Discussion in 'Projects' started by DH1900, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. DH1900 Member


    Hi, I'm sorry to ask this if it's been asked before but I've searched with all the terms I can think of.

    Would wearing camo (Full DPM) be appropriate or would it look too menacing?
  2. thisoldman Member

    Re: Camo?

    Camo can be a bit imposing and it sends the wrong message. We are not there to do battle. We are there to bring our love. Wear what you like, but remember the kind of image you portray when you wear it.
  3. DH1900 Member

    Re: Camo?

    ^Thanks, I'll probably wear something more formal.
  4. Unaware Member

    Re: Camo?

  5. DH1900 Member

    Re: Camo?

    [digs out suit for dry cleaning]
  6. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Camo?

    Wear a black tuxedo with tails, white vest, white tie, white gloves and a black silk top hat - and a Guy Fawkes Mask.

    Better YET - wear a WHITE tuxedo with tails and a giant eye ball helmet like "The Residents"

    You'd be a million times cooler than me, but still - someone's gotta do it!

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