Can anyone confirm what proxy are actually needed?

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by echo-IRAN, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. echo-IRAN Member

    Saw tweets yesterday that SSL protocol are blocked? Is that practical?

    Saw tweets about VPN's available, that means encryption are still working?

    Anyway, me is hopeless for squid - it refused to start. I also have a firewall/router box, very paranoid Comodo soft firewall, Avast with network shield and more, Ad-watch, all active.

    I installed open source psiphon, easy to setup and easy to verify that it's working across the firewall. But it's encrypted, so I don't know if anybody will use it. It's like a cgi proxy with encryption. There's little control on the incoming IP, but I have the firewall that can at least limit the destinations.

    Since they are asking for open proxies, I think getting things out rather than anonymity is priority. So various encrypted proxy services are as good as each other if they are fast enough. Freegate, Ultrasurf, GPass(skype), JonDo, Tor compliments each other. TOR is usually slow but today decent, while youtube users overwhelmed ultrasurf. But VPN is best and I think many providers have bandwidth to donate.

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