Cary Goulston ,Hairdresser turned financier

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Triumph, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Hairdresser turned financier .. gaggle of Clams running new moniez scam look to be targeting the Dutch
    Gracie Hunter and Jade Barendsen & Jacqueline Verweij are from the Netherlands and currently Clamwater residents

    Global Projects Funding LLC
    whois registered on Go Daddy belongs to Jacqueline Verweij
    aka Jacqueline Kevenaar
    (Jacqueline is also a former Sea Org Member. She used to be WDC OSA and OSA Pgms Ops CMO Int among various other posts in OSA (and was married to infamous, and now deceased, OSA Int Intel guy Frits Kevenaar). Prior to this she was in RTC as one of the original “squirrel busters.” She went on a series of “squirrel busting” missions to get “squirrels” prosecuted, mostly in Europe.)


    Grace Hunter, CEO
    Cary Goulston, COO
    Jade Barendsen, Managing Director
    Grace Hunter
    Van and Grace cornerstones Hunter

    Jade Barendsen Mace Kingsley 1989 alum
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    a little tidbit from the website

    (We are not just any lender. We provide tailor-made loans for investment, development, construction or expansion projects to qualified businesses and governments in the US and around the world.
    Our procedures are fast and simple, our qualification process is very straightforward and our associate lenders are affordable. If you are looking for funds to support your project and achieve your goals, give us a call!)
    Global Projects funding web page clamtard link

    create bogus WEB PAGE : check
    have no background in Finance or Banking:check
    have a clammy desire to scam like RON :check
    Cary Goulston and three bored housewives :check

    (727) 488-7988 phone number used on the Global Funding Projects we site is the Salon Bravo phone number

    a shave and a haircut and an international lending institution
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    Company filed on October 19, 2017 . The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is L17000219413.

    The company's principal address is 423 Cleveland St, Clearwater, FL 33755 and its mailing address is 1476 Highland Cir, Clearwater, FL 33755.

    The company has 3 principals on record. The principals are Cary Goulston from Clearwater FL, Hill-Goulston Nga T from Clearwater FL, and Grace Hunter from Clearwater FL.

    it appears to be run out of Cary Goulstons Salon Bravo, the hair cutting bidness must be slow..
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    Jacqueline Kevenaar aka Jacqueline Verweij is a web designer
    clammy link
    Jacqueline Kevenaar service completions
    Village Voice
    Jacqueline Kevenaar aka Jacqueline Verweij
    (Jacqueline Kevenaar CMO Int/WDC — “Freedom Mag editor. We were on the RPF together in the mid 80s. She fell off a very tall scaffold and shattered her pelvis. She was out of commission for quite some time after that. She did a project to put all of LRH’s advices concerning the GO into OSA orders, which was completed.”)
    clammy link
    pimping art by LD Sledge L150000914743&aggregateId=flal-l15000091474-e0104f63-da18-4e4b-8224-2680f7488927&searchTerm=Verwaltungsanstalt Dorbat&listNameOrder=VERWALTUNGSANSTALTDORBAT F070000056523

    Jacqueline and Grace are tied to LD Sledge

    Grace is involved in Clamwaters slumping Real Estate bidness.
    has an ebook on Amazon with Jacqueline Verweij Hunter

    Grace Hunter-Sledge Real Estate

    the PO box belongs to Grace Hunter
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