Canadian scientologist and medicine charlatan Marie-Lise Tardif

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by peterstorm, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. peterstorm Member

    Marie-Lise Tardif is a Montreal scientologist and naturopath who will look at your blood to find illnesses.


    That message was from 2015.

    She was convicted for illegal practice of medicine in 2013:


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  2. If she can also detect alien imposters, I'm sold.


    lol, 'tard
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  3. Quentinanon Member

    During my decades long tenure in the scientology cult, I consistently observed scientologists gravitating to quack doctors, believing whatever nonsense they were told by the quacks.

    "Ms TARDif concluded that the red blood cell walls were too thin and that they let light through. She told her client that she observed black filaments in her plasma as well as uric acid crystals and yeast. Ms Tardif told the client/investigator not to worry because she was able to help."

    The "black filaments" were likely dust contamination on the microscope slide.
    All living cells transmit light to some extent.
    No means exists to identify uric acid crystals without a chemical analysis, and crystals can only precipitate out of the blood in the joints and out of urine in the kidneys.
    Yeast in the blood indicates invasive candidiasis and requires a clinical blood test to verify.
    Casually looking at a few drops of blood on a slide under a microscope means nothing.

    Marie-Lise ScientoloTARD
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    Hulda "The Zapper" Clark claimed she could cure cancer with her magic electric box.

    Died of cancer.
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  5. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Wasn't a bunch of scilons doing the 'majik water' thing a while back? So much bullshit out there lately it boggles a mind, and people are born suckers for 'betterment', gullible, which is how CoS and it's beloved flounder managed to rope so many in.

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  6. peterstorm Member

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  7. peterstorm Member

    Yes. I should have written:" ...for human consumption".
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