Can you find a recent picture of this guy

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Jack Mclellen
    This is 2007
    Time for a trip to Bellingham-saturation posting at playgrounds
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    How about a general area? Bellingham?
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    He lives with his folks. Any better info plz pm me
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    Oh the lulz of vigilante justice:

    People live up to the moral code of their social group. That includes the police. If you want your police to respect rules like due process, not planting evidence to make a bust, dox or gtfo, etc., your community better respect those rules as well.

    Some of us remember the pedophile hysteria of the late 1980s. It got really out of control in certain areas of the country, like a mass delusion. That's about the same time that people started having delusions of aliens doing things to their bodies while they were sleeping. You just can't underestimate the crazy when you jack public anxiety up to 11.
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    Effective action-
    Is your argument that no one should do anything except file a police report? These examples are legal.
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