Catch-all thread for Chicago Scientology protests

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. Ethernals Member

    Here are the images. For some reason I get errors of image being too big on the rest since I turn my camera sideways and the program thinks the image is to big. The pixel range is 6000x4000 but sideways the vertical becomes 6000 which is larger than 4000. Dam it Jim. hahaha.

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  2. Ethernals Member

    Here is the rest just smaller. Oops 10 file limit so look for the other ten in next one.

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  3. Ethernals Member

    Here is the rest of the roof.

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  4. quit harassing our church and get on with your lives. lose the psych drugs and dope or remain losers forever.
    losers one and all
    This message by losers one and all has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  5. Paladin Member

    What happened to "What is true is what is true for you" ? No one in our group uses "psych drugs" or "dope". We do have lives. We have jobs, families, personal interests and so forth.

    You have accepted the lies of your "church". You should stop and get to know us when we are at your "church" before accepting negative data about us. Didn't LRH teach you to think for yourself from your own experiences rather than accept negative data from third parties?
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  6. Awright! For July, a few of us are thinking of going out there on the 26th for the 4th of the Maiden Voyage events.
    See the postgame from event 1 for more information.

    Anyone else out there wanna come with? Give us a shoutout!
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  7. ryananonymous Member

    Hey guys.
    When is the next protest in chicago?
  8. How about what is not true is true for every one else about you. hahahaha
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  9. LLLLL Member

    Most likely it'll be Sat. evening, July 26 at the Oak Park Arts Center. Oak Park is just outside Chicago and it's the last of the Maiden Voyage events. If you mean at the Chicago org on N. Lincoln Ave., nothing has been scheduled yet.
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  10. rickybobby Member

    Hey! Can you guys do me a favor and move your protest a few hundred miles south so I can participate?

    Thanks, really appreciate it.

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  11. skeptic2girl Member

    ROAD TRIP. Meet you there? I'm actually 85% serious.
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  12. For some reason it won't let me log in. What is the exact time and location for the 26 jul protest?
  13. Saturday, July 26th
    Oak Park Arts Center
    Approx. 5 p.m. start time until most of the action's over (hour or two?)
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  14. skeptic2girl Member

    I hope "losers one and all" comes back here and posts frequently!
    Too funny!
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  15. robert fried Member

    I took a long bath and woke up at 5.19. Man felt so tired and so lazy I did not even want to leave the house. But hope you guys raise hell on my behalf against scientology and their abuse of children in cali. They run child labor camps on PAC base called the EPF. I guess the only reason is that who would be stupid enough to work for 36 dollars a week besides me when I was 24 and 2 years out of the military. I was there for 3 months after deciding that it was not for me. The biggest thing was where were selling the OT III package for 54000. So I figure if I left and work hard for the year I could make that money and pay for it myself hahahaha. I hear that people who been slaves for 30 years in the sea ogre did not get any of the levels nor the training for free yet every recruiters sales point is that you get free training if you work for free. Only children buy this so they have child labor in these camps.
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  16. skeptic2girl Member

    hey, robert,
    I hope you don't feel stupid for joining the sea org. so glad you left!
    I don't know -- I may be naive/gullible, but I would find it difficult to believe that an organization that I assumed to be credible, would out-and-out lie to me.

    Although I don't agree with L. Ron Hubbard's assertion that humans are "basically good," I like to think so.

    It's as if Scientology goes out of its way to contradict the things it says with its own actions:
    "Humans are basically good," but Sea Org recruiters and staff they will lie to your face over and over.
    "Communication is the universal solvent," but if people are protesting, don't engage with them! You go ahead and stuff those ear buds into that ear canal of yours, or get on the phone: FAST!
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  17. Hey what you guys have planed for august?
  18. robert fried Member

    The reason why they get on the phone fast is for instruction. You got to realize that you are dealing with brain dead people who do the crowd control. They get on the phone for instruction on how to deal with you also record you so they can have a conference on what a good come back for your comment is. You may hear the comeback or the answer to your question weeks later. hahahaha. This is what they call bi cameral thinking. You always seek instructions. We are so used to getting instructions aren't we? On the train on the bus everywhere we are just given instructions on what to do. No eating drinking radio playing. No loitering. hahahaha. And if someone thinks different they are the bad ones. How dare they break the instruction. hahahahaha. Enjoy your day robots. We program yu on how to behave. How many of you gave me the durty look for spelling yu that way hahhaaha.
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  19. robert fried Member

    Any plans for Augustus. hahahaha. Cesar anyone? That could be the theme. Roman emperor Ron.
  20. robert fried Member

    Or is it Roman emperor Mis Cabage. Davidius.
  21. Sorry for not responding sooner. No plans just yet for August - I think we're still hibernating for a couple weeks after having finished an event. But we'll probably do something sooner or later, so be sure to check back before too long.
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  22. PSO

  23. Any plans to go to north avenue beach and do protest during air show. That could be good exposure to the crowds.
  24. LLLLL Member

    The plan now is to raid sometime in September. Please check back.
  25. Thanks again for the interest!

    Looks like we have a tentative plan to get out and do something on September the 20th! I'll try to update as the date gets closer.
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  26. ThetanBait Member

    Maybe a line dance to celebrate?
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  27. From a YouTube comment - you guys are doing it wrong!!

    protestors... please please dress accordingly, do not dance, play music, dress to get attention.. this ONLY belittles you and your cause and the seriousness of your protests! I'M WITH YOU BY THE WAY!...
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  28. ThetanBait Member

    What does that leave?
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  29. For the Sept. 20th protest, it looks like there's a lot of momentum for an 11 a.m. start. It may not kick off right on the stroke of 11, but it should be close.

    We'll stay 'til we feel like leaving, usually a couple hours at least.
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  30. Uh oh. What happened here?

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  31. Shecky Member

    Attn: ron-series-package.png Lincoln Ave Protesters
    Hello, would you be interested is 7 books from the L. Ron Hubbard series, some of these books are new and unopened. I thought you might be able to entice some of the CO$ members on Lincoln avenue to talk with you on camera for a few mins in exchange for a free book (I got these at the thrift stone for $1.25 each) the series is like $700-800 on the COS website http://www.bridgepub(dot)com/store/catalog/l-ron-hubbard-series.html

    I really enjoy the videos that have been uploaded to youtube, I have had an odd fascination with the Church and LRH since the 80's when I was almost recruited when the Org was in Rogers Park.

    I also think this could be a national protest program, for every book that is given away the COS gets no money, I have seen other Scientology books at thrift stores but never bothered to get them but this series is just beautiful. No crank Scientologist would walk away from getting one of these for free. Let me know if your interested.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Naked Co$ URL reported.
  33. Just to clarify, our protest on Sept. 20th will not be at the Elgin mission. It's still at the org itself, in Chicago, on Lincoln Ave. I just happened to notice that thing about the mission and wanted to share it.

    R.I.P. Elgin mission? Were they falsely flagged as closed by Google? Simply moved locations?

    Or did they outgrow their place? Surely the stats have boomed since the latest in the Golden Age of Tech. With Big Beings like these, failure is impossible.

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  34. Interesting and hilarious that you're finding the books out there in resale places. I'd always heard of that happening - I bought a Dianetics paperback secondhand for like a buck - but it's funny to see the newer stuff, still in the shrinkwrap.

    As for your plan of CoS guys stopping to talk in exchange for a free book from the Ron series, I don't think there's any way that would happen. For starters, I would not feel comfortable offering something in exchange for a quick talk. But even if you tried... Of the ones who've been told not to talk with us, a gift wouldn't change that. And of the ones who can (in theory) speak with us, I don't think they'd trust us to to hold up our end of the bargain, or would feel uneasy and be concerned about getting in trouble for accepting it.

    That said, if you want to come out and bring a shrinkwrapped book as a topical item and let them know where their expensive book pushes actually end up, that could be interesting.
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  35. skeptic2girl Member

    lol wut
  36. SFAnons Member

    Where do we find the post-game for this?
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  37. MOOG Member

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  38. What is planed for Nov?
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