Casey Kasem Family Feud - Scientology Related?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by ChurchOfCylontology, Jun 2, 2014.

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  2. Jason Patric supports Kerri Kasem now? Isn't that just fitting. An abuser and one that supports abuse. There are reasons why Jason was cut out of his son's life.
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    Law And Order: SVU' Season 16 Episode 16 SPOILERS: 'December Solstice' Plot Similar To Casey Kasem Family Drama

    The next episode of "Law and Order: SVU" will be a "Ripped From the Headlines" story, similar to the late Casey Kasem's family drama. In "December Solstice," Marcia Cross guest stars as the sixth wife of a fictitious elderly celebrity author named Walter Briggs, played by Robert Vaughn. The author's adult daughters accuse Cross' character of abusing their father.

    In the promo, Walter's daughters tell him, "Dad, she won't let us see you." They are later seen telling the SVU team that his wife "pumps him full of pills." Is she secretly trying to kill him?

    Continued here:
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    Here's an interesting press release. Quote:

    Inspired by Kerri Kasem, Mike Gatto Continues Quest to Give Rights to Calif. Children Denied Access to Ailing Parents

    Today, Calif. Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Glendale) introduced new legislation that would provide reasonable accommodations for adult children who want to visit their parents, and provide children the right to know when an ailing parent’s health becomes worse or if the parent dies. The proposed legislation, AB 1085, will provide legal recourse when children from previous marriages are being denied access to a parent by their parent’s current spouse or by another family member.

    With divorce and remarriage common, there is a possibility of conflict between a subsequent spouse and a child from an ailing parent’s previous marriage. Current law provides no mechanism for children or relatives to petition a court for visitation when they are denied access to the elder in question by a current spouse. Nor is there an obligation for such caretakers to inform family members when an elder dies or enters acute-medical care.

    Gatto’s legislation would help resolve these situations by requiring children and siblings to be informed when a loved one enters into acute-medical care for more than three days, or passes away. It would also provide judges the authority to issue an order enforcing an elder’s right to visitation. Finally, AB 1085 authorizes an agent operating under a medical power of attorney to file a petition to enforce the principal’s rights to visitation. The legislation represents the culmination of over a year’s worth of work on this issue by Assemblyman Gatto.

    “Conflict among family members is the last thing our loved ones want to see as they approach their final hours,” said Gatto. “I hope this bill will help decrease the heartache and stress of families already facing difficult circumstances.”

    Assemblyman Gatto has been working to develop the legislation with several children who have been denied access to their ailing parents, including Kerri Kasem, radio and television personality, and current co-host of the show “Protecting Your Family” on KABC Talk Radio. Kerri is an outspoken advocate of visitation rights for adult children as a result of her struggle to see her beloved father, broadcasting legend Casey Kasem, who struggled with poor health before his passing last year.

    After sharing her struggle to see her father on various media outlets, Kerri and Assemblyman Gatto received thousands of communications from across the country of similar stories of heartache. One notable example came from Catherine Falk, the daughter of actor Peter Falk, who maintained a loving relationship with her father for more than thirty years. In 2008, Mr. Falk became completely incapacitated as a result of advanced dementia. Mrs. Falk, however, failed to inform Catherine, or his other children of his declining condition and refused to allow his children to visit their ailing father.

    “The law must do more to keep up with the changing norms of modern families,” said Gatto. “AB 1085 brings the law into the 21st century and allows family members to focus on caring for their loved ones.”

    Mike Gatto is the Chairman of the Consumer Protection and Privacy Committee, and the longest-serving current member of the State Assembly. He represents California’s 43rd Assembly District, which includes Burbank, Glendale, La Cañada Flintridge, La Crescenta, Montrose, and the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Atwater Village, East Hollywood, Franklin Hills, Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz, and Silver Lake.
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  5. Whenever I read the name Mike Gatto, I think of the mock food drive the John & Ken a.m. radio show (from KFI) held when Gatto whined about not getting his paycheck after a legally mandated state shutdown.

    Funny how Kerri Kasem was whoring herself out to KFI in 2014, trying to break into the LA Radio market.
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    Bumping spam off of front page.
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    Without that, it's going to be much harder for Kerri Kasem and siblings to contest Casey's will and try to grab the estate.
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    Missed this one, from a few weeks ago.

    Casey Kasem Wanted To Divorce His 'Sick, Twisted' Wife! | The National Enquirer

    Casey Kasem confided that he desperately wanted to leave his wife, Jean, who bullied him into giving her control of his $80 million estate!

    That’s the bombshell claim of the late DJ’s daughter Kerri, who told The National Enquirer: “Jean tortured my father in his final days. Towards the end, he talked about divorcing her, but he was too sick to go through with it.

    “I also have information that my father’s old housekeeper witnessed Jean screaming at him to sign the legal documents giving her control over his estate!”

    The L.A. district attorney’s office declined to charge Jean with elder abuse, despite the request of Casey’s children.

    Now they plan to ask officials in Washington state, where their father died, to prosecute Jean.

    Private eye Logan Clarke, working on behalf of Kerri, told The Enquirer: “Jean Kasem is a sick, twisted, narcissistic woman.”

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    The next installment in this soap opera should be due soon. It looks like Kerri/Logan are on a two-week cycle these days.
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    Casey Kasem controversy leads to new rights for children of ill parents | Los Angeles Times

    Adult children barred from visiting an ailing parent will now have a way to seek legal recourse under a bill signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday.

    The measure, by Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Glendale), was introduced after the three adult children of Casey Kasem, the well-known Los Angeles-based disc jockey and radio personality, said they were blocked from seeing their father by his wife of more than 30 years. Kasem was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and a form of dementia, and died in 2014.

    In the past, judges did not have explicit authority to enforce the visitation rights of an ailing adult. The law provided spouses all rights relating to the care of a loved one.

    Under the new law, a judge can issue an order that specifically grants a conservator — someone who acts on behalf of an ailing adult — the power to enforce the adult's rights to receive visitors, phone calls and personal mail.

    The bill, AB 1085, also requires caretakers to notify certain individuals of the ailing adult’s death.

    “Conflict among family members is the last thing our loved ones want to see as they approach their final hours,” Gatto said in a statement. “I hope this bill will help decrease the heartache and stress of families already facing difficult circumstances.”
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    Except that Casey had also signed a document giving Jean Kasem explicit authority to limit visitation rights, and the kids from the previous marriage had no luck challenging that in court.

    So I wonder what this is really all about.
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  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    It's about hatred.
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    Here's an article from two months ago that I missed.

    Daughter of Casey Kasem breaks her silence about dad's death | KOMO ABC Seattle

    The daughter of the legendary Casey Kasem, host of "American Top 40" radio and TV show, is breaking her silence about the death of her famous father following a very public national drama played out near Seattle last year.

    In her first full interview about it, Kerri Kasem explained how her famous father was kept from his family by his second wife, and the legal battle to get him back - even though it was too late to save his life.

    "The doctor said, quote, 'what was done to this man was inhumane'," she said.

    She warns it is the same nightmare that thousands of families face every year. And, she said, she intends to do something about it.

    Casey Kasem was a friend of an entire generation, and Kerri said she is "so proud of my dad!"

    Kerri Kasem says her famous dad, despite a divorce, was always there for his kids even at the height of his career. But Kerri accuses his second wife Jean Kasem of isolating him in his ailing years, eventually taking him to a tiny house near Bremerton despite his grave condition.

    "Adult children don't have the rights to ask for visitation to an ailing parent," she said. "The only people that can give visitation is a spouse, a guardian, a conservator. And if any of those people say no, sorry - you're never going to see your dad or mom again."

    Kerri would have none of it. When a judge finally ruled in her favor, she went in that house to see Casey Kasem.

    "He was so, so sick. And to be stuck in a house - he was sweating when I saw him. He had a fan above him. He had - I mean, this isn't a place for a man that had enough money for the best medical care possible."

    The doctor and judge immediately ordered Casey Kasem to the hospital. Kerri Kasem said her father was ill with rampant infections, bedsores, fluid in his lungs, twisted legs and much more.

    Here's how she described to KOMO 4 News what happened once she and her siblings finally got their dad to a hospital in Gig Harbor: "I remember getting pulled aside the first half hour we were in the hospital and they were, 'your dad doesn't have long.' That's what they said they first brought him in."

    Casey Kasem died 15 days later.

    We asked if he knew Kerri was with him: "Yes, there were times he would come out of it a little bit, and look at us and hold our hands. And then, what was so horrible was the first week we tried so hard to save him."

    Kerri finally allowed doctors to let his life pass.

    "And, uh," she paused, beginning to choke up, "that was the hardest decision of my life."

    She lays the blame squarely on inadequate laws and Jean Kasem.

    "I don't know how you do that to someone," she said, wiping away tears. "It's not human."

    Kerri Kasem has now assembled a team and is lobbying state lawmakers and legislative staffers at a massive national convention in Seattle this week, the National Conference of State Legislatures, intent on changing the law in every single state. She has already helped pass "visitation" laws in California, Iowa and Texas.


    "It's not the Mickey Rooney bill. It's not the Casey Kasem bill. It's not the Peter Faulk bill. It's not the BB King bill. It's the Visitation Bill for everybody. Not just celebrities that go through this. I've had thousands of letters on this from people across the country, talking about the horrific situations that they're in," Kerri Kasem said.
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    Tiny house, really?
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    The horror.
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    Casey Kasem's Kids Win $2 Million Life Insurance Policy | TMZ

    Casey Kasem's kids won a big battle with their dad's widow -- they're getting to cash a life insurance check that Jean Kasem tried to keep away from them, TMZ has learned.

    Casey's 4 kids, 3 from a previous marriage, and his widow had been fighting over who gets one of two $2 million life insurance policies he left behind after his death in June 2014. One for Jean, and the other for a trust in the kids' names.

    But Jean pleaded with the insurer, MetLife, to hold off on paying the kids because she claimed they could have contributed to Casey's death. She wanted an investigation, and our Kasem family sources tell us the kids made a similar claim against Jean.

    For its part, MetLife wanted a judge to decide who got the money.

    The judge ruled in the kids' favor, saying the trustee is the sole and rightful beneficiary. Jean's $2 mil policy was never in dispute, though it's unclear if she's been paid yet.

    Casey Kasem's children get $2m after court battle with widow Jean Kasem | Daily Mail Online
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  22. amaX Member

    So attorneys will get the insurance money. <sigh>
  23. DeathHamster Member

    The insurance money was going to happen. Trying to block it was Jean being Jean in the total war between both sides. That money was locked in decades ago.

    The civil suit is new. If they can win that, they'll probably launch a fight to contest the will and go after the whole estate, which is the real prize.
    Hey Kerri, civil suits don't put people in jail, so it's all about the money. Her handlers probably wank every Thursday at the thought of getting their hands on the estate.
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    bigger sigh
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  26. Stupid cunt was just on KTLA morning news promoting YFHR. Fuck me if she didn't recommend school teachers use in the classroom and say the website name like 50 times. Stupid cunt.
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    Police open investigation into Casey Kasem's death four years later

    By Elisha Fieldstadt, NBC News, November 20, 2018


    A police department in Washington has opened an investigation into the death of Casey Kasem more than four years after the radio icon's death.

    "We received information from the family that alleges the death to be wrongful and we are conducting an administrative review of that information. The case is being titled Death Investigation," Gig Harbor Police Chief Kelly Busey told NBC News. He said the review was opened on Oct. 29.

    Casey Kasem died in June 2014 in Washington state, where his wife, Jean Kasem, took him after removing him from a medical facility in Southern California where he was receiving around-the-clock care.

    The longtime "American Top 40" host had a form of dementia and severe bedsores when he died.

    Jean Kasem and Kasem's three adult children from a previous marriage have been in a drawn-out and sometimes bizarre battle since his death. Kerri, Julie, and Michael Kasem filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jean Kasem in 2015 after prosecutors declined to charge her with elder abuse.

    She's denied the claims. Both sides have accused the other of being motivated by greed over Casey Kasem’s estimated $80 million fortune.


    Here is what’s in the documents that are prompting a new look at Casey Kasem’s death

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, November 23, 2018


    We’re very glad to see that the CBS program 48 Hours is taking on the bizarre story of Casey Kasem’s final days, and that they appear to be taking seriously the work done by a private investigator on behalf of Jean Kasem — work that has revealed new facts so troubling, a Washington state police chief announced this week that he has opened a new look at the legendary radio DJ’s 2014 death.

    Jean sent us the same documents when her investigator, Hank Foresta, put them together more than a year ago. Some of the material he had dug up about the Kasem family drama was simply stunning. But it was a huge undertaking — Foresta’s document package was hundreds of pages long — and we never got the chance to dig into it the way we had wanted to.

    However, we did look into one crucial part of it, and we hope and expect that CBS will also dig into it in their episode tomorrow night.

    We’re going to assume that you know much of the backstory already — Casey Kasem developed Lewy body dementia, a devastating wasting disease that there is no cure for. As his health declined, he was caught in a tug of war between the children of his first family—daughters Kerri and Julie, and son Mike—and his second family, with wife Jean Thompson Kasem and their daughter Liberty.

    Kerri is a Scientologist who has become very visible in recent years with Scientology front groups. She just popped up here the other day in her Scientology Volunteer Minister garb at the scene of a California wildfire.

    While Jean and Kerri were fighting over Casey in his final days, Jean repeatedly made the accusation that Kerri and her siblings were Scientologists who wanted his money for the church. Jean herself acted in some bizarre ways, taking Casey to Las Vegas at one point and then ending up with him in Silverdale, a Seattle suburb, in what seemed to be an attempt to keep him from Kerri and her siblings.

    A Santa Monica judge granted Kerri power to make medical decisions for her father, and a Washington judge gave her the right to visit him there and have him examined by a doctor.

    Jean wanted that examination to happen in the home where they were staying. But Kerri wanted it to happen at a local hospital. (By this time, Casey had lost the ability to speak, and so his own wishes were unknown.)

    The crucial matter is this: What condition was Casey in at the time when Kerri had her father taken to St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor, Washington on May 30, 2014 for the check up?

    Continued at
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    Casey Kasem death: Wife, children accuse each other of "killing" radio icon | CBS News

    The beloved radio icon's widow and children from his first marriage are suing each other for wrongful death with accusations on each side that the other hastened Kasem's demise

    Video and transcript:

    48 Hours: Casey Kasem Wrongful Death Lawsuits | CBS New York

    Casey Kasem was known to millions for presenting rock and roll's top 40 song. His adult children and wife have filed wrongful death lawsuits against one another in a battle that could decide who inherits his fortune. Peter Van Sant reports.


    Casey Kasem’s Doctor Disputes Daughter’s Claims DJ Was In Critical Condition Before He Died | Radar Online

    Kasem was under his daughter Kerri's care in days running up to his death.
  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    Casey Kasem's family cleared of wrongdoing in investigation into his death

    Kasem's wife, Jean, and his three adult children from a previous marriage have been in an often-bizarre battle since his death.

    By Elisha Fieldstadt, NBC News


    An investigation into the death of Casey Kasem more than four years after the radio icon died has cleared his family of wrongdoing, Washington police said Thursday.

    "The Gig Harbor Police Department investigation revealed that the standard of care delivered to Mr. Kasem by medical personnel was appropriate and that any medical decisions were made by family members authorized to act on his behalf," said a statement released by the police Thursday.

    "There was no evidence of collusion between parties that would construe any part of this incident to be considered a homicide," the statement said.

    Continued at
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    Can only sigh

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