Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton

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  1. OTeleventy Member

    WTF, "glibidity"? You're kidding me, right?
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  2. RightOn Member

    holy fuck on a cracker
    That jacket looks like he works as a movie usher in a gay porno house.
    Why is his jacket so tiny? Look at the sleeves? He is missing a monkey and an emeter
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  3. Mappin needs pink leiderhosen to really set off that fine jacket.

    Gods, he is simply weird-looking anymore. And Irina will look like Shelly Winters once she starts eating again.
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  4. Clothes make the man:

  5. anon walker Moderator

    I really don't care to contemplate Ted and seed chambers in the same thought.
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  6. anon walker Moderator

    Maybe he nicked DM's tiny jacket?
  7. anon walker Moderator

    Aww, probs for Mappin's BFF the dictator of Oozebekistan's darling daughter...
  8. DeathHamster Member

    I was going to say that all he needs is a beard and red pointy hat to fit in at a gay lawn gnome convention, but he's got the beard right there.
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  9. I fall into no 3, and am going there imminently... I shall report back! And, NO, I am NOT a Scientologist, a specious cult of which I heartily disapprove!
  10. 579

    [IMG]Home / Valentines
    Valentines in Cornwall at Camelot Castle Hotel.

    Celebrate this Valentines at Camelot Castle, one of the most romantic destinations in the world. This is the place where romance and magic come to life - Victorian castle hotel, unsurpassed views of the Atlantic, original open log fires, romantic candlelit dinners, beautiful art, friendly warm atmosphere and excellent service. Make this Valentines very special, relax in the surroundings of natural beauty, rekindle your love and strengthen your friendship.

    Book now our Camelot Castle Valentines Special!

    Valentines Special includes 2 nights stay in one of our rooms of your choice, breakfast, dinner on both nights (including special Valentines dinner on the 14th of February), champagne and chocolate in your room on arrival.
    Type of room 2 nights packages 3 nights special packages
    Classic Room with moor view £139.00
    per person
    per person

    Classic Room with sea view £159.00
    per person
    per person

    Deluxe Room with sea view £189.00
    per person
    per person

    Classic Four Poster room £229.00
    per person
    per person

    Deluxe Four Poster room £269.00
    per person
    per person

    East Tower Junior Suite £399.00
    per person
    per person

    Valentines special package for the 2 or 3 nights stay is inclusive of breakfast and 3 course dinner each evening with special Valentines’ Day dinner, champagne and chocolates in your room on arrival.

    Click here to view our Valentine's Day Dinner Menu >>
    Special EARLY Valentines Celebration

    Can't make it on the Valentines day?

    Don't worry! We will create a very special celebration for you as early as you would like and give you complimentary upgrade!

    Book Camelot Castle EARLY Valentines Special before 12th February and receive all advantages of the offer plus free upgrade to the next category of the room. (*Free upgrade available only for midweek reservations).

    Offer valid from 1st February and is subject to availability.


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  12. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ I call it "Tedse with Kung-Fu Grip"
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  13. chickengoatse.JPG
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  14. muldrake Member

    The funny thing about Stourton, as an autist, is that no matter how you try to parody his "art," the result is inevitably better than the original. He's like the anti-Marcel Duchamp.
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  15. Real Artist Member

    I have an amusing story for you guys; not that it has much bearing on the hotel itself.

    I used to work for an auction house and about 18 months ago we were dealing with a storage container from a removals company - the owner hadn't paid his fees and we had to sell the items off to cover the bill for him. We were in contact with him through this; he was a bit of an odd chap who had delusions of grandeur and thought his items were worth a fortune (although nice, they weren't).

    Having a degree in fine art, I was in charge of the art department. I came across this awful piece of 'art' - an acrylic on board with blue background, stick figures in the middle and some sort of daubing effect to make it look like - well, I couldn't figure it out. It was signed 'Ted Stourton', and to the back was addressed to the owner of the storage unit, and regards from 'John, Irina and Ted'.

    To be honest, for a moment I couldn't figure out if this was a child's painting or...well, I don't think I really know what I was thinking. It was awful. It was beyond awful; I couldn't see any skill in it whatsoever. I looked at the auctioneer as if to say 'you expect me to catalogue and ESTIMATE this?!'. He shrugged, knowing it had to be sold.

    Curious, I Googled. And came across two sites - Ted Stourton, Greatest Artist in the World, and you guys. Thankfully, I read your threads first. I estimated the item low (reluctantly estimating it at all) and expected to send it back. It sold.

    Not for much, mind you, but it was posted to some poor-sighted chap in Ireland.

    I just wonder more about how the original owner got his hands on it. He was an odd chap, and I wonder if he stayed at the hotel, or knew them? I guess we'll never know.

    You can find past auction results for Ted buried somewhere in various auction sites, but you have to sign up for most of them. Let me just say this; none of them sold for more than £40.
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  16. Sekee Member

    I was going to post you a link for a BBC report about the hotel and Teds “art”, it was very amusing, but I notice that Camelot Castle have filed a copyright claim and have had the video taken down.
  17. fishypants Moderator


    Great artists are rarely recognised within their own lifetimes.

    Of course, shit artists aren't either.
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  18. fishypants Moderator

  19. Random guy Member

    The internet works and it helps people!
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  20. I <3 you, Real Artist.
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  21. Real Artist Member

    Why thank you :)

    I doubt Ted <3 me.
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  22. Some of my best friends have fine arts degrees. I left art school for day cooking (neither world is shaken). Ted shows none of the discipline or technique of a fine artist.
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  23. Real Artist Member

    It's a difficult one when the art world is full if contemporary artists who are self-styled Jackson Pollocks etc, and I was in a degree class with an 80-year-old who tried to paint real scenes but they were extremely naive (think 10-foot tall policeman in relation to a building, holding a child that was probably 5-foot tall).

    However I have yet to find a self-respecting artist paint stick people (that terribly) without it being an ironic statement.
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  24. :)
  25. muldrake Member

    I wonder if the BBC would be interested in some criminal fraudulently claiming ownership of their material.
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  26. lulzRus Member

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  27. My buddy sells fan art of shitty movies on Etsy for more than Stourton sells his glittery shittery butterfly bullshit.

    One look at John Mappin's suit is enough to tell you about the tastefulness of their taste.

    I stayed in their shitty hotel maybe 10 years back.

    Faded photocopies of John with his arm around some drunk movie star or two, stupid aircraft toilets in the closets of their 1940's dressed rooms.

    None of the guests talk to each other, all paranoid that everyone but them are sucking on L Ron's e-meter shaped penis.

    It's fuckin LULZ
  28. amuel1 Member

    About 12 years i was audited by john and i can tell you he really is as thick as shit, Irina was off getting brainwashed on sea org and the staff were running wild with Johns money opening accounts in local shops and spanking his credit :),Malek came back first then Irina arrived and things got very difficult really quickly,Maleks a fuckwit as well and as gay as a brush not that that should matter, he used to cosy up with Ted quite a lot much to Johns annoyance he used to scream at him like a girl and banish Malek to the bar,fun times :0
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  29. Amuel1 I know someone who would LOVE to talk to you if you're interested let me have a contact email.

    YOU TUBE suck if anyone knows how to post to RU Tube let me know I can arrange a copy of the BBC Program to be made available.
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  30. sallysock Member

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  31. RightOn Member

    And their employees will continue to suffer by being forced to get into Scientology, while making next to nothing and living in deplorable conditions so the Mappins can pay to go through the Super Power rundown which they just completed. Fucking idiots were probably salivating as they waited for the chance to fly to Flag to blow their money.
    Fucking delusional, self absorbed, idiots.

    edited: whoops! this was to go in the other Super Power thread, fuck it, i will post it there too.
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  32. Sonichu Moderator

    That's an easy question to answer:

    The owner, being a Scientologist, heard about CCH, and stayed there for a time. Totally lapping up Ted's propoganda about how much it was worth, they bought it.

    As is typical of Scientologists, they ignored Wog rules about things like settling bills about a storage container, prefering instead to use all of their money to climb up the bridge. I have a sneaky suspicion other such "treasures worth a fortune" we're probably an emeter or 2, and some books by LRH.
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  33. Looks like someones done some serious BAAWING to Trip advisor the reviews have been culled from their profile.
    At one point there was over 220 1 star reviews now there are only 68

    Whats happening Trip Advisor. Are they all anti relgious biggots and apostates?
  34. Perfecto Member

    No, but they are tired of being confronted with John Mappins bad sartorial taste.
  35. BlackRob Member

    (This pic was taken in the SP building)


    John posted this yesterday:

    We have printed both our success stories HERE (below) but I wanted to share the following with our facebook friends in the strong hope that you will use this and these success stories to enlighten others about CAUSE RESURGENCE.
    One of the greatest privileges for us this lifetime is to have helped bring this spectacular technology to mankind. The is little doubt that the new Flag Building is a true wonder of the world and the Technology it contains can only be truly understood when one experiences it. It is an incredible honour for us to be the first couple from the UK and Europe to have received both Superpower and the Cause Resurgence Rundowns and to have experienced this Technology.
    But we felt that it might help others to know this.
    Some years ago when I was really struggling to get up the Bridge. A particular D of P at Flag Alberto Accosato went out of his way and well beyond the call of duty to ensure that I made it up the bridge. So you can Imagine how delighted I was to be able to thank him at Flag graduation this week personally. Alberto is also the person who made sure that I did Cause Resurgence before getting onto Solo Nots which I will start in a few days. He is one of the most experienced Staff that Flag have and I mention it. Because if there is ANYONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD with any sort of Barrier to getting up the bridge Alberto is a super able being who may be able to help you zero in on the exact piece of tech that will unblock your flows. This is now his post full time. The picture I am sharing tonight is of Irina, Alberto and I. I am sure you will join me in acknowledging him and if you do have any selectees who need help in making sure that they make it you might suggest that they contact Alberto directly at Flag. +1 727 467 5000. You will find that he is most helpful and perhaps he can help your friends get to Flag and overcome whatever barriers they have.
    At Camelot Castle we have now created a CAUSE RESURGENCE and SUPERPOWER enlightenment space specifically to brief VIPs from Europe in this and other spectacular technologies that LRH has discovered I hope to be able to share photos of this fabulous dissemination space soon. We have called it the INFINITY SALON.
    It may not seem real to our friends here that I and my wife were within a hairs breadth of not making up the bridge it at all.
    But truth is truth and if this truth salvages just one being in the world then we are very happy to share it.
    There is no doubt in our mind that within a few months there will be a waiting list to do CAUSE RESURGENCE at Flag and the existing facilities will HAVE to be expanded to handle future demand. Right now the scientology community only has a scintilla of and idea as to what it does but from my own experience and from discussing my wife's experience with her the fact that this service is SO reasonably priced makes flourishing an prospering in life within easy reach of even the newest scientologist.
    To start with it should be noted that I was initially absolutely TERRIFIED to start this rundown.
    While my body and I historically have an event free relationship and it behaves quite well, this is predicated on a tacit peace treaty between us that I do not tax it unwarrantedly. So, my body, is very good at &quot;sitting&quot; and enjoys tea but any exertion beyond an unhurried walk in the countryside or a bit of skiing is certainly outside it's usual remit.
    I had observed a few friends doing the rundown and had seen them getting spectacular wins but I had also noted that while the rundown was confidential there did seem to be an aspect of physical exertion that might be part of the procedure.
    As my body is most certainly one of the least inclined to experiencing physical exertion, one can understand my initial reticence.
    Anyway after two weeks of deliberation my curiosity and theta perception that this was possibly one of the crown jewels of Scientology got the better of me and I enrolled frankly not knowing what to expect.
    The Cause Resurgence Rundown is unlike any auditing action on the bridge.
    From the moment one starts, under the care of personnel that orient one (with the precision and knowingness of whole track space-time navigators),to the procedure, and help one through to the extraordinary result and EP. This auditing handles and clears a part of the case that NO other auditing reaches.
    From the very first day on the rundown one confronts ones own immortality in space and time and this, almost immediately, delivers a spiritual PEACE that is almost certainly what those who sit on the tops of mountains for centuries are seeking (but due to bank structure will never find).
    If that was all that one got from this that would be fantastic but other things start to occur. Magical things...
    And Several occurrences indeed occurred that fall into the realm of Magic.
    One very personal win is that I gained a deep insight into an awareness that I had of Ron as a spiritual being in earlier incarnations for us both, and many perceptions aligned with regard to Ron, and I was able to know much more about a section of my whole track and history that had been bothering me and that I was hung up on.
    As my cause level rose further each day I could feel, perceive, and became aware of whole track SPs at the very farthest perimeters of my space. The very same characters that have been assailing our purposes in the past came into my awareness and day by day any residual PTSness to such beings was confronted and blew.
    I became aware of an powerful energy and communication grid of lines and terminals between theta terminals in this and other universes and rehabilitated my communication lines to that grid. And I re found my comm line to that group in the theta universe again.
    I became cause and gained an in depth understanding of how I create ridges in life and across universes and I now know exactly how to dissipate them.
    This powerful proccessing allowed me to smooth out entheta across vast sections of space and time and freed up intention.
    And as for my body.
    My fears had been entirely of my own creation. Ron has designed this Rundown on a gradient so that anyone can do this if one simply follows the procedure.
    There were times on the rundown when I was SO exterior that the body was like a puppet doll.
    Somatics that had been bothering me for two years are now much much better.
    On the rundown we did renegotiate our treaty a few times but actually it has decided that it likes a bit of motion from time to time.
    But to be honest at tone forty the body does not have many negotiation arguments.
    I learned that to create a constructive universe one simply has to agree with the positive constructive postulates that create that universe and to ignore utterly any negative postulates that appear or attempt to encroach on one.
    On my last day I can only describe the feeling as a theta certainly of invincibility for the past present and future.
    Thanks to the Cause Resurgence team and to Darren in particular my IC who skilfully allayed my initial fears signed me up and got me through.
    Thanks to my C/S and to the tech team.
    To RTC and COB This is another superb piece of tech that you have made available for us all.
    And to Ron. This tech IS out of this world. It is not OF this world. It is not even really in truth IN this world.
    It sits now at the Top of Flag. Exterior to all universes and exterior to time.
    Thank you Ron for this deep insight into your genius.
    All my love
    Flag Graduation Speech.
    There is NOTHING I have ever experienced anywhere on the Bridge and on Planet Earth in general that would remotely approximate what happened to me on the Cause Resurgence Rundown.
    I cannot even express my feelings about this experience in words because solidifying it into MEST universe language would do absolutely nothing in describing this deeply spiritual and intensely personal procedure.
    It starts with the procedure itself.
    It was my procedure… And I was doing it myself… In my own time... and in my own universe. There was something so innate about it.
    It put me closer to native state... than I have EVER been.
    As I went through the rundown, different barriers and phenomena came up- things I never even knew were there. Yet, they had been there for so long that I thought they were a part of me. Through Cause Resurgence, I not only found out they were there, I got rid of them for good. They are
    NO MORE.
    At that point, I felt AT HOME as a thetan.
    Now let me explain that a little bit.
    Until I actually experienced what I did, this expression would not really mean anything to me because I did not think it could be possible to be here on Earth, in the MEST universe, AND feel at home.
    Well, I learned that I AM my own Home… And that as a thetan, I am HERE and NOW… And from this point forward, REAL happiness begins!
    When I saw how this rundown will affect our third and fourth dynamics by putting SUCH POWER within EASY REACH... I saw a future for us ALL that is beyond dreams.
    Cause Resurgence IS the SECRET WEAPON of Scientology.
    The changes in me have been so huge, so monumental and so fast that I have not yet fully realised them all.
    But one thing I know for sure: it put me in charge of my own life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Not only did I see that I could be Cause, but I also saw that I am nothing BUT Cause. Everything that happens in my life is the result of my own doing and agreement.
    I am the one responsible for my life.
    The wins were completely third dynamic! I saw so clearly, how, with this technology, EVERY Scientologist can now EASILY Flourish and Prosper. I am really excited to get a lot of people to Flag to get up The Bridge and to do this rundown, so that they too can be CAUSE.
    I want to thanks my Parents for all their support and encouragement;
    My husband John for leading the way on this adventure.
    I thank the Cause Resurgence staff for all their help and expert guidance. They are all beautiful beings, and I cannot wait to do this rundown AGAIN!
    I thank Chairman of the Board RTC most sincerely for giving us this Crown Jewel of Scientology called the Cause Resurgence Rundown- which is there for, like a safe spiritual port, that can revive us, and give us back our own beingness and power.
    Thank you so much for all you have done to make Cause Resurgence and Super Power available to us!
    I could have only duplicated the magnitude of this gift in full, after experiencing these miraculous actions… And now that I have, I am more proud than EVER to be a part of this magnificent religion!
    And finally, I want to thank LRH.
    While on the rundown, I truly felt the love and care that he had for every single one of us to discover this and make it so available. It is literally overwhelming to think about such generosity and kindness.
    Thank you Ron
    I will continue to forward your legacy.
    To LRH!
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  36. RolandRB Member

    Amazing how exterior you can feel after running around a pole for two weeks.
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  37. vaLLarrr Member

    Does John Mappin really need the Oiliness rundown? Seems to be greasy enough already.
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