Camera jamming with IR leds

Discussion in 'Projects' started by r3bus, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. xenonymous Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    As previously stated, bright infrared light will damage an eye. If you happen to have IR laser LEDs and fire it straight into the lens of an SLR, you will hurt the person behind the camera.
  2. Hostile Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    ah, it was a cool idea though...
  3. r3bus Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Need to dabble some more, but I think modulating the LEDs by making them blink would jam the autofocus.

    Also, IR LED != IR Laser, if IR Leds could easily make you blind, then we'd all burned retinas from tv remotes, IR security sensors, and the WII Light Bar. I am not talking about using IR Laser diodes or anything of the sort. Just the kind of LEDS you see in a remote.

    The other thing too, is cameras do not focus the LEDs to pinpoint sources, else you wouldn't get a nice photo.

    If a IR LED were to cause damage, it would be by heating, as that is what IR is usually associated with. If the LED isn't hot to your hands it can't be pumping out enough heat at 6 feet away to damage your eyes. You might need to start worrying if you break out a 1,000 LED setup. My parents have a wilfdlife night camera that uses 24 IR Leds for a flash. We've noticed no problems either.

    UV LEDs are a different matter. Off the shelf UV LEDs will damage your eyes. UV will photobleach the cells in your retina.
  4. Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    I was thinking.. you know.. they have some pretty brite and powerful regular white lights.. i wonder if we could cause some problems with their pictures by just having those around and pointing them like those safety spot lights
  5. Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    I've had an alternate idea for quite some time along these lines. I think you won't be able to generate enough IR light to block a regular camera; you can experiment with your own cellphone/webcam/digital camera and an ordinary remote to see how much light is generated. However, I've noticed that our scilon friends often use off the shelf camcorders to record protesters' faces.

    You guys may recall Gizmodo secretly shutting down televisions with the commercial version of this:

    It's simply a kit version of a universal remote, which has been loaded with all of the "Off" codes for every major brand of television. What if someone clever were to find the "off" codes for most major brands of commercial camcorder, and loaded this device with them instead? For example, here are the ones from Sony:

    This would be a fun project, especially if you festooned yourself with hidden IR LEDs and periodically sent an "off" signal when a scilon camera guy gets in your face. Note this would shut down any and all cameras in range.

    I don't have time to implement this, but some enterprising Anons may want to remind the world why we're "hackers on steroids."

    - ExpendableAnon
  6. r3bus Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    That's a truly awesome idea, great lateral thinking.
  7. xenonymous Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    You're right, it is a matter of the relative strengths of the light sources. I use infrared LEDs frequently in photography, and a single LED several feet away from someone isn't going to hurt anything. But that's not what we're talking about here.

    For an effective IR "disguise," (that is, blowing out the facial highlights in a digital image using IR), you need several powerful LEDs aimed directly at your own face and emitting a steady stream of light. Aiming them outward will only be effective as long as the LEDs are aimed directly into the camera; otherwise they just show up as little blips of light in the image. If it's strong enough to blow out highlights on the camera in full daylight, and very close to faces, it's strong enough to cause damage.

    Now, if you're just talking about periodically screwing with autofocus from a distance, yeah I can see your point.
  8. anon1111 Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    I don' think you need to aim anything at your face: the light from an LED travels out in a cone. Even if it the IR doesn't project out at a wide enough angle, you can put a diffuser in front of it. The guy in my previous post had a ring of LEDs pointing out from a headband.
  9. xenonymous Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    I think that guy is also indoors, or at least in a dark area. Look at it this way: the output of the LEDs needs to overpower the ambient reflected-IR that is in broad daylight.

    This is anecdotal, sure, so take it for what it's worth to you. I work with IR LEDs a *lot* in photographer, and if I point it straight into my camera in bright ambient light, it shows up as a small blip. The only time it causes an obfuscating flare is when I'm in relative darkness (not outside at mid-day), close to the camera, and shining the light straight into the lens. I get much better highlight blowouts if I aim the LEDs directly at skin, but that isn't something I would do for a long period of time. If I were to do that outside in sunlight, it would have to be insanely bright to make a difference.
  10. anon1111 Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    I agree, this would only work at night/dusk outside. :(
  11. Macropiper Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    You could theoretically make a torch from IR LEDs. The sort you probably want to use is the sort used in security cameras, and they visibly glow slightly red, it is quite an odd effect.

    The idea of sticking them behind glasses is funny, but is likely to only be effective at night.
  12. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    You guys gotta be careful who you point it at dude. I was probably pegged as a PI at some points so if someone had fucked up my camera, anonymous or not I'd a been pissed.
  13. XenuIsMyBitch Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    As someone who worked in the highend CCD cam business for almost 20 years, I can tell you that lasers may cause localized damaged to the sensor, inducing either a hot or black spot, or worst cases, a trap leading to a hot or black column.
  14. Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Don't know if this has been said yet.. but you can get handheld IR spotlights with something like 300 IR LEDs in them.. They are made to be used at night in conjunction with nightvision goggles & can be found at hunting stores etc.

    Also, having worked at a lasertag arena (where everything has IR LEDs and IR detectors), I can tell you that a few IR LEDS will only cause a glow in a photo or on video footage - will obscure things a little but not much. To "disable" a camera, you would need to focus many IR LEDs into a beam and point it at the lens of the camera. I would do this either by using an IR spotlight or by getting a physics book from the library and re-learning all of the concave lens stuff from high school.

    I have no idea what damage this would do to the film or camera, but I know others have said what they know in this topic
  15. XenuIsMyBitch Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    The idea isn't to damage the equipment but to decrease the possibility of identification by the Scilon (namefagging).
  16. Danilov Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Hmm... I like the idea someone posted earlier about modding the IR from a remote control to send 'off' signals to sci equipment...

    How fuckin' freaked out would they be when they pull out a video cam, you look at them... give your head a little tilt (while flicking the switch) and suddenly their camera turns off.

  17. Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Yeah I know.. I was thinking more along the lines of "thems anon brokes our camera" as a side effect from using an IR spotlight to stop the camera taking pictures. Obviously breaking equipment isn't a good thing and would only create bad PR.
  18. anonymoose Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    My distressingly lo-tech idea, not to jam, but to annoy. Mirrors. Provided you're in shade or it's a cloudy day, hold up a mirror over your face, so the Sci ends up photographing himself taking a photograph of himself.

    Only really works close up or if you know they are taking a close-up shot, because then you only need a small, face-sized mirror.

    Do not attempt in sunny places/on sunny days, the risk of them claiming we blinded them with reflected sunlight is too great.
  19. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Ok, crap, I posted the thing to the wrong thread.

    This is actually not a bad idea. You can build/buy a 30 LED-Array for under 40 bucks. If you build the array, 3 combined on a tripod would blind ANY digital camera (Well, except the ones with the IR filter, ie VERY expensive units) for about 40 bucks. This would blind pretty much any camera that has it in the viewfinder.

    Pack of 5 for a buck:
    5mm IR LED (Pkg of 5)-The Electronic Goldmine

    AA Battery Holder w/switch (Handy people can wire/wrap with Electrical Tape):
    Minute Man Electronics AA Cell Holders

    C'mon, no url, just find some 14-Guage wire... Google...

    Prototyping Board(Handy People can solder to a PCB or wire together with no board, saving space):
    Prototyping Solderless Bread Board Sockets SD12N

    15x of the LED packs
    3x of the Prototyping Board
    Wire, however much you need
    Xx of the AA cell holder. You can be creative.

    Take away the prototyping baord, and it's under $15. Pretty good methinks.

    --- | | |
    - 3V V LED V LED V Array Schematic
    --- - - -
    - | | |

    I think you have to reverse the battery in this, but you get the point.

    Copypasta into notepad or vi to see it better...
  20. Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Agreed, but I believe the ray would need to be focused into the lens to be effective (just as the sun can't kill an ant but if you focus it with magnifying glass it can). Maybe try the above & if it's not as good as you need, buy a big cheap flashlight and convert it to IR.

    (idea 1 sec before posting)
    you might need to do a bit of testing and add a laser pointer to help aim the beam
  21. captainslug Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    This topic is FAIL IMHO.
    IR LEDs do not blind most modern digital cameras. I've used my digital camera specifically to confirm that my IR Tx/Rx devices are working and it doesn't really affect anything except the auto-focus feature that I rarely use.

    If you're wearing a mask of some kind then it doesn't matter how many pictures they take. If you're not wearing a mask they still have not managed to ID ANYONE with just a photo. We NEED them to take pictures of us having infinitely more fun than they will ever have by being Scientologists.

    NEVERMIND that you're not always going to be right about who is a Scilon, Private Eye, Independent Media, Professional Media, or just a freelance photographer.

    Don't be a dick and try to blind people with laser pointers, LEDs, mirrors, badgers, etc. Being paranoid asshats is Scilon territory not ours. If you are being tailed/survielled duck into a Federal property (post office, DMV, etc.) where's it's illegal for them to continue monitoring you or visit the nearest Police station.
  22. GiantMarcab Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Epic WIN! I've met ladyada once, she's real cool :flowers:. I think this fits into her ideas of using technologies defensively. I'll try to get her interested in making this idea real. If worst comes to worst I can always work on building it. I code microcontrollers and build tech as a hobby.
  23. AnonJo Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    Were getting google ads for laser pointers on Enturb now lol
  24. waitwhat Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    I think the best use of this is IRLED arrays that display messages that can only be seen in photos.
    Have a headband or hatband ot t-shirt that says 'cult' or something. Will freak them out a little.
    Also glowing eyes = win.
  25. EastAnon Member

    Re: Camera jamming with IR leds

    What you would need is something like the SFH4550 from Osram. Small beam (6°) with high optical power (Radiant Intensity typically 700mW/sr@100mA) pulsed at 20ms.

    Datasheet is here.

    Digikey has large stock at Digi-Key - 475-1200-ND (Osram Opto Semiconductors Inc - SFH4550).

    These are a beauty for speeding cameras. Getting caught with one of these is not.

    If anything works, it's this. Still plenty of danger though. Damaging someones eyes is no fun.

    Masks are far easier, and plenty fun. Be wise.
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  26. A fedora seared with 24 IR LEDs spanning from then rim and in rows over the top of the hat would cause a white out effect reguardless of distance or lighting. We are talking about interred that is a different light wave length then visible light such as a light bulb or a tradituinal LED. Further more the IR LED like those found in remote controls would not be visible to the naked eye. If set up symetrically around the cap it will give a white out effect to almost any camera (i have yet to find one it wont work on) including night vision cameras your gonna need about 36 volts D/C current. Or 4 9 volt batteries and should run for between 4-8 hours solid(depending on battery brand) the battery pack and wiring as well as the LEDs can be concealed in the fedora and a switch installed in the brim of the cap. So far i have been testing at about 25 feet or about. 8.6 meters

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