Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton

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  1. Hmm. Mappin's letter from "His Noble Excellency. M Rashid al Rashid", embedded in an email to Antonia, is read-only. I gather she is not going to attempt photos until the light is good, as the lettering is grey (not black) and tiny. Nevertheless, this is the text, with no letterhead bar a gold Arab-looking upright sword surmounting a gold laurel leaf, with some indefinable red squiggle at the bottom (NOT the Hashemite crest). I have copied the original lay-out:-

    13th March 2011

    To L. Ron Hubbard on his centenary celebration:

    Many congratulations for your achievements and your positive input to
    all nations and to all religions helping the people to think positively and
    organize their lives. The ethics that you have taught are so need at this time
    and during these days and your supporters make a very good example of their
    high values. It is a way of life that you have planted and this education, the
    teaching that you have provided is one of the greatest universities. It is

    Some of my best friends, that I can trust more than anybody, and that
    are ethical and clean, with good morals, are in fact Scientologists.

    In the global research conducted by the transcendent master of all time,
    L. Ron Hubbard, observing Eastern and Western civilizations, mentioned his
    study of the Caliph (Prince of the Faithful at that period) Harun Al Rashid and
    the first Golden Age and what is known as the cultural age of that part of the
    world, many centuries ago.

    The Scientology that you have created can only be a positive civilizing
    influence and is indeed now helping bring about the true Golden Age of

    Scientologists are the first advocates of world peace and prosperity.

    One hundred years later what you have started is even mmore needed
    today than it was one hundred years ago, to expand the good ethics and the
    good side of human beings.

    Scientology has proved to be so much more needed and must expand
    further and must reach those who have not yet been reached.

    What is so valuable is that it is inclusive for all society for each and every
    person from all walks of life. Yours is a group with a lot of goodness to share.
    Just take a look around and see how much it is needed in this day and age.

    Certainly there is a spirit behind the teaching. It didn't come from just
    writing books and issuing data. There is a heavenly inspiration behind the
    communications and the teachings. The teachings are like a blessing.

    With permission, Honourable Ladies and Gentlemen and the teachers of
    good ethics and a good life who are gathered to celebrate today, I am sure that
    the master teacher is very aware of all that you are doing, is watching, and
    appreciates the direction that things are going and that he wants you to help
    these teachings reach all possible corners of our planet.

    We are happy to share this celebration and our thoughts with you today.
    We wish you all the best for your hundredth Centenary year and all possible
    future success.

    Our part of the world also needs your technology.

    His Noble Excellency, M. Rashid Al Rashid

    (squiggle signature that looks like "M. Rashid" in our lettering)

    This is bizarre on many levels - will try to comment later.
  2. Btw, anyone still alive here or shall I just divert to The Bunker & other sites?

    Extract from Financial Times article 29th April 2016

    The story of Tintagel the popular attraction begins more recently, during the Victorian railway boom, when Britain went to the seaside. At one point a branch line was going to arrive from Camelford, five miles inland. It never did, and the intended terminus hotel, a hulking pile now called Camelot Castle, has remained stranded on the edge of the village since it opened in 1899. But Tennyson and Arthurians before him had already put Tintagel on the map, and visitors would not be deterred by the awkward location.
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    This strikes me very much not like anyone with any sort of Islamic knowledge would express themselves.
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  6. You're absolutely right. In fact, anyone with any knowledge of Islam would know that anything resembling a "Golden Age" - not btw a term they would ever use - was in fact what they call the Age of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs, which refers to the 4 caliphs immediately after Mohammed, therefore in the C7th AD on the Arabian peninsula, not the C8th AD in Mesopotamia. This is one of many weirdnesses in the "endorsement" letter.
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    Yep batshit crazy indeed
    But c'mon this is Maplin we are talking about and not someone remotely invested in the truth.
    Of course he doesn't believe it. (He did go to a good public school - in the UK that means a posh twats school - scholarship/lower middle class boys are definitely educated about where they fir into the class system and how it works (evidenced in the correspondence above - what? none of us have met him or know of him? How very strange ... Can't be anyone important -someone we know would know someone who knows him. The old boy's and County networks are still extremely strong)

    All publicity fodder and grist to the Co$ mill.
    He doesn't care for truth or believability so long as he gets publicity and headlines.
  8. anonysamvines Member

    Thanks bayir6540
    You are producing excellent stuff

    I really do suggest Antonia informs her friends at the Court of Maplin's claims and evidence, Especially if Co$ are displaying it as authentic.

    I don't think they would be best pleased.
    Would they really want to be publicly associated? Especially given where Co$ rates Islam and Mohammed as per Co$'s authentic illustration of world religions. (If you aren't aware of it maybe someone more capable than I will supply a copy)

    Great profit may come from their displeasure

    Keep posting please.
  9. Thank you for your kind words. There is one thing, and one alone, that is keeping me from creating a sh**storm about Mappin's "Arab Prince" / Hashemite letter, and that is this; there is the hideous possibility that at some point Mappin encountered a genuine Gulf princeling, with some Hashemite descent, who was briefly suctioned into scientology and persuaded to sign a scion/Mappin generated letter.

    As a never-in, I can't tell whether the style of the "Arab letter" is pure Mappin, or pure scientology; does Mappin's bizarre and ungrammatical style come from immersion in the style of various scientology documents, or is it his own ghastly creation? Either way, the "Arab letter" emanates from somewhere far, far outside the Arab world. But it may well have been signed by an Arab, even one with some decent Hashemite descent.

    To explain, the Rashid family - or tribe, or clan - is vast: its most powerful branch first fought, then married, with the Saud family in what is now Saudi Arabia. Many internecine inter-family feuds took place during the 19th and 20th centuries, scattering clan members away from the Arabian peninsula or on its fringes on the Gulf. Rashids now are to be found, typically, in Saudi Arabia itself, in the United Arab Emirates and in Iraq. Some amongst this great clan are highly influential and belong to / have married into the ruling clans in the areas in which they live, some are middle-class engineers and teachers, and some lead very simple lives. Rather like the Scots clan name "MacDonald", it has spread widely and encompasses all demographic types.

    The ruling Makhtoum dynasty of Dubai have both Rashid clan ancestry and Hashemite intermarriages, and though there is no traceable person who can possibly be described as "His Most Noble Excellency Prince Rashid al Rashid", there are minor princelings who have got into trouble with drugs (google Rashid + Makhtoum + drugs as an example), who have hung round nightspots in London and LA and who might well have been suctioned into something like Narconon for a while. If Mappin's "Prince Rashid" conceals the identity of a genuine playboy fool of this kind, then his life would be in genuine danger if he was looked for and identified. No good Moslem, let alone a Hashemite one, could refer to Hubbard as a "transcendent master", let alone send birthday greetings to a dead man. Allah alone can command resurrection. Anyone who suggests otherwise is guilty of, at best, "shirk" (which basically means heresy); at worst, of blasphemy or even apostasy, both of which invite a sentence of death. It is even possible that such a person would have strayed into the realms of witchcraft, in which case any horrors are possible. In any event, a true Hashemite Arab who wrote such a letter would be in shocking breach of a number of Islamic conventions, and possibly subject to the death penalty. One does not really want to set the hounds on, e.g., some poor young Gulf twat who overdid it for a couple of years, fell in with Mappin and his ilk, briefly thought scientology was nothing other than some fluffy philosophical way of going straight & staying off drugs, and in a moment of stupidity signed a formulaic letter.

    What I CAN do is alert my Jordanian friends that a British man called John Mappin wishes to proselytise for scientology in the Arab world, and that he ought to be on radar for this reason. I think it would be cruel to go further, but I'm happy to take advice.
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    I wouldn't bother. In the absence of further evidence I doubt that Mappin is making any continuing effort to recruit for Scientology from the middle east. The letter may just be total fiction.
  12. anonysamvines Member

    Thanks Baydir
    I appreciate your concerns but at the same time, IMO, that risk was assumed when the letter was signed IF it indeed was signed by such a person. Just as it is when such a person takes drugs despite knowing of the consequences. But even more so. They cannot not know how much more severe the consequences would be.

    But for the Royal Court and their religious beliefs, this isn't just a case of a even minor prince being a playboy and doing naughty things as an INDIVIDUAL (which the Court have experience of and dealing with).
    This is a case of someone deliberately representing themselves as a member of the Royal Family and as acting on the Royal Court's behalf AND insulting and denying their religious beliefs in the process.
    That person isn't necessarily a family member however far removed. It could just as easily be a low or high level employee as in the case of the NY firfighter's medal. It could just as easily be John Mappin himself. He likes bandying names earound.

    Yes they will be very angry.
    Rightfully so (I think we can agree on that).

    Whatever actions they take is theirs to take. They have many options open to them. We may never know if they do take action - probably we won't since they would presumably take any action discreetly.

    It may only be a quiet request to Co$ that they remove such letter as being a fraud. Co$ won't even if they say they will.
    They may also pass the word around in the high diplomatic/political circles. Many of whom are influenced by Co$ (including the UK). They may make their displeasure known about any Gov'ts who are covertly pro Co$, if push comes to shove and such Gov'ts have to choose between Co$ and the Royal Court well ...
    They may indeed exact retribution on any person's involved. As I said such person's assumed the risk themselves. Don't want to face the consequences of your actions then don't do them.

    One further point you may or may not be considering.
    What will their reaction be if they found out YOU knew but didn't inform them (no matter how discreetly).
    Especially if it does concern either a family member or worse an employee of the court. What else is that person doing to the Court's detriment? Things that could have been prevented.
    Would they still consider you to be such a good and trustworthy friend?
    Would you consider yourself one?
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    Let's not ever forget the EMPLOYEES dilemma too!
    What they were promised in the adds they answered and what it would be like working at this castle. It is a bold face lie.
    There is no mention of having to take COS courses in the adds and their living conditions according to some who have reported here were horrendous.
    AND, are these employee's visas up to par? Are they able to call home? Go home? Are their passports held?
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  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

    "ads" (short for "advertisements")

    "add" is a verb
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    The Donald Trump Superfan Who Lives In A Castle In Cornwall

    Scientologist John Mappin, who owns a castle called Camelot at the end of a planned railway line that was never built, has awarded Trump a “knighthood” in preparation for his hoped-for victory in the US presidential election.

    “He is an expert in crisis management and he’s not owned – he’s funding his own campaign. This guy’s intelligence is off the charts.”
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  16. Well I've dropped in my review, which seems to be visible but still pending:-

    “A run-down place”

    Pending review
    I've taken people here for coffee and drinks here several times over the past few years, but never posted a review, because I thought it would be obvious to other more professional reviewers what was going on here. I'm only prompted to do so now because, having posted some negative comments online about the hotel's owner's scientology connections (the guy is called John Mappin btw), he called me at home, though I don't give out my number, then wote me some crazy emails including a threat to sue me for negative remarks.

    I am concerned that the positive reviews on tripadvisor may well have been generated by scientologists, especially the reviewers (there are many of them) with only one to three reviews to their credit. As someone who visited the hotel several times without reviewing it, largely because I live locally and have holiday guests to whom I would like to recommend places to eat and drink, I would say only that I was not able to recommend it because the hotel itself is ugly to look at both inside and out, and the food and drink are by most accounts just average.

    • Stayed March 2016, traveled on business
      • [IMG]
      • [IMG]
      • [IMG]

    Less [IMG]
    This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
    See all of your reviews
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    What are you saying, that it isn't an Ideal Castle?
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  19. Thank you. One tries to get the facts across...
  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tony Ortega posted this today:

    In Tampa, someone wrote a very big check. Actual caption: “VERY WELL DONE to Craig Guignon for securing his full training package and new E-meter with Tampa, and he also secured his Super Power and Cause Resurgence with the help of our awesome Tampa registrars!”

  21. RightOn Member

    another head of mush thanks to the fucking Mappins
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  22. JohnnyRUClear Member

    A full training package, a new E-meter, Super Power and Cause Resurgence? The clams struck gold!

    I wonder how much deeper his pockets are. When the checks bounce, the smiles vanish.
  23. Job Opportunity for any interested anons who may wish to apply.

  24. "Someone applying should speak english well, written and spoken and have a good ability to bring order to a household - capable with all domestic duties with a great love of children"
    Someone should also be able to write and speak in english better than this ^^
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  25. RightOn Member

    16 yrs old for a Nanny or Aupair?

    "All our staff receive on the job training auditing"
  26. *wink* *wink* implied?
  27. DeathHamster Member

    On the plus side, isn't BREXIT going to completely screw their business model, which depends on cheap ignorant labour from eastern europe?
  28. Malory Member

    Hey, you just found the silver lining!
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  29. I will just leave this here. Johns thoughts on Stephen Hawking.

  30. Sockofleas Member

    That's rich coming from a man living in a castle, wearing custom made suits and shoes.
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  31. The Comments on Mappins fb are seriously SHIT

    "Talli Cherie And I want to know how is that thing reading his mind for his voice to talk this is impossible this is been going on since the eighties he is some kind of prop they did not have that kind of equipment to read his damn brain his mouth and moving and he's not typing anything this is BS"

    John Ellzey Perhaps in the past, he committed some harmful acts and had to acquire his condition to stop himself from doing them again.

    John Mappin How far we are away from that technology Mark Bollobas is purely a matter of consideration. If you indoctrinate the majority of the scientific community into the idea that faster than light travel is impossible then fewer bright minds will work on it. That is why the likes of HAWKING and EINSTEIN are SUCH FOOLS...and indeed are Evil."
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  32. Dear John One Star Mappin, I hope that the local authority shuts you down soon
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  33. afternon Member

    Just when you think Mappin can't say or do dumber stuff- he does- he really is the moron that keeps on giving! You can absolutely bet that Mappin has never read, let alone understood any book that Hawking has written nor anything whatsoever about Einstein, but he will have read lots of utter shite written by that high school drop out Hubbard!
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  34. Do you mean this review? There are some real insights in here I have highlighted some in Bold.

  35. Actually its three sentences.
  36. I will just leave this here, enjoy, that is if you can of course read the appalling font John chose! We told him not to but he thinks it all fancy schmancy.

    Seem almost like John is trying to sell Scientology materials for his own gain, I'm not sure Tiny Fists would be too happy about that?
  37. DeathHamster Member

    And the staff look like they're wearing fake navy uniforms.

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