Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton

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    A local person posts background (from The Underground Bunker,

    Oh, and this

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    There's more..

    From the UB

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    Some sound judgement from the locals here - and the class-based analysis of why Mappin might want a 'country house' of his own in which to play landed gentry certainly rings true - but a sad lack of judgement in the matter of French bulldogs, which (quite apart from being ugly) share the characteristics common to most dogs of being stupid and shitting everywhere. Cats are (obviously) far superior.
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    You are clearly an OT 9000!
    That insight about Mappin trying to buy into the landed gentry class rings very true and explains so much of his strange behaviour (that, and the narcissism that Scientology encourages) and his hilariously badly judged replies to critics on trip advisor.

    Dogs are cleverer than cats but they do shit everywhere, cats are cunning enough to bury it in other people's garden!
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  5. fishypants Moderator

    No way.

    With some noble exceptions (sheep-dogs, guide-dogs), all canines are big furry fools.

    Even working dogs prove the superiority of cats - nobody ever saw a cat doing any work.

    See also part 1c...
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  6. Meanie. Those of us who have neither Thetans nor cats are very keen on French Bulldogs. I can't look at pictures of the Mappin dog without wanting to rescue it. The only good news is that they fart terribly & I doubt that the sulphurous clouds enhance the atmosphere of the faux-Gothic horror that is the CCH.
  7. Cecily B has just copied this to me (we all live in Cornwall):-

    "cecily beresford cecily beresford 3 days ago

    Dear Mrs Antonia Willis,
    Thank you for your reply.
    We can completely see you point in relation to Coco our French Bulldog and we can see how that might conflict you.
    No least, as Coco is a highly devout Scientologist.
    Anyway I will leave the invitation to our home at Camelot Castle open and have asked Coco to take it easy on you, should you chose to visit.
    She, in response, asked me to send you some pictures which you can enjoy in absentia.
    As we learned from our old and dear late friend King Hussein, who was King of the Hashemites and most wise, it is never a good idea to make an assumption about people or cultures unless one has personally met them and gotten to know them.
    Warmest Regards,
    Dear John,
    Thank you for the delightful pictures of Coco. I concede that your French Bulldog is without doubt a far more beautiful creature than mine, whose photo I attempted to text you yesterday via my mobile. I hope it isn't so hideous that it has cracked your screen.
    As you called my home number I presume you googled me, in which case you might have learnt that I have worked in Jordan for many years. I was lucky enough to spend some time with the late King Hussein, whom you claim as a friend: I knew him and cried when he died - many of us did. My main point of contact in the Hashemite court was the Emir Ra'ed, via the Majali family. One thing I learnt from my long time in their ambit was that it was not considered good form to discuss them too much, or to assume that one understood their views. But the main member of the Hashemite family who was free with his views to reporters or anyone who asked was, of course, the late King's brother Prince Hassan, who wrote about comparative religions and philosophy. King Hussein, though utterly discreet, was cut from the same intellectual cloth. You are quite wrong to say that he believed one could never make assumptions about people unless one had met them: having said that, he would never, unlike you, think in terms of "assumptions", he would think in terms of "assessments". He was very aware that it was impossible to meet everyone, and he believed in study, in reading, in cross-referring and in delegating to a few trusted observers his assessments of outsiders. Or at least, that was my experience.
    I have to say that nothing I heard in the Hashemite court indicates that they would have the slightest tolerance of Hubbard's views, and indeed I would go further; if you were to approach King Hussein's son, King Abdullah, as the scientologist that you say you are, I think he would gently and politely make sure he didn't ever have to deal with you in a serious fashion.
    Because, let's be honest, it is all awfully silly, isn't it? Imaginary knighthoods? A Victorian hotel masquerading as a private country house - a failed US Naval junior officer masquerading as a space traveller? Come on, John, please try to see the Hubbard world for what it is; an imaginary universe, invented by a remarkably astute charlatan, whose followers make a habit of playing fast and loose with the truth. It's not a pretty world, modelled as it is on the rather warped mind of the Founder. I hope to goodness that you manage to break free from it, for your sake of course, but above all for the sake of your child and any future children that you might have.
    I really do wish you well and wish you luck, and above all I wish you freedom from the nonsense of Hubbard-world,
  8. ...I thought this a revealing insight into Mappin's mind, and a sad one:-

    cecily beresford 32 minutes ago
    Having failed to put quotation marks into the response to Mappin quoted below, I'd better be damn good at sorting it now: so, this is what Mappin says:- "Having been educated in science, by the finest scientific teachers and minds of the age, at Winchester College, I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be taught the subject of Scientology in the USA at one of the finest possible churches there"
    - and I would say: "Dear John; having had some seriously good secondary school level teachers at Winchester, for some reason you weren't coached effectively enough to enter a good British university. Please hang up the bogus academic fantasies, look around you and start from scratch, and ask why."
    o 1
    cecily beresford 43 minutes ago
    Taking advantage of the Bunker's Safe Space again, and asking for your indulgence to post off-topic, here is the weird correspondence that Antonia Willis has forwarded me from John Mappin:
    Oh my goodness, this is perhaps one of the pottiest emails I have ever received. Sorry to be slow in replying; I've only just got it because BT is apparently installing superfast broadband in our area (perhaps you are suffering from this too)? - so my phone and emails are incredibly erratic. In any case, dear John Mappin; please, please don't tell me you think you've just written something coherent & to the point. You are a charming, bright chap with a sensible income - unless it has been totally eroded by scientology - and you have just written a sort of looney rant that would be embarrassing to most of us.
    For a start, there's no way that "you" (scientology? your old mates?) have "assisted in matters of national security" in Jordan or the region, ever; people I work with and I would have heard if you had. I have had some 25 years of "direct contact" with the Hashemite Court, btw.
    The rest of your letter is a bit odd and unattached to your first paragraph, in that you suddenly go off into a rant about brainwashing, bigotry & mental health issues without any evident context. I would suggest that you look closely at why you do this. Please, John, take a step back and do some serious reading.
    I truly wish you well and a recovery from your time with Hubbard's expensive belief system - expensive not only financially, but also morally and psychologically. There is plenty of time for you to pull out of this.
    Very best wishes,
    From: John Mappin [mailto:johnmappin@

    From: John Mappin [mailto:johnmappin@camelotcastl...]
    Sent: 14 April 2016 23:37
    Subject: From John Mappin camelot Castle Re: life
    Dear Antonia,
    We are sure your dog is very nice too.
    We are aware that you have a business that benefits from its relationship with Jordan.
    Our family has been very close friends with the family and other families from that region for many decades and we are most honoured and proud of our friendships in the region as our friends there are proud and honoured to know us.
    We have assisted and advised, on commercial matters, political matters, spiritual matters and matters of national security in the region for some years.
    Personal inspection and direct contact, is always senior to remote or second hand information or media gossip.
    In fact one of the great and most encompassing definitions of Brainwashing is “The personal acceptance of data without personal inspection of the validity of that data and its source and just taking it on faith from another.” It is my own view that the moment one accepts data that has not been personally verified by oneself one has to that degree been brainwashed or is on the path to bUnderstanding that is most helpful and is an interesting standard to live up to and quite vital in todays world where so many try to use modern communications to forward errant concepts.
    The truly wise understand this.
    It is clear that you have some extreme personal confusions relating to the Scientology religion.
    Perhaps you have some personal earlier experience with a Scientologist or Scientology but it is vital that one differentiates between the subject itself and those who have studied it or applied it, often with varying degrees of efficiency and competence.
    Religious intolerance and bigotry are of course unacceptable in any sane universe, society or mind but what is often overlooked is that in the long run it is actually the bigot that suffers spiritually to a far greater degree than their target.
    We are sure, that if you were to sit down for a few minutes with someone who truly understood the subject of Scientology and got your questions answered, that you would experience tremendous relief.
    This is one of the reasons that we extended an invitation to you to our home for tea.
    In our experience it is simply not kind to allow someone to live with bigotry in their heart or mind. We are certain that we could help you iron out any unanswered questions that you may have and are attempting to resolve.
    In our experience bigots in relation to Scientology fall into two clear groups.
    1. The quite genuinely misinformed who have, either inadvertently or through intellectual laziness, fallen foul to the brainwashing methods of those individuals who fear they will lose income were Scientology to expand and grow. As such the bigot is computing with data, that while quite false, has the capacity to be very upsetting.
    2. The genuinely evil who rage against anything that truly helps mankind.
    becoming so.
    As the second group is extremely rare, the kind thing to do is to make sure that people have accurate information about the subject from accurate sources.
    These are best accessed on line at and Most other online sources tend to be unreliable.
    Our own involvement and study of Scientology which began in 1991 is something that we have always been quite open about.
    Having been educated in science, by the finest scientific teachers and minds of the age, at Winchester College, I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be taught the subject of Scientology in the USA at one of the finest possible churches there.
    I sought out those who understood it best and the original source research documents of Hubbard himself.
    Understanding the subject, we recognised its use and value. Our family saw that depression could now be cured without resorting to drugs, that drug addiction could now be resolved in a few weeks and that Scientology, if understood would, in time, bring about the end of War.
    We have been delighted to help introduce the subject to the world and have done so very effectively. We have probably helped introduce Scientology to many thousands of people if not millions. There are whole countries whose street drug usage has dropped markedly as a result of Scientology, in time, all these key areas and many others that Scientology addresses will be completely resolved for man.
    You will note that depression / mental heath - drug abuse - and war - are three principal areas for big business and corporate profitability and it does not take long for a bright mind to work out why it is that the main stream media is employed and has been employed science 1950 around the world to try to create an unfavourable impression of Scientology.
    I always describe the day I was shown what Hubbard had truly done as analogous to the parable of the good samaritan multiplied by a factor of one million….it is of course one thing to fail to cross the street to help a sick person and to notice the effect that it has on ones own conscience - and quite another - to fail to help a sick or failing culture or planet.
    So it was most interesting to understand Scientology's potentials and I have never, to this day kept it a secret.
    You can read our fuller story here.
    With regard to your other points.
    A Camelot Castle Knighthood is quite bonafide….The Noble Order of Camelot Castle dates back many years and we have been been ennobling beings in recognition for their Noble Deeds for quite sometime.
    In fact our recent ennoblement of Sir Donald Trump and his family, probably due to the fact that it was read about in the media or seen on the television by at least 25 million viewers, has resulted is several local West Country landowners and European nobles, some of whom I am sure you may know personally, sincerely enquiring as to exactly what they need to do to qualify for a Camelot Castle Knighthood.
    We will continue to recognise the nobility of beings that do noble acts and I am sure you will hear all about the new Camelot Castle Knighthoods that we grant.
    The event has also resulted in the launch of Camelot Castle TV Network which you can read about here.
    We acquired the property which we rebranded as Camelot Castle to have as a home in late 1999…but shortly after that we decided that as one does not really need sixty five bedrooms for ones personal use in ones private home, to open up some of the rooms and to allow guests to stay.
    While it is run by our private household and family staff and is quite informal, people love it. It is also more fun that way.
    By all accounts Camelot Castle is a quite different experience than staying in any other hotel, but when I last checked, being different is not against the law yet... and long may that be the case….
    The best way to think of it, that might help you, is that Camelot Castle is really a sort of, "Downton Abbey for Everyman", concept …. we are currently restoring the property back to and probably well beyond its Victorian glory…working with local and international artisans to remain faithful to the listing and the original aesthetic.
    We say, at Camelot Castle, that the Round Table was round for a reason and so everyone is welcome here including dogs…providing they also keep their manners in.
    It seems that you have been incorrectly briefed with regards to L Ron Hubbard but you can find all the accurate data that you need about his life at
    With regard to your disdainful and inaccurately informed commentary and opinion with regard to our child and possible future children may we reciprocate and suggest that you will be a lot happier if you resolve internally those factors that lead to bigotry. And while of course it is the bigot that pays the worst possible spiritual price for bigotry rather than their target it is not easy for children to live with a mother or around anyone that is a religious bigot.
    And while we understand the exact roots of such bigotry are due to your having been brainwashed by those who like to sell anti depressants (and promote electro-shock and other barbaric treatments of current mental heath practice), street drugs and weaponry for primitive and unnecessary wars that currently rage through the regions of the levant and where our good friends live, you would do well to get accurate data on exactly who and what it is that you have been attempting to harm.
    Additionally, as we understand fully the roots of your confusion, and while we point it out, you should know that we do not hold your bigotry against you and we hold open our invitation to our home for tea, in the hope that it might help you more comfortably understand and to relocate the grace and kindness with which you were created.
    We understand that you are in truth trying to resolve something in your own mind.
    There is an excellent verse in the Gospel according to St Mathew, Chapter 7 Verse 5 that may help you tremendously and start you again on the right path.
    Finally, and you may find this of great value, we are in the fortunate position to shed light on one area that you raised in your letter and that may put at least part of your mind to rest.
    We were introduced to the late King Hussain in London by our good friend His Excellency Prince Rashid Al Rashid who is part of that family and a close family friend to our family.
    The Rashid family have ruled and held sway in the levant in varying capacities since approx. 763 - 809 when the Caliph Harun Al Rashid catalysed the first Golden Age.
    His Excellency the current head of that family, is both Hashemite by his Jordanian mother and a Rashid through his Saudi Father, and family, who originate from Nejd. As you are familiar with the area you may recall Baroness Wentworth’s - Lady Anne Blunt's book "A Pilgrimage to Nejd" where she describes the Rashid family home at Nejd. The Abassid family line, as you may know is one of the longest and respected in the world and our friend is its current scion, which is why our council has often been sought on the most sensitive of local and international matters. His Excellency and I have been close friends all our lives and we have worked together for many years and I am Godfather to his first child.
    As the Prince was the personal and trusted private emissary to the late King and being part Hashemite himself his views on Scientology may be of interest to you.
    Some years ago due to the immense help that Scientology and L Ron Hubbard’s research has afforded his family and the broader region he wrote a most interesting letter to the Church of Scientology on the occasion of L Ron Hubbard’s 100th Birthday. It was printed in the Church magazine for the global celebration of the centenary and he has subsequently helped introduce Scientology to millions all over the Middle East, but as he gave it to me in the first instance, I happen to have a copy of it.
    I attach it here as it expresses very well just how much Scientology is appreciated in the region.
    In fact Scientology is respected by any good Moslem and interestingly, if one is a religious scholar, is philosophically foreshadowed and validated in several verses of the Koran.
    And while he is not here to answer himself in person there is one thing we can assure you with total certainly about the late King Hussein.
    He was not and never will be a religious bigot.
    So out of respect for the late King, for his memory and for his family I would ask on their behalf that you do not place him or attempt to place him or his family and heirs in the company or camp of such religious bigots or even begin to suggest that he was or that his family would be so bigoted.
    Anyway I thought the letter below might shed some light on the matter for you.
    We hope this is helpful to you, we felt that you might like to consider the above points, relating to the levantine culture, purely as a point of manners, before you interact with the region again.
    We wish you well too.
    Kind Regards,

  9. ...and Cecily has copied me this brief email to Mappin:
    'John Mappin'RE: From John Mappin camelot Castle Re: life02:43307 KB
    "No, my dear; in essence, none of the Hashemites would begin to countenance the mad theories of Hubbard, and you need to pull back from this fantasy. But I wish you all the best,

  10. John! Stop with the lies already! You did not buy the Hotel as a Private Family Home then change your mind to let put a "few rooms"
    I brought the hotel as a hotel. I announced it back in 1999 with this press release.
    And see here from 20th February 2000 from his own mouth no mention of it being anything other than a Hotel!
    And as for the promised £5 million investment, where did that get to John? its now 16 years later and the hotel still has plastic toilet cubicles.

  11. There are alot of mentions of us paying £10 million for the Hotel, that was Johns idea, we actually only paid £750,000 which I still think was too much.

  12. Ted, are you a Scientologist? I know John is but you never say if you are.
  13. afternon Member

    Aw bless Mappin,
    his delusions and his narcissism he is really the gift that keeps on giving!
    I almost, but not quite, feel sorry for him- I think he could be the UKs last Scientologist and still believe in Hubbard's delusions. It's a bit sad.
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  14. ...and the end, Antonia hopes, of the Mappin correspondence:-

    John; this is not even literate. Sometimes you write in the first person singular, sometimes the first person plural; but above all, you seem to need to rant and lecture. For a "religion" that prides itself on the ability to communicate, scientology seems extraordinarily inadequate.

    For myself, I do not give a monkey's (to use the vernacular) whether Xenu is whizzing around the universe, whether L Ron Hubbard is wandering around in search of an eternal ashtray, or whether you can make objects move as a result of spending $100,000 in pursuit of higher powers. What I do mind about is a bit of respect for local business practices, and basic honesty in one's advertising practices. I do not want people to have a low view of the hospitality and tourism industry in this area because of bizarre and maverick statements about imaginary knighthoods, nor, if I'm honest, to have a potentially useful source of local employment - your hotel - barred to local jobseekers. Your choice though, of course; just not the way most of us behave in Cornwall.

    If I were your mother, I would suggest that you might need some rest and recuperation. We all do when we have a business to run and a small child. I wish you luck.

  15. Btw I have just posted heaps but can't seem to "like" other people's comments - haven't been able to do this for weeks - either I am very stupid in which case help me out, or others have this problem too and it will have an effect on traffic to this site. xxxx
  16. ..but here is my last tip-off to you, because I can't stand people making free with the Jordanians, whom I love. Mappin is either the victim of forgery or accidentally complicit in it; he posts, in his emails, read-only photos of documents, & in this case one allegedly from someone called "His Most Noble Excellency Rashid Al Rashid" from the Hashemite Court in Jordan. Well, I have worked on and off for the Hashemite Court for about 20 years and have asked my Jordanian friends to verify the existence of this Rashed Al Rashid, and they can't. Here is our exchange of views:-

    Dear John,

    I am calling the Middle East a lot at the moment so I have just picked up a response to a message I sent to Jordan re the friend of yours whose letter you copied me, a great Court supporter of scientology, who calls himself "Most Noble Excellency Rashid Al Rashid". My contact at the Royal Hashemite Court recognises neither the name nor the title. You are potentially being misled here, and possibly by mistake making free with the name of the Hashemites. Do we have a misunderstanding here? Can you tell me who is is Rashid al Rashid to whom you refer?

    All the best,

  17. Random guy Member

    You are charitable. My guess is he's trying to dupe you quite knowingly.
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  18. A new big fat news expose needs to tell what is actually going on there.
    Not only with the fake history, but about the people who work there.
    Fake history stories are one thing, but the poor people who work there who were brought there with a promise of working in a wonderful place and made to take Scientology courses must stop and that will hit the Mappins in the pocket.

    The labor board needs to check out all the visas and living conditions of the workers there with a surprise visit. Ask the Mappins where all these workers are coming from. Have private conversations with the workers and ask if they want to go home without any intervention from the Mappins.
    Yes I know the workers have been drilled to say everything is wonderful. But some how the truth has to come out.
    The hotel workers were brought there on false pretenses. Made to think they would be working and living in the lap of luxury. And then they find out just how awful the living conditions are and forced to take Scientology classes "or else".
    The adds or the agency (or whatever ) the Mappins use to fill these jobs is not only deceitful, it has to be illegal? Sadly, some of the hotel staff may be already way too brainwashed to even think critically about leaving.
    I think the party for the Mappins needed to be over YEARS ago. Why this is allowed to continue makes no sense.
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    As a guest poster, you cannot like other comments nor can others like yours. That ability comes with registering an account here.
    It would also allow you the send and receive private messages.
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  20. Oh got you, thanks & I'll do that.
  21. I quite agree, but he's awfully clumsy about it, isn't he?
  22. correspondence:

    To: 'John Mappin' <>
    Subject: RE: From John Mappin

    Oh wow! Thank you John, & I mean that genuinely. I go abroad every summer so advertise for potential rentals, and hadn't been told I had one for this year. That's great (but hardly in the same business bracket as yours). I must call Forgotten Houses tomorrow to congratulate them.

    But if you're desperately hunting round for a reason to cast dubious motives on my previous comments to you, I'm afraid it's no dice. I wish to hurt no-one, but I do wish for a sane and honest atmosphere in Cornish tourism in general. You shouldn't clutter my inbox with weird letters having telephoned me at home, or expect me to accept potentially forged letters from an Arab supporter, or indeed embarrass Cornwall by pretending that you can hand out knighthoods. If you really want to threaten me with a law suit go ahead; you will only make yourself look foolish.


    From: John Mappin []
    Sent: 21 April 2016 15:46
    Subject: Re: From John Mappin

    Dear Antonia,

    I agree, but to your points.

    It would seem that for someone who is not in the tourist business you are doing quite well on advanced bookings for this year 2016. ( Well done, lovely looking property and French Bulldogs. )

    According to this website it would seem there are £3501 or 3501 reasons a week that you might have such a motive.

    Perhaps this is an internet falsehood and a misrepresentation so I would not assume just from that, by my own creed, that you are in the tourist, Holiday letting business at this time.

    As a research tool the internet, blogs, articles, films and movies are notorious for being unreliable and inaccurate this is especially true with regard to myself, Ted Camelot Castle and Scientology reporting.

    The sources that many reports are based on are on the whole discredited and the data is wholly untrue in many cases one false report having built upon another for years.

    Internet researchers on these two subjects, in my experience tend to be very sloppy with their facts and make classic false assumptions.

    Which begs the interesting legal question is one liable for repeating a libel or for repeating a falsehood that is defamatory.

    You can look into this yourself but I found this.

    This is the US viewpoint.

    And this from the UK "Basic Libel for idiots.”

    "Anyone who repeats allegations can also be sued. This is important. Seeing something written somewhere else doesn't mean it is true. Repeating allegations without making sure they are true is a very good way to get yourself knee deep in litigation."

    The above link and data may help you think twice about what you have been doing.

    Thank you for your good wishes all is going great here and again we wish you a good summer.

    Kind regards,

    John Mappin

    On 21 Apr 2016, at 09:41, wrote:

    Dear John,

    I agree that further correspondence is unlikely to be productive. I would just like to point out that I haven't run a holiday letting here for a long time, so I have absolutely no commercial or any other motive for harming your business: further, I have said nothing defamatory or inaccurate about you, and whilst you might not like what I have said about scientology, there's nothing there that you won't find in tens of thousands of blogs, articles, films & movies anywhere on the internet.

    I wish you luck with your endeavours,


  23. afternon Member

    Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
    • Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
    • Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
    • Requires excessive admiration
    • Has a very strong sense of entitlement, e.g., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
    • Is exploitative of others, e.g., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
    • Lacks empathy, e.g., is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
    • Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her
    • Regularly shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes
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  24. afternon Member

    No wonder Mappin is so very frightened of the "evil psychs", apart from the cult induced phobia, he is such a text book example of someone with narcissistic personality disorder he may as well have invented the condition!
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  25. fishypants Moderator

    He goes on a bit, doesn't he?

    Seriously, Antonia should just disengage at this point. Best to stop replying to JM's emails and avoid getting sucked down the rabbit-hole into their world.

    You can't argue someone like JM out of his delusions, there's no point trying.

    Most likely he isn't. Another thing I'd suggest Antonia file under 'ignore'.
  26. afternon Member

    Noooo- keep emailing John taking subtle digs at his own importance and watch the fun!
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  27. anonysamvines Member

    And keep posting them here

    We like the lulz

    Plus it is useful for cross referencing each time he contradicts himself

    A copy of the Rashih al Rashid letter would be appreciated too.
    Passing a copy along to the Royal Court for verification may be profitable too. They may take a very dim view of it.

    It is a common experience for fake letters etc to be manufactured by Co$ or hired underlings.
    Check out The NYFD Valour Medal the cult claims to have received
    An important point to remember about said medal

    There are NO LENGTHS the cult will not stoop to.
  28. Malory Member

    Reading Mappin getting spanked so eloquently was a thing of beauty.

    I feel a bit sad for him in a way because he has so much in life and yet he seems to think it's not enough.
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  29. He's heading into full blown batshit crazy land any day now!

  30. fishypants Moderator

    From 7 months ago...
  31. anonysamvines Member


    Place your bets now faggots

    Will anything ever air?
    Will it launch before CoB's super duper $cilon channel SMP?

    If it ever makes it to air ...
    How long before it goes bankrupt?
    What kind of programmes?
    How shoddy and full of lies will they be?
    How long before any staff start exposing low/non payment issues?

    How long before NQSat regret any involvement?

    Etc etc etc
    We know the drill
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  32. anonysamvines Member

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  33. RightOn Member

    Mappin prolly truly believes in all this shit about knighting and everything?
    Dollars to donuts that the COS convinced him that he was a king and def. was a royal in his past lives?
    Did the COS help to scramble Mappin's head even more?
    Maybe someone needs to do a family tree search and come out with the actual goods.
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  34. Well we did have a young Scientologist name of Craig Guignon working for a while but he's headed back to Clearwater now :(. Shame I liked him ;)
  35. RightOn Member

    he was on the Freewinds in 2005
    Poor lad
    cough cough cough :mad:
  36. Any connection between Mappin's Jeremy Bartholomew-White and a chap of the same name, Managing Director of a company accused of financial misconduct a wee while ago?

    The first Defendant, Scandex Capital Management A/S, (Scandex) was a Danish company, now in liquidation, of which the second Defendant, Mr Bartholomew‐White was managing director and in which he held one third of the share capital. Scandex was incorporated in September 1995 and submitted an application for authorisation to do investment business to Finans (the Danish investment business regulatory authority) in late December 1995. There was some confusion as to the exact date that Scandex commenced doing investment business but it was clear that by April 1996 it was: sending letters to individual investors in the UK, offering investment services involving foreign exchange trading for and on behalf of UK investors; had sent mailshots directed at investors into the UK; had made unsolicited calls offering forex trading services; and, had also made misleading statements about, inter alia, the level of commission Scandex was charging its clients. Significant losses were incurred by UK investors as a result of their dealings with Scandex.
  37. Oh, & not having any luck finding Mappin's new venture partner, "NQSat TV", either in France or in London. And no Harry Chamdal of substance in the broadcasting world. Anyone else having better luck?

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