Carol Nyburg Exits Scientology Inc and Sea Org after 26 years

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Mar 19, 2013.

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    < cough >
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    It's amazing that she doesn't seem to see herself as part of the scam. She enjoyed her career as a hotel booking agent for Flag. That's fine for her, but she was also a cog in the wheel of the whole con. Now the con has come back to bite her in the form of disconnection.
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  3. jensting Member

    It must be super tough to have to come to terms with having been abused and with having been part of the abusive system. I wouldn't wish that on anyone (well, OK, maybe on Mike Rinder :D - just kidding ).
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  4. I hope she writes a book, it would be therapeutic for her.
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    reading the long version, some tasty titbits and insights into how they mindfucked themselves about daily life I couldn't grasp before - well worth a read,

    and this jumps out
    oh yeah? Didn't Lwrong institute the policy of disconnection? Sp's? rpf? bilges? regging and making money for lrh/dear leader? wasn't hubbtard's catchphrase " moar money you useless cunts"? wan't the only reason he advocated sleep and stuff purely to keep the useless cunts able to bring in moar money, moar suckers and smart enough to help him evade the authorities? (which made him savvier than slappy in that regard)

    the stupid it burns

    So no awareness of the parts you played tricking others or regrets then? Just sadness that you are no longer top of the tree you lived and were happy in, all those extras you managed to acquire that others couldn't made you so special - you didn't care about others then and you still don't. You still revel in how much smarter and sneakier you were at getting what you wanted and fuck everyone else. Even any concern about your family is purely about getting what you want - from those in, those out and the wogs.

    Yet you still want to save and rule the world! The LRH way of course -so long as you aren't bottom of the heap and can be superior to some.

    I actually want to spit on you and your hypocrisy.
    not that I would if given the chance, but I would want to
    Your sob story raises not one iota of pity, compassion or admiration for your bravado in escaping and speaking out in me

    Maybe the other kool aid drinking ex's drained my compassion before I read your story, which is why you disgust me so much?
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  8. anonysamvines Member

    yeah still feel the same only more so.
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  9. Sam, GTFO. back to FB, shit-stirrer
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  10. Yeah.....Good Times in Scientology: More Good Times here............

    Good ole days with OT's Rex Fowler and his charming wife @ WISE company Fowler Software ' handling' the one and only non-scientologist employee Tom Cianco after making required payoff to the 'Church', imean 'donation'. Tom had the audacity to question this absurd misuse of company funds and paid with his life for requesting his severance pay.

    Rex Fowler needed an honest non-scientologist employee like he needed a hole in the head........or 2.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    She's one of those who doesn't score high on critical thinking. Nice lady. Stupid lady. Will never figure it out. I'm sure she has no peripheral vision whatsoever.
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  12. anonysamvines Member

    if you can find me on fb be sure to say hi
    it won't be me but you may make new friends

    ps is shitstirrer meant to be an insult or a term of endearment? either way it turns me on:D
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    I think it all depends on how big the stick that you are stirring with is. Are you trolling or are you just happy to see me?

  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Carol Nyburg escapes Scientology for good - Part 1

    Published by SurvivingScientology on May 31, 2013

    Scientology whistleblower Carol Nyburg tells interviewer Karen de la Carriere how she "blew," or fled, Scientology for the last time. She was forced to escape from their Clearwater, Florida Mecca because she could not see her family and was being abused.

    Carol says Sea Org members believe David Miscavige couldn't possibly *Know* about the sleep deprivation and other abuses!
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  16. anonsoldier Member

    Here's the thing about leaders. If this level of abuse is happening and Supreme Overlord Miscavige doesn't know about it then he's a bad leader, especially given the level of reporting that goes on in Scientology. If this level of abuse is happening and Herr Dwarfenfuhrer DOES know about it then he's a worse leader because he allows it to happen or is the one instituting it. Either way, the Sea Org needs to grow a pair and overthrow the little man. You'd think a fake naval organization would know more about mutinies or "unfit for command".

    This is just further evidence of how thoroughly brainwashed and enslaved these people are.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Carol Nyburg escapes Scientology for good - Part 2

    Published on May 31, 2013

    Part two of Carol Nyburg's interview with Scientology whistle-blower Karen de la Carriere. Carol tells of her struggle to get away from Scientology a second time. They wanted her back badly because she earned so much money for them at their spiritual Mecca, Clearwater Florida. Eventually she wondered if she could even escape the room they had her in!
  18. FIFY
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Carol Nyburg escapes Scientology for good - Part 2

    Published by SurvivingScientology on May 31, 2013

    Part two of Carol Nyburg's interview with Scientology whistle-blower Karen de la Carriere. Carol tells of her struggle to get away from Scientology a second time. They wanted her back badly because she earned so much money for them at their spiritual Mecca, Clearwater Florida. Eventually she wondered if she could even escape the room they had her in!
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Carol Nyburg is back, and she has a Scientology story that will rough you up

    By Tony Ortega, August 2, 2017


    In 2013 we wrote about Carol Nyburg, a familiar face for many former Church of Scientology members who recall seeing her at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida. Wealthy Scientologists from around the world spend vast amounts of money to visit Flag, Scientology’s “spiritual” headquarters, and Carol was the person who helped you set up your accommodations and welcomed you when you arrived.

    But after 26 years in the Sea Org, Carol decided that she’d had enough with the harsh SO life under church leader David Miscavige, and made her exit. She wrote up her experiences for Steve Hall’s website, and we were particularly struck by one passage:

    Another really scary thing happened during this time, it was called “Boot Camp.” This was some kind of nutty ethics program that didn’t start till after you had worked all day. So at 11 pm a group of us, all registrars like myself from all over the base, not just accommodations counselors but IAS, Freewinds, Planetary Dissemination registrars, too. There were about 15 to 20 of us. First we would do exercises. I was just turning 60 at this time. This was not an easy ordeal for me. Then we would do close order drilling. If you goofed up, you had to drop and do pushups or some such thing. Then we were taken to a renovation project that was going on at the Base somewhere and made to do some horrible job till about 2 am. We were then taken to our berthings to sleep and we had to be back in at 8:30 am for more ethics handlings and special reading assignments, then on to post, then boot camp again at 11 pm. This was my most fearful time in my entire career. The reason was because it did not follow anything I had ever read about Scientology ethics and I had no idea how it would end or what to do to ensure it would end. It finally did end. At the end I had to write up how “beneficial” it was for me and how much “better” I was doing then. Of course I just did it because I would have done anything to make sure this abuse stopped.

    The idea of Sea Org workers at Flag doing calisthenics at midnight reminded us that signing a billion-year contract is maybe not the best idea in the world.

    Anyway, we heard from Carol again recently, and she wanted to bring us up to date on some of the things that have been happening for her since she left the church.

    Last year, for example, she too participated in a television series that Derek Bloch and Phil Jones wrote about this week. It’s a series that involved a lot of people familiar to Underground Bunker readers, but so far it hasn’t received an airdate. (Full disclosure: We worked as a consultant on the series for about a month, helping Sirens Media complete its episode lineup.)

    Carol tells us that she was asked to participate because, like the others, she’s been a victim of Scientology’s toxic policy of “disconnection.” When she decided to leave her job at Flag, her daughter Nancy followed orders and cut Carol entirely out of her life, which included keeping Carol away from Nancy’s three children. (Carol tells us that Nancy had grown up in Scientology’s “Cadet Org” and was a Sea Org worker herself from 1997 to 2004, but today Nancy is a “public,” and doesn’t work for the church.)

    For the TV series, Carol says she was flown to Clearwater in March 2016, hoping for a chance to see her daughter. The production team had found out where Nancy was living, and they also managed to get a recent photo of her. Here’s what Carol tells us about it:

    Continued at
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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here’s an example of how Scientology’s ‘disconnection’ is designed to eat away at you

    By Tony Ortega, November 7, 2018


    We’ve written several times about Carol Nyburg. Many ex-Scientologists remember her as the friendly accommodations registrar at the Flag Land Base — it was Carol’s job to get you placed in the right rooms when you came for an extended stay at Scientology’s spiritual mecca.

    Like so many others, however, she was subjected to abuse as a Sea Org member and became disillusioned with leader David Miscavige. After 26 years in the Sea Org, Carol left, and was then declared a “suppressive person” — an enemy of the church.

    One of the most difficult things about being declared for Carol was that her two children reacted to it in starkly different ways. Her son, Jeff, had also left the Sea Org and Scientology, but when his father asked him to cut off contact with Carol or risk being declared himself, he refused and stayed in touch with her.

    Carol’s daughter Nancy, however, cut Carol entirely out of her life, as she was instructed to do. Nancy had grown up in Scientology’s “Cadet Org” and was a Sea Org worker herself from 1997 to 2004. She was a Scientology “public” when her mother was declared, someone who doesn’t work for the church.

    And Carol lost more than her daughter. Nancy was the mother of three children, and when Nancy disconnected from her, Carol lost contact with her three grandchildren.

    In 2016, Carol was one of several former Scientologists who participated in a television series about disconnection that has never aired. As part of her episode, Carol went to Clearwater hoping to set up a surprise visit with Nancy. But as they prepared to film an encounter, Carol was shown a photograph of Nancy — who was about eight months pregnant, something Carol was completely unaware of.

    “She looked ready to deliver any minute. This was so startling to me that I just lost it completely. Then I got worried about seeing her at all and that it might be harmful to her – a shock for her as it was for me,” Carol told us.

    She never got the chance to see Nancy — she and the film crew found out later that Scientology had learned Carol was in Clearwater, and ordered Nancy quickly out of town.

    Since then, Carol has heard nothing from Nancy, or her grandchildren, or even if the new child was a boy or a girl.

    Then, she was totally shocked when she and her sister received emails asking them for a donation to a fundraiser that Carol’s granddaughters were taking part in.

    Continued at
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