Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by starborgled, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. RolandRB Member

    Just dip his hands in Malek's or Staunton's builder's crack if need be.
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  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh good Dog Almighty, so much gushing enthusiasm it makes my churning stomach want to take control over MEST and do a 10ft hurl *gag* All those newly found shooper-dooper powaz and they still dress like cheesy twits lolol, money can't buy good taste eh. Anyone have any idea how much all this 'enlightenment' cost those suckers? Could one assume that the reno's on Cumalot Castle (what is it, over ten years now?) be done post-haste, I mean, with all those insights and all, and then John could write some nice icky songs about it............... GAH!
    Its soooo good that she can't wait to do it again? Its majikal!
    Holy fuck-crackers-in-pony-soup-Batboy! Those speeches made my brain bleed and, I'm sure, it ain't the end of these blabberings, kinda reminds me of some of the old Advance magazine 'win' crap.

    Tahnks LRon for giving delusion a whole new level of crazy! Scientology, fucking over the mind since (circa) 1952....

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  3. Ogsonofgroo Member

    That reminds me, Roland, I wonder how come Ted wasn't invited to do the rundown with his pals? Too geh to play? :p (think its Stourton ya meant)

    And a big thanks BR for my insomniatic morning cringe & guffaw, thankfully I haz a enough drink left to get back to sleep! *whew*
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  4. They wouldn't let him pay for Super Power with his artwork.
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  5. As ifness Member

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  6. anon walker Moderator

    Here there be pix...The Superpower Bubble Dancer Review! The older woman is mail order bride Irina's mother Verena.

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  7. anon walker Moderator

    Oops, forgot one...

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  8. anon walker Moderator

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  9. Before it vanishes...because this is a good 'un!

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  10. anon walker Moderator

    John Mappin has been in Clearwater, Florida lately, going on OTVI. I wonder if he saw any of the Flag Down activity, or was he sequestered away from all the controversy...anyways. Here are his thoughts upon achieving OaTea Six:


    When one has looked forward to something for so long, when one has imagined what might be on the other side of the now Iconic double doors at the FLAG AO for many years and when one has confronted almost every possible barrier that life could summon to prevent ones passage through those doors, it is hard to convey the emotions that I feel today having now completed OT6 and with that graduated for the historic and noble privilege of being a SOLO NOTS auditor.

    Privilege on planet earth comes in all sort of shapes and sizes, and in truth what passes for privilege today is often an apparancy and part of the trap, but I can confirm today, that there is no greater privilege or luxury for a spiritual being than to know to the core of ones being the sacred data that exists on OT6 and to be entrusted by the Sea Org to audit it.

    My journey through OT6 was both fast and spectacular. On part A. The New Advanced Auditors course and GAT2 breakthroughs have given me a complete understanding of the meter and of auditing way beyond the product that I had previously. There is not enough praise that I could give for this new evolution of our technology.

    The new Meter is a joy to work with. The new drills have indeed stripped away all arbitraries and one is left with a completely new clarity as a Solo Auditor that is sparkling. I am totally confident now as a solo auditor.

    But... when I stepped through the double doors to the Confidential OT6 Courseroom the inner joy that I experienced when I duplicated and extrapolated the consequences of this technology and knowledge for the dynamics was a sublimation of all my dreams as a scientologist.

    For what LRH had prepared for me, and is there for all of us, there was literally an Aladdin's cave of spiritual delights.

    Imagine, just for one moment, every dream that you have ever had, every spiritual promise that you have ever made to yourself, every fairy tale or mythology you have ever heard, every movie you have ever watched, every newspaper article you have read, every drama you have lived, every war you that have observed and every passionate love and hate that you have experienced on the whole track and ALL the data and knowledge that you have read in the Basics and in your Scientology journey thus far.

    And now imagine that in that in a few short hours you are given data that is so simple but so powerful that each and every element of life and existence in any universe that you have ever been in now completely aligns and now makes total sense.

    And you can now see for the first time ever how it ALL fits together and how there IS and definitely will be a total end to Case not just for oneself or just on this planet but in this entire universe.

    On OT6 LRH hands a being the exact theta survival points of eternity and existence. And this is done with total ARC total Understanding and a care that is both extraordinary and unwavering.

    And that barely begins to describe the true Glory of SOLO NOTS.

    This trip to Flag has been incredible my wife and I completed Superpower and Cause Resurgence together and our mother, audited by my wife, completed the Survival Rundown with 19 additional processes Superpower and all three L Rundowns and now this.

    We been here since October and the staff here have made us most welcome in their home, we appreciate it deeply.

    Thank you very much indeed to all those technical terminals that have helped my family and I each one of you has be spectacular and unwavering not least in those moments when the road was perhaps not as rosy as it is today.

    I have a great deal to thank RTC and COB for their constant Guidon and standard has been a shining light. To have been here at Flag with a ring side seat at the portals of history, to witness and experience the launch of Superpower and the exact reversal point of the dwindling spiral of theta in this universe and to be granted the tools to help accelerate this reversal is something for which you have our eternal thanks.

    And Ron thank you for your trust. The best thing I can do to thank you is demonstrate my future actions in life to help others reach OT and this we will do.

    All my love

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  11. anon walker Moderator

    "...When one has looked forward to something for so long, when one has imagined what might be on the other side of the now Iconic double doors at the FLAG AO for many years and when one has confronted almost every possible barrier that life could summon to prevent ones passage through those doors, it is hard to convey the emotions that I feel today having now completed OT6..."

    Dear John,

    Regarding that door? It says 'Push to enter.'

    You've been pulling for the last ten years!
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  12. anon walker Moderator

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  13. Ogsonofgroo Member

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  14. Django Member

    So if both Mr. and Mrs. Mappin are in Clearwater, who's minding the castle?
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  15. Ogsonofgroo Member

    De ghost of LRon, channeled through one of the world's greatest artists? No doubt the staff are having a great time with those two freaks gone for a bit, drilling the safe to get their passports/visas back, getting drunk, and doing donuts in the front yard in John's Bentley :p
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  16. amuel1 Member

    Marek will be there,hanging out of the back of Ted no doubt.Last time both of them were away it was fucking chaos,wish i had known i would have nicked the Bentley.
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    His pretentious word-salad is expanding!

    Does he even have the slightest understanding of sublimation in any of its meanings?

    A substance going from solid directly to the gas is probably the closest.
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  18. Twinkle Member

    All I can say is I did not put those kippers under the matresses or anywhere else that causes a stink.
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  19. Well Mappin is kinda thick and he spouts a lot of gas, even more so under the effect of scinetology, so I guess it kinda works in that context.
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  20. Well John and Irina left us for 7 months!! What about my journey up the Bridge??
    They're back now he's had me locked in the celler knocking out pictures by the hundereds! Well someones got to pay for his and hers Bridges!
    Anyway thank god for rich Scilons as no one else will buy the glitters and butterflies, good job they cant read the internet and find out the true value of my "art"! Oh well back to the celler JOhn says if i'm good I can paint on the cliffs again!
    Hopefully that muppet Cardone is up for buying some more canvases, gotta keep the Bentley in petrol!
  21. Twinkle Member

    Quit moaning! You live in a castle with the fragrant John and Irina, get fed luxury meals of rice and beans and you are helpthing them up the bridge.

    Could you be more selfish?
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  22. DeathHamster Member

    Oh, and the opposite of sublimation is deposition.
  23. WOW! Some amazing reviews coming in on Trip Advisor even though we're managed to get another 19 1 star reviews pulled.


    And it's great no one noticed that John and Irinas Arrival pictures of them arriving back from Flag by Chopper where actually Pictures from 2011, the give away being that flying over the old engineers cottage it is intact when it got burnt down in August 2011 by "Kate Winslets Ghost"

    Love Ted
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  24. dwest Member

    Wow, this thread is still going and full of lulz.
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  25. Not totally off-topic, but Ted has been known for a long time as Hirst imitator (think glitter and butterflies), but now Hirst is being accused of plagarism (although admittedly, he pulls it off better than Ted). So Ted is plagarizing an artist who plagarizes other artists. Butterflies and all. Seems fitting somehow.

    And what will the copies of copies fetch? Ted's sales, already dismal, do not look rosy. LOL.
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  26. xenubarb Member

    More mappin! He got his OTVII yanno. mappinGDP.jpg
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  27. Random guy Member

    ... and still no dress sense.
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  28. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Shave dat beard Mr. Mappin!
  29. dwest Member

    But does Hirst have a lightbox? Inquiring minds want to know
  30. Ogsonofgroo Member

    'Greatest period of dissemination....blah-blah-blah' It is probably my sick mind but every time John says this I get horrid visions of wet butterfly farts running down his leg..... *shame*
  31. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    when I first looked at the photo I thought he might be a bell hop.
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  32. afternon Member

    How deluded can you get? I think there needs to be a scale with Mappin and Chill E B being on the very deluded end!
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  33. moarxenu Member

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  34. jensting Member

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  35. fishypants Moderator

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  36. DeathHamster Member

    But he does wear the same lipstick as Irina.
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  37. RightOn Member

    I think they look like airline stewardesses in their matching blue outfits.
    "Please put your tray in an upright position"
  38. BlackRob Member

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  39. DeathHamster Member

    The only ball Mappin plays is with Ted.
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  40. vaLLarrr Member

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