Can I spay my neighbors cat?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anyjane, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. anyjane Member

    Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    First off, I love kittens.

    Second, I do TNR for for the strays in my area to help keep the population down and keep the city from doing feral sweeps/kills.

    However- one of my neighbors has an unspayed female who just had another litter and is bringing the litter to my yard. Which means-

    I buy more KMR.

    I buy terramycin ointment to fix the goopy eyes.

    I take them to the vet. And buy antibiotics as needed .

    I adopt as many as I can out.

    And I have to deal with it if a sick one or runt failing to thrive has to be put to sleep.

    The owner of the cat will not take any responsibility for it except for feeding (which I end up doing also).

    Now if I trap the unspayed cat and have her spayed is there any legal problems with that? Yes, I am using the internat as my lawyer.

  2. SP_thats_me Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    I'm going to guess no.
  3. the anti Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    talk to a vet about that
  4. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    I would second this option. The vet is much more knowledgeable than you are. Also find local gov't officials whose jurisdiction this might fall under.

    Is spaying mandatory where you live? Because it is entirely possible that you can present this to your neighbor as a, "I am saving you some legal trouble" kind of option, which may make it easy to get permission and save everyone headaches. Also a, "I am willing to pay for this" kind of thing would help.

    Would your neighbor even be able to figure out if you spayed the cat?
  5. drebin9001 Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    have you asked your neighbor if you can take their cat to get spayed?
  6. anyjane Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    drebin, she won't answer the door if it's us (elderly and I think she's pretty sure what we're knocking on the door for). But she will call the momcat in, that's how I found out her (the cats) name.


    I will ask a vet about this. Just had a thought.

    It's one of several litters so far- some of my other neighbors have had to deal with this too. Since several of us feed her/and her assorted litters I wonder if we have a claim on her by proxy (where she chooses to eat, sleep and take the kittens). I'll check with the city/county also.

    We don't have a mandatory spay/neuter but there is a limit on how many cats you are allowed to caretake for at a time. The person who has the momcat is at one, but with her bringing kittens elsewhere that puts me over the limit right now. I may be able to use that.

    If I did spay her, the owner could probably tell by the stitches/belly dye marks/tatoo but it could be any of us.

    I think I will take care of this litter and try to place them, ask around for help, then do it.

    Thanks to everyone with ideas.
  7. highoverlord Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    dont mess with others pet. call animal control they will pick them up and put them up for adoption or kill them
  8. anyjane Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    AC uses a private service and charges for the caller here (my city/county is pretty poor) and chances are high they'd kill the momcat (which I don't want, not her fault).

    I think I might have to do a stealth spay. And I can probably get her vaccinated too (she has URI's).
  9. highoverlord Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    either have them put down, adopot the cats ur self, or let them fend for them selfs in the wild........
  10. anyjane Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    If they are in the yard I gotta take care of them (kinda like op:bum, which I'm still in when I get a new printer since mine an hero'd).
  11. Prozac4Tom Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    Before doing a stealth spay, perhaps you should try mailing your neighbor a letter. If you are willing to pay for it (even ask other neighbors to pitch in) then I can't see where the woman would have an objection. Briefly explain to her that it puts too much of a burden on the neighbors to care for the litters, find them homes, etc.

    If it was me, I think I would tell her that either the cat gets spayed or you will seek legal action for the expenses of the litters. It's quite possible that she just cannot afford to take care of it herself.
  12. anyjane Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?


    Good idea. And cc the the neighborhood association. They already know me and were trying to allocate funds for an official spay/neuter program but it didn't pass.
  13. spiral Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    it does depend on your local laws, but here at least if you're feeding/housing an animal for at least 3 days, you are responsible for it (not nessesarily owning it tho, that depends on local bylaws), so were you living in the UK you'd have every legal right to spay the animal.

    personally i'd probably do it anyway. you can always claim it was yet another stray you took in, which holds a reasonable weight since you do this kind of thing with strays anyway.
  14. Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    IANL and all that good stuff, but I think that ^^^ is a good idea. If you're TNR'ing anyway, you don't know who's wandered into your traps, right? Just feign ignorance about the cat belonging to someone.

    2ndly, I'd imagine that dumping kittens in your yard is illegal. If someone dumped a sofa in your yard, wouldn't you call the cops? They're not yours, and although I think it's despicable, animals are considered property. Dumping something in someone else's yard is illegal.
  15. anyjane Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    Well things mighta changed kinda today.

    My other neighbor is sure the original "owner" from the opposite street has moved away and left the neighborhood (I haven't checked in the last coupla months so don't know).

    Which makes the momcat ours (community cat) because we are feeding/sheltering. And we are in agreement on spay after weaning.

    3 kittens, one had to be pulled from a shared fence (was stuck, but fine). About 4-6 weeks old?

    Totally adorable.

    90405, the momcat is the one bringing them over (not a person).
  16. xenubarb Member

    Re: Can I spay my neighbors cat?

    I bet your 'hood is really light on songbirds, lizards and other native species.

    Me, I trap the damn cats and dump 'em at the pound. It's either that, or a trip to the Chinese restaurant down the street...
  17. My neighbors do not speak English so I can't communicate with them. Their cat has had many litters and is neglected.She comes to our house and we put food out for her. I want to take her to the spay/neuter clinic or animal village and get the poor thing fixed. I don't think the neighbors would care. What to do??? Suggestions.
  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Maybe the neighbors don’t know what “spay” means. Maybe they think you are telling them that you sprayed the cat

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