I did not think much of it when my auditor casually said as we entered his room to begin the Personal Revival Rundown: "There might be a bit of bite on this next Rundown". My first glimpse that something might be shifting was when after an initial short process lasting a few minutes we ended session and I went to exams and had a floating TA at exams...I have only ever had two floating TAs before at Exams on my entire bridge. As I walked over the bridge to the Fort Harrison I felt very light and energised. I noticed that the lights from the chandelier at the end of the hallway were glimmering a little brighter and that the colours of the pool seemed more vivid and three dimensional.

    To get this rundown in perspective one needs to understand that the previous rundown on Superpower (Ethics And Justice) had rendered me totally exterior across the dynamics with full rationality restored and delivered total and dramatically increased certainly on self as an immortal spiritual being..

    This rundown, Personal Revival, for me, addressed and answered the question and handled the CHARGE related to the very real issue of : What WOULD happen in ETERNITY and on the track to a totally exterior TOTALLY loving basically good being in Native State who HAD originally, in native state, had a pure and loving purpose to help. But had TRIED to help and failed and tried to help and failed and tried to help and failed on and on, on multi dynamics on multi flows x 10 to the power of 1000 over a whole track of several trillion years?

    And where WOULD one find said thetan on the awareness scale in present time having had that experience. The promo on this rundown talks about the rundown handling deadness. I never really understood this, because I thought logically, if I am alive how can I be dead?

    There are as one journeys up the bridge many iconic moments but fully recognising that multiple elements of ones beingness are trapped at levels of the subzero tone scale is one such moment.

    In fact Deadness is actually quite high on the tone scale relative to where PARTS of one's beingness HAVE become encysted.

    As one's attention and beingness is freed up by the powerful Superpower processing previously trapped free theta is RETURNED to oneself. Now how MUCH of one's free theta is trapped by this phenomena I can't say as its hard to quantify. Every PC is different. What I can say is that what I experienced in my case was the fastest restoration of free theta to the thetan in unit time of auditing.

    It is like going to the theta gas/petrol station and filling up ones tank with gas/petrol. But it does not revive or address the body directly, it revives the thetan. It does effect the body too.

    So... Three nights ago I was completely unable to put the body to sleep and was walking around the Fort Harrison pool at 5.30 am completely exterior and totally energised. My poor body does not really know what has hit it. It likes it but this amount of energy and theta is not what it is used to. Today every cell is energised with more theta. And I am conscious of my BODY HEALING with the additional available theta.

    At one point I contacted and blew the postulate that my body was now more or less on the winding down part of its life cycle. I spotted that I had an unrealised loss/shock of a friend dying abruptly and so I had decided about two years ago that if I start dying slowly from now it would be less stressful for my wife when my body eventually did die. As such postulates are probably not that great for the health or a marriage I was delighted to spot them.

    There are external effects too. One has the feeling that all the theta seeds that one has planted down the track weather they be direct dissemination actions or just good will comm lines are revitalising, that such seedlings' gestation and germination periods are speeding up. One indicator of this was that a Russian friend of mine that I disseminated to over 15 years ago called the contact that I gave her in Moscow and arrived at Moscow org and started on service without any personal contact from me for years. (See comm below)


    As my auditing continued on this spectacular simple but super powerful process I had a moment that can only be described as a deeply personal spiritual epiphany... to give you some concept of it... There is a scene at the end of the movie THE FIFTH ELEMENT where the lead character is confronting the torrid and vicious history of this planet and observing all the wars and all the travesties of injustice and man's inhumanity to man and starts to question weather it is right to love mankind at all. It is a pivotal moment as her purpose (as a divine being) is principally to love humanity and to guard humanity with that love.

    I experienced such a moment on this rundown 100 % subjectively I looked at all the conflicts and my attempts to help up and down the track and saw how conflicts between the desire to help and the frustration of the situations that had transpired when I had tried to help how hope had turned to despair and stacked up charge and BURIED my desire to help way way beyond my own capacity to recognise my own most precious desire.

    I became as an OT extremely comfortable with all the awareness characteristics of life and amusingly realised that I/we had subjectively solved the riddle of Hamlet when William Shakespeare wrote the immortal words "To be or not to be".

    In fact poor Hamlet was in dire need of Superpower.

    For the answer to that question is NEITHER.

    One needs as a thetan to be able to be BOTH for I saw that unless one has as great an ability "to NOT be" as one has "to BE", that one can never fully reset or "CLEAR" a universe that is spoiled. "Not being" as an awareness characteristic and a potential capacity of a thetan is the ability of a being that allows him to re postulate a new universe, throw out the old canvas and start a new one, without having to paint over all the old brush strokes thus influencing to some degree the new painting.

    This was certainly never touched upon in my English literature classes. So I can now also consider William Shakespeare's question fully resolved. But also gained a great higher insight into CREATION itself.

    I saw how we as thetans have to some degree fallen away from that ability and that even the Gods of universes would find it most refreshing and overdue to have that ability to be able to "not be" and re create with a blank slate. Of course there are several recorded attempts at this (such as Noah and the flood) but they have tended to be rather messy efforts at "Clearing") and are an indication that the theta ability to "not be" cleanly at tone forty has been somewhat lacking in divine beings as of late.

    I hope this statement does not act a a blasphemy to anyone to state, that I now have had the opportunity and have the understanding with which to audit God(s).

    It seemed to me, that after a few trillion years of some postulates not working out exactly as intended that a session WAS needed.

    My eighth dynamic uninverted on this rundown and I gained many further insights of extreme personal value.

    I should also mention that on this rundown I handled my TOTAL RUIN as a SCIENTOLOGIST as an AUDITOR as a THETAN and as a FREIND TO SELF AND OTHERS.

    THIS RUIN was so GROSS - SO CRASHING TO MY DYNAMICS that it has disrupted EVERY session I have ever had over 23 years and crushed every relationship with every terminal I have had in my life and my creativity.

    It has completely BLOWN.

    And that prior to the rundown I had no faintest CLUE that it even existed. It is a little to personal still to communicate it so I won't get into detail, but It confirmed to me that ONE MU on tech can indeed create the greatest possible stupidities.

    On this rundown It just came to the surface and it blew.


    At one point on the Rundown I felt SO validated as a being for the SIMPLE but extraordinary privilege to JUST be here NOW and to do Superpower at this time.

    My wife and I had decided several years ago not to make any serious Life changing decisions UNTIL we had received Superpower and knew what it was. It has been our family position that if LRH states that an aspect of his technology IS THE technology that IS going to CLEAR THIS PLANET then it is vital to at least MINIMALLY to know what it IS and exactly and what it DOES.

    So as I sat in session looking across at my perfect Class IX Superpower Auditor I had the humbling and but most gratifying and validating thought that "I may be arrogant, I fact on occasions, to be fair, I have a black belt in arrogance...but thankfully I am not SO arrogant as to think that if LRH states that SUPERPOWER is : "The Solution to world clearing" that I don't need to know what it is.

    All the efforts and all the trials that I and, and by extrapolation, every other Scientologists, have ever had, made sense and resolved at THAT moment.

    In truth I have had so many wins on this rundown that I actually have been genuinely concerned and worried that I was having TOO many wins.

    And the wins happen out of session too as charge continues to blow of my case. Taking a walk through the new building for example where one KNOW's that is the many auditing rooms all day long that 100s of Superpower auditors are delivering SUPERPOWER in all languages to other Thetan's has become like a session in itself. And I love fact that there are hundreds of Russian's here getting Superpower. The reach for this NEW FREEDOM by Russian Scientologists is palpable.

    When I read Dianetic's the Berlin Wall has only just fallen a few months prior and where are we now.

    The idea of Russian Class XI Superpower Auditor auditing Russian's would have been QUITE a stretch. Today that just business as usual at Flag. There are nearly 400 Russian Sea Org members here! It is a huge infusion of theta.

    BUT, as to my BIGGEST win on Personal Revival.


    The answer to: Will EVERY thetan everywhere make it?

    Including the spirit of a worm that I accidentally sliced in the garden with a spade at the age of four or the spirit of a fly that I may regret unnecessarily squishing last month? ( And a few other thetan's with words fates than that)

    For I DO now have a completely unglib scientific certainty on this question too.

    One should not take my word for it (as that would be glib) but I think you will be pleased when you have the opportunity to make you own observations on the matter.

    I now KNOW for sure that every thetan WILL make it.

    Now, for sure, SOME may well take their time and will spend longer at lower awarenesses than others and there is surely work to do.

    But that is why we have SUPERPOWER.

    It's going to speed matters up considerably.

    All my greatest thanks to my auditors and my C/S and to COB for the artistic integrity and exemplary competence and demonstration of Leadership of NOT releasing this Rundown until it and all else that makes up the GATII was 100% ready. For in truth if it had taken another 1000 years to perfect delivery then if that was what was needed then that would have been correct.

    And Ron so many many thanks, this was intense. Pure Joy.

    I know that you were there with me at each step of my Personal Revival.

    All My Love


    Hi John!
    Anastasia is on Ups & Downs course in Moscow org. She likes to study there. Attached is our picture taken in the org.
    Have you finished the next RD yet?!

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  40. Surprised even an utter tit like Mappin would be foolish enough to mess with the IRA.

    They have a strong track record of hotel demolition.

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