Canadian teen commits suicide after alleged rape, bullying

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by System, Apr 10, 2013.

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    A bit of a derail, but this tweet from yesterday made me lol

    Anonymous@YourAnonNews 12 Apr
    #Anonymous is being repeatedly threatened with criminal charges by Canadian authorities. Alleged rapists... not so much.
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    cpl scott macrae of teh yellow striped cowards is an idiot,, he wouldnt answer any of rcik howes quetions,, an was very vauge,, if u dont have nay answers stay off teh radio til u do,, an those polictial asses goin to ms parsons funeral,, notttt,,lookin to get reelected darryl,,u wont,,politicins had no need to be tehre ,, it was a photo op for them,, ri p rehtaeh
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    A peaceful demonstration will be held in front of police headquarters to demand justice for the Parsons' family following the death of their 17-year-old daughter Rehtaeh. Protesters are gathering with two demands:

    1) The Royal Canadian Mounted Police will continue their investigation into the rape of Rehtaeh Parsons.

    2) Justice Minister Ross Landry will open a thorough and transparent investigation into why Rehtaeh's case was summarily dismissed by the RCMP.

    Anonymous is continuing to gather information about the circumstances surrounding Rehtaeh's death. We are determined to find justice for Rehtaeh.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.
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    LOL! (Except it's fucking SAD.) Keep up the good work, Anon.
  7. The RCMP know the names of the perpetrators now, thanks to the actions of concerned world citizens, Anonymous. The failure of the police to address for 8 months the allegations made by Retaeh Parsons is the issue here. There was no investigation, there were no interviews, there was no interest in this until a girl was dead and a so called "shadowy group of hacktivists" shamed the RCMP and the justice minister into action. Where the investigation sits now is not the issue here today. The issue is: A rape occurred, and photographic evidence of the rape was passed around the hallways of a high school, and rapists boasted about the details of their crime in public to many many people. The issue is: The police, by deciding this somehow did not amount to 'evidence' failed in their duties to conduct a proper, thorough and timely investigation. The issue today is to demand an independent inquiry into their inaction - their inattention, their disinterest. As Rehtaeh Parsons' father said, Rehtaeh was not bullied to death, she was disappointed to death. Disappointed by the failure of the systems that were supposed to protect her, that were supposed to help her. The goal of this demonstration is to ensure NO other victim of rapes and crimes of cyberviolence in NS suffer the same indignity, insult and injury.
    "Cyberviolence" - a term we will use to replace 'cyberbulllying'. These actions that result in death are violence.
    We demand in independent inquiry into the RCMP investigation of Rehtaeh Parsons.
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    It's crazy because some of them name names- in support of the alleged. Public doxing and it appears that (and I may be wrong) that some of those allegedly involved are posting.
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    • photo.jpg.png
      Face book group Speak the Truth, Pics of messages, you state under the screen name Big-d Neish....
      Damn need to let us post web addresses...
      · in reply to Carrols Kerri (Show the comment)
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      Carrols Kerri 4 hours ago
      Hey ass hat, that’s why they said it was alleged, because there was an allegation and not factually proven, so your rant is moot.
      Secondly, under .facebook .com/bigd.neish, you stated on facebook .com/groups/444 774028941541/ on this photo,/ that you were one of the boys.
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    Oh dear anonymous hacking facebook accounts only means....dox.
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    mrandrewv 17 hours ago
    You don't need to watch the clip, let me summarise:
    "Oh shit! The Internet is here! Everyone look busy!"
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    Ohhhhhh they hates anonymous. They also still seem to have no issues denigrating the victim.
    Very sick.
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    What I find fascinating is that they are all still talking and posturing. A bunch of smack.
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    Let's hope that the innocent go free and the guilty pay.
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    Nice pic, "Big-D." Your momma must be so proud.
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    Anons are gaining quite a positive reputation by defending minor victims of rape... Think I will have some protective talismans made for my pre-teen granddaughter. I'm thinking Guy Fawkes ring, necklace and earrings... Hey, kids will be kids and she'll no doubt experiment with alcohol at some point. Rather than just HOPE she does it in a fairly protective environment, the sight of old "Guy" on her person might disparage some young creep from taking advantage of her, even if she is passed out.... Going out to party? Don't forget to take "Guy" along with ya! ... :->

    Good reading here:
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    A good point that ^^
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    1. View attachment 258844_104131489680984_104118713015595_32268_72128 Anonymous@YourAnonNews 8h
      #OpJustice4Rehtaeh A lot people saying boy's side not being heard. Come forward and tell your side of
    2. the story.
      Retweeted 87 times

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    "Anonymous received dozens of emails by both adults and children who knew the rapists, and the biggest and most offensive thread that stood out from those emails was the lack of fear these scum showed about admitting to their crime or spreading the evidence of it. "

    I know now why the scum weren't afraid. Apparently the RCMP's over there are not concerned with this kind of thing. They seem so blase about it all.
    A "Kids will be kids" kinda attitude. Know what I mean here?
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    Well, if the kids are doxing themselves, anonymous is hardly to blame. The names becoming public is what OpJustice4Rehtaeh warned against what would happen on it's own if the Mounties did nothing.
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    It's a bit like having too many rats in a cage. Sooner or later they will turn ion each other.
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    Here you go: (from:

    Thank you Anonymous

    By Glen Canning on April 15, 2013 Internet, Random Posts 0 comments

    AnonymousI want to say thank you to Anonymous for getting involved in my daughters case. Thank you for being the driving force behind the *new information that came forward and thank you for your continued support for bringing the four men who raped and ultimately murdered my daughter to justice.

    I won’t forget this.

    *New as in it’s been available to the RCMP since this happened if they only gave a damn and made an effort to get it.

    AnonNews – Everything Anonymous

    Justice for Rehtaeh: Demand an independent inquiry into the police investigation.
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