Camera jamming with IR leds

Discussion in 'Projects' started by r3bus, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. r3bus Member

    Camera jamming with IR leds

    Some people have said this won't work with 'high-end' cameras, not true. The IR coatings are not 100% effective, especially against ultrabright concentrated light sources like LEDs. I have just confirmed that the IR leds on my Nintendo light bar show up on my Nikon D70, not exactly a cheap camera. So it should be possible to make a IR jammer from a few IR leds and 2 AA batteries, along with a resistor to step the current down, will last a few weeks. You can also power them directly using a Li-Ion watch battery, but it will only last a few hours. :mrgreen:

    If you want to really freak them out, get a couple IR leds, and put them on the inside of some wraparound shades. You'll look normal, except when they view the tape, they will see your evil marcabian eyes glowing balefully through the glasses... :twisted:

    I plan on conducting experiments shortly.
  2. yodog Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    man this sounds great. Please keep us updated and post pics of how to make these and what it looks like when photos are taken. Very good idea
  3. DarkL Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    If this works like you say, you get +1 internet. Oh, and delicious cake.
  4. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    All digital cameras have IR filters, even cheap webcams. An IR source will show up in pictures, but just as a little dot of light. In order to put out enough power to oversaturate the filter or white-out the picture, you'd risk permanently damaging your eyes (or the eyes of others). :( Unfortunately this is one of those internet urban legends. :(
  5. Legione Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    The goal isnt to make their film unusuable, its to make our eyes have little dots of glowing eyes.
  6. Daywatch Member

  7. Anonproto Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    NEVER never never never never mount a scope on these and point at OSA agents taking pictures
  8. Daywatch Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

  9. psyborgue Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    I doubt it will work on high shutter speeds (what they'll be using outdoors). It might work at night with a high intensity IR array (you can get them to attack onto a camera for IR photography at night). Otherwise.. no. But hey... give it a shot. I might be wrong. Maybe if you find a powerful enough LED.
  10. Anonproto Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    well the question of usefulness of IR & lasers is provide enough optical energy to cause the CCD to "bleed" over a large number of pixels

    absolutely at high shutter speeds you're not going to get very much bleed going at all from an IR... however lasers might cause some bleed... if not damage to a digital camera

    I have a really old Olympus I'm tempted to sacrifice to testing this
  11. Manomynous Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    I was the one who suggested this in another thread as an alternative to the IR leds. I know the obvious reason is to avoid looking like you're lasing a target. Other than that, is there any other reason? Possible physical injury to the camera holder? I'm just thinking about killing the photo optics on the camera. Can you see the report? "ZOMG, Occifer! He fired a laser beam at me!"
  12. Daywatch Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    those laser are actually physically dangerous
  13. Anon1OfLegion Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    1. Consensus is that the IR LEDs don't work with the expensive SLR cameras that the scilons (& other professional photographers) use.

    2. Use of laser pointers are VERY STUPID for obvious reason. Don't bring them to protests.
  14. anon87 Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    that is pure win, some form of Hat & shoulder combo made of a few ultralite LED's - perfect for doing a little leafleting or fly posting, remain inconspicuous and anonymous! This is something i'm going to be testing out, the applications are endless -lol it can't be that good though otherwise every celeb in the world would own a UV LED necklace, or maybe no one told them about the future yet?

    I'll get on the case of trying it with as many high end cams as i can, i know someone works in a shop so if maplins have got UV LED's in stock i'll do a test
  15. AB Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    ah yes, the "lets put a bunch of cancer causing high intensity UV radiation sources near our faces and eyes for an extended period of time" plan, yeah, nothing could go wrong there.
  16. Anonproto Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    let's challenge that for a second

    we don't know that lasers will permanently damage a camera, are they more intense than direct sunlight on a CCD?

    the laster products linked can be used for for "eye-safe home experimentation" probably not a good idea to point in your eye, but supposedly <5 mW is eye safe? to what degree?

    obviously causing mischief is of course bad, could quite possibly get you arrested (assault?) since the cops don't know the answers to the above questions
  17. Anonproto Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    UV-A or UV-B? do you know what causes cancer?

    isn't this thread about IR not UV? wrong end of the spectrum my friend
  18. Anon21 Member

  19. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Lazers bad. watch what happens when i put the words laser and arrest ito google. ... st&spell=1

    They may choose to ignore your 5 m safe distance rule by LYING.
  20. wootanon Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    I had a couple of questions about this.

    First, is there anything that emits IR light in such a manner that say, you could point it directly into the lens of a stationary camera from across the street to cause this effect?

    I'm thinking like IR laser pointer (non visible) + tripod vs. Stationary camcorder on tripod.
  21. Arkanthiel Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Woah, I can already see it. Marcab fleet has begun using laser weaponry against Scientology OMFG!

    Anyway, has anyone tested this yet? We won't know unti we try, amirite?
  22. TakeAnonMe Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    I believe the photos in that article are from surveillance cameras designed to work at night, which are therefore sensitive to IR (that's how they work in the dark).
  23. Anonproto Member

  24. Anonproto Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Ok here's some GOOD google-fu ... ssault.asp

    here's one of aiming a laser at moving vehicles:

    here's a general laser safety faq:
    seems 1 mW is potentially dangerous and camerage damge is a possibility! (liability risk)

    Q&A forum -

    looks like possible assault charges if used against OSA,

    trigger happy OSA or off-duty might start shooting
  25. wootanon Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    I'm assuming that applies to visible light, due to the potential threat that it "could" be a gun (thank you popular fiction). I'm pretty sure you would have a case if it were invisible to the eye. I'm not lawyer though.
  26. AB Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    look TWO INCHES above my post.
  27. r3bus Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Ok, some IR LED test results...

    I hooked up 2 ultrabright IR leds in parallel, each has a 45 degree beam spread. With my nikon, there doesn't seem to be much 'flaring' around the source, I may try some kind of diffuser or refractive material on the front of the led.

    That said, it does mess with the autofocus if you get the LED in the center of the reticle, and also depends on the 'apparent' size of the led in the shot. So telephoto lenses zoomed in, and standing close show the largest effect. If I take photos to the side, or of other objects the same distance away, they aren't blurry as all. You can also hear the camera 'fight' to get focus, and the final focus solution it chooses isn't always the best.

    I think this may be exploitable. Next, I will try out diffractive materials to see if I can scatter the led light into beams to try and dazzle the sensor/autofocus more. Then I'm going to read up on autofocus, and see if maybe, some kind of modulation would enhance the effect.
  28. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    So we're going to modulate our lasers to disrupt the scilon counter attack? :text:

    3 internets for you if you include the word "polarity" in your followup! :lol:

    Seriously though, very interesting info.
  29. Re: Camera jamming with IR leds


    Have the LEDs alternate in that pattern.

    * = On
    - = Off
  30. dirk nimrod Member

  31. xenonymous Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    If an infrared light source is strong enough to obscure your face from cameras in broad daylight, it is strong enough to harm your or someone else's eyes. Same with ultraviolet.

    This coming from someone with much experience in IR photography, for what it's worth.
  32. psyborgue Member

  33. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Yeah honestly, if you are gonna go to the trouble to wear an IR device, you can go to the trouble to cover your face
  34. xenonymous Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Laws in some areas may not allow for that...
  35. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Oh right. Get fake beards
  36. xenonymous Member

  37. Hostile Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    so hypothetically, with powerful enough leds, we can make invisible messages to scientology's cameras that they'll only see after the protest? sounds like a perfect way to screw with them!

    eta; and I know a bit about lazers

    first, lazers are basically infra-red to visible light that is focused in a line (this means that it has heat! expensive lazers can burn tape or eyes)

    cancer isn't the problem, that's the uv radiation that is given off by light at frequencies (wavelengths) greater than visible light. this includes sun, tanning beds, xrays, gamma rays (we don't have those)

    so lazers don't cause cancer, but they do contain heat in themselves (uv lights are used to keep food at mcdonald's warm)
    also, lazers can damage the (insert whatever part of the eye it is, I think the cornea, but could the retina or the pupil) part of the eye. don't stare at them, lazer eye surgery is designed to change the shape of your eye so you can focus at a more practical distance.

    but if we stick to leds that focus IR light, we shouldn't damage people. I'm not sure about cameras though...

    but seriously, if we use these to make our eyes glow on camera and freak out david, it'll be awesome!
  38. anon1111 Member

  39. Uncle Anon Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    I very much like the infrared LED idea.

    Here are $18 keychain lights ... hlight.htm

    that could be mounted on sunglasses sidepieces like this ... B000S97ZW4

    There are also cheapo lightsticks, though I don't know how bright they'd be:

    The engadget link eventually leads back here
    where it looks like that's a 16-LED array mounted on a headband and powered by 8 AAs, something like that.

    Another infrared light:

    There's a bunch of options.
  40. Hostile Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    yes, but if cos has filters against this, they'd probably only get a bandanna of light on our heads (halos anyone?)

    if they don't, we could sub out these :guyfawkes: (I still think that the guyfawkes should be kept even if we start using these, they're like a symbol to us.

    what'd be really cool is guy fawkes masks that have glowing eyes...

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