Cardboard flagpoles?

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by anon1917, May 12, 2008.

  1. anon1917 Member

    Cardboard flagpoles?

    NYC anon needs help...

    The protest laws in this city are categorically insane- all pretty much instituted by Michael Bloomberg to thwart antiwar demonstrators and protestors at the '04 GOP convention. To list them all here would be TL;DR, to the core- so let me cut to the chase...

    In NYC, we can't carry signs on sticks- even if said sticks are a quarter-inch in diameter, and made of balsawood. Such sticks are considered "weapons."

    Needless to say, this reduces visibility, and all but eliminates the use of flags at NYC Anon demos.

    I've done google searches, and have met with no success in finding a source of affordable cardboard tubes in the size range needed (1-1.5 inch diameter, 4-6 foot length.)

    Does anyone have an idea of where to find such tubes?
  2. hkftw Member

  3. anonito Member

    Re: Cardboard flagpoles?

    some art stores should carry them also
    not the big name ones (ie: Michaels) but the ones art/architecture students frequent or the bookstores in your local uni or city college, again should be around the art area.
  4. anon1917 Member

    Re: Cardboard flagpoles?

    Hmn I did check them out, and their narrowest tube is 2 inches, with a minimum order of 50- but that's better than nothing.

  5. Legione Member

    Re: Cardboard flagpoles?

    Perhaps handles instead of poles?

    My mom has made about five flags, and in each corner is a handle. Two people can hold it with the handles, and know it wont blow out of their hands or anything.
  6. unidentified Member

    Re: Cardboard flagpoles?

    Maybe consider making a flag kite. Kites are awesome - why not use that fact to your advantage?
  7. Re: Cardboard flagpoles?

    We don't want fried Anons, though. Kites are best kept to open areas with no electrical hazards around.

    But using a large kite to advertise in a park isn't a bad idea. I know the main kite flying place in my city gets tons of foot traffic. Might actually break out my old kite and do that.
  8. Re: Cardboard flagpoles?

    How's about PVC pipes? They're extendable too. In fact, my sign is made from two pieces of 1" PVC pipe with a center connection.

    DCSF's anonbf with said signs.
  9. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Cardboard flagpoles?

    Helium balloons with lightweight signs??
  10. tazor Member

    Re: Cardboard flagpoles?

    What Michael said. You could even write stuff on the baloons like CULT etc.
  11. I checked with ugliness and they carry 1.5" tubes as well. Again, must order in lots of 50.
  12. "Uline" not "uglinest". Darn autocorrect.

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