Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton

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  1. John has been having memory problems again! He thinks that he purchased the Castle for his family. He seems to forget I was the Money Man and he was a "single" man back in 1999.
    Here's his latest take!

    Articles and Interviews from the time tell a very different story!

    So much for having perfect recall when you're Clear John!
  2. DeathHamster Member

    Here's an idea for John Mappin:
    This Hotel's $500 Fine For Bad Reviews Is Backfiring Horribly

    Union Street Guest House in Hudson, New York pulled a written rule off its website on Monday that charged newlyweds if their guests posted a negative review of the hotel on Yelp or another review website.

    (Never mind the backfiring horribly part. Those wogs don't have the Tech!)
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  3. afternon Member

    It's a bit like when Scientology tried taking on negative coments on the internet..that hasn't ended well!
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  4. [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]

    We bought Camelot Castle in 1999 because we knew that SUPERPOWER would be released in the future and we wanted a location where we could present this breakthrough to spheres of influence. [Riiiiight....]

    People whose decisions effect thousands, if not millions, or indeed even billions of people.

    So for over 23 years my family and I have been helping do our part to prepare for the release of SUPERPOWER to Earth. [And you did that how? By buying a castle in the south of England -- this guy really IS trying to be like L. Ron Hubbard]

    The logistics of such an undertaking are almost unimaginable and full credit goes to David Miscavige, the current head of the church, who was entrusted by L Ron Hubbard with that job. ( see here

    For example it required the technology to be translated into 50 languages in what became the largest translations project in man’s history. [Who knows what he is talking about? Nothing to do with Super Power even though it is "for example"?]

    It also required that delivery facilities be opened in every major city. (see here[Huh? Also nothing to do with Super Power even though it's an "also"]

    To deliver SUPERPOWER itself requires a much bigger facility and so over the last few years we have been helping with the construction of what is effectively a city with a huge SUPERPOWER delivery facility at its centre.

    Much of downtown Clearwater in Florida near Tampa was acquired ( about 56 buildings), and we built what has become known as the FLAG Building. Our family has helped with this. [Bet the City of Clearwater would LOVE to read this...]

    I am delighted to tell you that on the 17th of November 2013 the SUPERPOWER building opened and immediate delivery of Superpower commenced. Today nearly 1000 people have now received SUPERPOWER. ( You can see that building here


    It may interest you to know that the entire subject has been translated into Mandarin Chinese and we have opened a state of the art facility in Taiwan. [We? OMG this guy has serious hallucinatory cause issues]

    You can see that here (

    This technological release is absolutely vital to mankind at this time.

    Firstly, THE END OF WAR, injustice and hostilities on Earth is entirely to the advantage of mankind. A culture does not flourish in war torn economies and lands.

    When Superpower and indeed Scientology is delivered in a city, the economy of that city and country stabilises and flourishes. [LOL -- name a single one]

    It calms the environment and the people flourish in their lives.

    Secondly over the coming months and years the experience of receiving SUPERPOWER will become the most sought after SPIRITUAL LUXURY experience for the super affluent and appreciators of the finest qualities of life. [Well, this is probably true as they are the only ones who can afford it -- but this guy is SOOOOO elitist he is giving upper class twits a bad name]

    The more able and intelligent a person is the more they appreciate Superpower.

    In a few years demand for Superpower and the other ability raising technologies of Scientology, by the highly intelligent and upper echelons of the able, will have increased to the point where spiritual enhancement and restoration of abilities become as natural and as in demand as visiting a spa or indeed experiencing a few days of alpine skiing…it represents a new level and quality of spiritual Wellness that has never before been available.
  5. RightOn Member

    Jaunty John: "Please be sure all trays are in the upright position"
    Irna Derpa: "Thank you for flying with Clam Airlines"
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  6. Wait . . . His ugly jacket has two pockets in one photo and five pockets in the other. Of all the stupid shit to photoshop.
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  7. A shoop of him choking his friend with one hand and jacking him off with the other in a Camelot guest room would be appropriate.

  8. 454

  9. RightOn Member

    Oh those nasty thetans adding pockets!
    The last picture......... all their eyes are freaky.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. vaLLarrr Member

    Hey John Mappin - this shit is why your family won't let you inherit the Mappin & Webb fortune.
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  12. 541

    I wonder if Bob Duggan of Pharmacyclics admires fellow Scientologist Grant Cardone as much as John Mappin does.

  13. RightOn Member

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  14. RightOn Member

    ^ two jive asses
    Ick! they are all "thick as thieves" (as my Mom would say) aren't they?
  15. RolandRB Member

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  16. Ogsonofgroo Member

  17. Well He's gone and left me again! Flounced of back to Flag!

    The staff are running wild again and we'll never be ready for the big reception on the 6th of December!

    Now where's my glitter?
  18. RightOn Member

    Now where's my glitter? good one bwa ha ha

    OH PLEASE Show us Ted! What does Super Power enable you to do that you were not able to do beforehand? Will Super Power enable Ted to make paintings now at a break neck speed or just simply postulate the pieces of shit on to canvas?
    or better yet, postulate the canvases, too so he doesn't have to buy art products at all?
    Or better yet, exteriorize to Flag so he doesn't have to fly there and back and bring his works of art along...
    Better yet... postulate his own glitter planet, so he doesn't have to bother with ANY of this shit and be King of Glitteranus?
    I can keep going...
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  19. RightOn Member

    HOW did I mis this little tidbit of lulz?
    Mappin talking about Superpower:
    "In a few years demand for Superpower and the other ability raising technologies of Scientology, by the highly intelligent and upper echelons of the able, will have increased to the point where spiritual enhancement and restoration of abilities become as natural and as in demand as visiting a spa or indeed experiencing a few days of alpine skiing…it represents a new level and quality of spiritual Wellness that has never before been available.

    I don't know if it's the wine or not, but I am cracked up out loud over the alpine skiing.
    shoops plox?????
  20. RolandRB Member

    It's a miracle. He CAME OT!! The English language in true Study Tech style. It proves the Tech is all-powerful and now, at last 100%, 100% standard instead of just 100% standard. And if we look carefully, it's not as it the above support for the "L" had any rust on it that would cause it to fail. No - these are OT powers changing the MEST universe before our eyes.

    And down with the L's, BTW.
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  21. I'm just glad it didn't hit him in the head and kill him, it must have been his OT powers that made it not hit him!
  22. RolandRB Member

    Maybe it discharged its energy harmlessly through a wog's skull.
  23. afternon Member

    So. let's get this straight- Mappin has spend untold hudreds of thousands of pounds to get to OT 7, do the superpowers and donate to the cult and his amazing ability gained is to let a letter L rust off the front of his monstrosity of a 1960's version of a castle?

    Where can I sign up for these amazing powers of stupidity?
  24. RightOn Member

    no no.
    you have it all wrong. It's the "highly intelligent and upper echelons of the able" who are doing the superpower thang.
    Funny how the Crappin' Mappins don't use their super powers to fix anything else in the hotel.
    Whatever happened to that whole thing about the town making them fix their windows and all? did that ever happen? Where they fixed , were they fined? What became of that?
  25. RightOn Member

    If the rest of the letters rust off and only the two letters left hanging are "ME" that would be more like it, right John?
    What other combos can we come up with?
    How come he didn't make "AM OT" happen? OR "ME OT"?
    Or just the word "CAT" for all his cat lover guests?
    "COT" to show the quality of the beds there? lol!
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  26. RolandRB Member

    They replaced it with a PVC window and somebody wrote in and complained that it was not in keeping with maintaining the building in its original condition (me) but they were allowed to keep the PVC window. I understand that they are very good these days, from doing a bit of study. I guess all their replacement windows will be PVC from now on.
  27. Too bad these two didn't come together:
  28. dwest Member

    Merry Christmas from Camelot Castle and John Mappin!

    Those ratty couches are so outdated. That horrible unmatching wallpaper. The edge of Ted's shiny painting.


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  29. dwest Member


    Full text about photos below.

    Sci Works &; SW was indoctrinated at Camelot Castle. Did a Superpower

    Highlights of bullshit and lulz are bolded.

  30. afternon Member

    Thanks for bolding the best (as in stupid) bits so that I didn't have to read this effluent and polute my eyes with Mappin's effuse bilge.
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  31. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Bwah hahahahahahahaha! (thanks for the link above pp, was wonderin' what Skrillex was up to) :p

    As for the Mappin clan, yep, still wayyy frikken out there in the mook-of-delusion imho.

    Wankerz, iya.
  32. Well that was well written but the writing style is a touch flowery just like Mr Mappins.

    Love the amazing 20 minute technique for brainwashing people, worked so well on all the locals in Cornwall!!
  33. Sorry it's been so long, been messing about on gondolas in Venice, and I just got this new Lion mask it really is so much fun!!

    Anyway we have exciting news there's a new Sea Org worker on the way!! Irina has had an implant (we're not sure from who) And Camelot will soon be blessed (silently) with a new Scilon.

    Johns convinced the child will have Red hair and slightly yellow teeth and has his fingers and toes crossed.

    ARC all Ted
  34. RightOn Member

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