Cameras At Protests

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Edan, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Edan Member

    Cameras At Protests

    I was recently watching all the scare videos of the Co$ using horrible tactics to attack people and I was thinking...what about our humble cameras? If we are nor careful and our individual cameras fall into their clutches, we become prime targets for attack. Not only can we risk exposing our identities, we can also risk them creating lies and false cases against us.

    This leads me to these ideas, presented for evaluation.

    Digital Cameras:

    Even if we transfer out all saved pictures and data, and reformat it may be possible to retrieve data from the cameras. This could potentially give them the ability to "collect dirt" on individuals and attack us. The safest thing to do would be to use a new memory card. However, since many of us do not have this much disposable income the next best bet would be to purge it. The easiest step would be to overwrite the data. Reformat and save data over at least 10 times to try to remove all old data and 10 is the number that some virus scans use to obliterate threats. Also, do not bring a camera that has personal photos, housing or anything else stored on it that could even be remotely used to identify you or anything about you.

    Guard the memory cards. Should pictures be taken of violence, other protesters or anything of the like, the memory cards should be kept safe. This can be accomplished by interchanging 2 or more cards, taking out the card after the protest and stashing it on your body. Ideally, in case a scifag gets your camera, he will not have the vital pictures/video stored on the card. Remember, they are tricky bastards, and we need to try to be one step ahead of them, they can and will do anything to destroy us.

    Film Cameras: Take several rolls of film to capture everything, but only use 1 roll at a time. Also, do not leave any roll of film blank, if they get film with even 1 exposure left, you can bet they will take it and create "evidence of crimes" that they will bring against you. Keep unused roll close on your body, out of any area of a potential pickpocket. Front pockets, and other tight close locations are best, do not leave anything lying around as it may compromise your safety. The best thing you could do is to develop your own film, but since not all people have mastered this technique, be careful with film development. You can bet the Co$ may have agents lurking in 1 Hour photo places trying to get any pictures of protesters. Choose obscure places for film development, use connections to find a reliable place. Go out of town if needed, protect yourself and your film. Always assume the worst and expect scifags to be everywhere trying to get "evidence".

    General Ideas:
    -Never EVER take a picture of another Anon with their mask off, it could compromise them as well as yourself.
    -Keep camera close to your body, never in a lose or unprotected location, always assume someone will try to steal it.
    -Do not take pictures of illegal acts, or anything that can even look along the lines of illegal, they can and will twist and turn everything against us.
    -Despite the greatness of lulz, we really need to keep any and all photos professional, legal and appropriate.
  2. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: Cameras At Protests

    If you have a digital camera, SD and other memory cards only cost 20 bucks for 2 gigs of space (you can get 250 megs for arround 5 bucks)
  3. Anon1OfLegion Member

    Re: Cameras At Protests

    Simple solution:
    If you want to wipe the memory on you digital camera
    1) Delete all the photos & vids
    2) Record a video on the camera until it runs out of space.

    Ta Da, you have just written over all of your bytes.
  4. Annon514 Member

    Re: Cameras At Protests is fairly easy to recover data on a HDD or in this case, an SD card.

    So to protect yourself against this, here is a solution:
    1. Download this & install - ... 01332.html (this program will write over your files upto 35x, making it impossible to recover)
    2. Connect your camera or put the SD card into your computer's built in media reader.
    3. Go to My Computer
    4. Your camera or SD card will show up as an external device
    5. Extract your pics.
    6. Open Simple File Shredder
    7. Go to File>Add File
    8. Navigate your way to My Computer
    9. Highlight all the pics that you want to "shred"
    10. Click Shred Now...
    11. When the box opens, open the drop-down menu and select "Gutmann"
    12. Click OK

    Congratulations...your pics are gone forever!
  5. saerat Member

    Re: Cameras At Protests

    buy another card or just look after your fucking camera ¬_¬ tbh
  6. Annon514 Member

    Re: Cameras At Protests

    lmao, what a waste of money...but agreed, just take care of your camera.
    on the 10th, every time I shut mine off I put it in my pocket and zipped my pocket closed. of course this gave me a handicap when I wanted to capture a sudden moment, but at least by time a scion un-zips my jacket, I could catch them and have them arrested for Battery[/url:2n4vpdpw]. 8)
  7. Re: Cameras At Protests

    No offense but tinfoil hattery.

    Just watch your shit, don't be stupid and you'll be alright.
  8. example42 Member

    Re: Cameras At Protests

    I doubt that data on SD cards can be recovered after being overwritten once. Reformatting the card and filling it with nonsense (e.g. recording videos until there's no space left on card) should be sufficient.

    Physical explanation: Given the possibility that after overwriting all data on your 2 GB card you'd still be able to recover the overwritten data would mean that there's a way to actually store 4 GB on card (2 GB of current data + 2 GB of overwritten data). If that really worked then card manufacturers would have implemented something like this themselves to double capacity of their chips and be able to sell them for more. So my conclusion is that overwritten data cannot be recovered because there's just no physical space left for this data to still be stored within.
  9. eee Member

    Re: Cameras At Protests

    It is possible to recover data from SD cards where the data has been overwritten multiple times. However, the procedures are limited to only the largest intelligence agencies (and even then it's still difficult). The only way to make sure something is erased is to melt down the card.

    (Think electron microscope on a hard drive platter)
  10. Legione Member

    Re: Cameras At Protests

    With the proper technology (FBI and NSA type stuff), it is possible to easily read data on a computer that was formatted up to 14 times. After that, data is still readable, but will come with a significant amount of errors. They can, in fact, read shit on SD cards after several overwrites, though i dont know SD cards and recovering on them well enough to know a number, 20 should be safe.

    That being said, just dont lose your fucking camera, youll be fine. I doubt OSA has the ability to read SD cards after even one overwrite, though doing it two or three times isnt difficult to do and takes a minimum of time.

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