Catch-all thread for Chicago Scientology protests

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. DeathHamster Member

  2. Darth Xander Member

    Waiting to hear from SS. I'm ready to go.
  3. ThetanBait Member

    Remind them: "Every org ideal by 2010"

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  4. What is planed for November?

    Nothing is planed ever anymore! We just flash raid!

    So how am I supposed to know what day?

    You don't we do not check this thread!


    I take it you guys don't want to hang out anymore. You don't care anymore. hahaha.
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  5. Sorry, I've been busy for a while, and will probably be for a while longer.

    I don't think we have November plans at the moment.

    In December, though... Santa's coming back to the org! (I hope.)
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  6. Ethernals Member

    Was that a scientologist who liked you being busy and not wanting to protest. And me bitching about no time to plan. hahahaha. You got scientologists amongst you. hahaha.
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  7. Ethernals Member

    I take it scientology has won. No more protests in Chicago. We just don't have the time!
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  8. Ethernals Member

    This day marks the death of Anonymous.
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  9. quantruped Member

    Noob here, near north side. I'm ready to help.
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  10. meep meep Member

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  11. RedShieldwolf Member

    Single Missouri Fag Seeking Fun and Sexy Chicago Cell for a Good Time
  12. It is of course well known that careless talk costs lives, but the full scale of the problem is not always appreciated. For instance, at the exact moment you said "No more protests in Chicago", a freak wormhole opened in the fabric of the space-time continuum and carried your words far far back in time across almost infinite reaches of space to a distant galaxy where strange and warlike beings were poised on the brink of frightful interstellar battle.

    The two opposing leaders were meeting for the last time. A dreadful silence fell across the conference table as the commander of the Vl'Hurgs, resplendent in his black jewelled battle shorts, gazed levelly at the G'Gugvunt leader squatting opposite him in a cloud of green, sweet-smelling steam. As a million sleek and horribly beweaponed star cruisers poised to unleash electric death at his single word of command, the Vl'Hurg challenged his vile enemy to take back what it had said about his mother.

    The creature stirred in its sickly broiling vapour, and at that very moment the words "No more protests in Chicago" drifted across the conference table. Unfortunately, in the Vl'hurg tongue this was the most dreadful insult imaginable, and there was nothing for it but to wage terrible war for centuries. Eventually the error was detected, but over two hundred and fifty thousand worlds, their peoples and cultures perished in the holocaust.

    You have destroyed most of a small galaxy. Please pick your words with greater care.
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  13. fv4UTWG.gif
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  14. SFAnons Member

    Dear Ugly Troll,

    We have discerned the answer to your riddle, and eagerly await your return so we may secure our passage across the bridge.


    The Gruff Brothers
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  15. hey losers (IF there are any of you left here)

    how did you like our super bowl commercial?

    scientology TOUCHDOWN
    This message by scientology TOUCHDOWN has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  16. 00anon00 Member

    Blah blah blah no protests. Have you ever been in Chicago in December-March? Chicagofags doinitrire.Winter is a time for keyboard warriors and that's winning.

    Taunting Anonymous lulz

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  17. don't you EVER talk about me!!

    if you put me up against a garbage hate group like Anonymous, that's the result you're gonna get!!

    IAS baby!!
    scientology TOUCHDOWN
    This message by scientology TOUCHDOWN has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  18. Lol. Obvious non-scilon troll is obvious. But you did get one bite so take a bow.
  19. Correction...two bites. Haha.

  20. You spent the money but as soon as they walk through your door we will tell them to ask you about the Xenu/Xemu story and you will have no option but to kick them out. hahahaha. So you will gain no members but will have to handle your staff that hear the name so they don't go home and look it up on the net. hahahaha. You may loose half your staff this way. So yeah good job supper fag. hahaha.
  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    What loss is Scientology suffering in Chicago now? Something has agitated the trolls.
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  22. SFAnons Member

    Hey, sf fag in town soon.
    hope to party with Chicago anons when you're ready!
    send pm
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  23. Don't ask us about that ask us about Lord Xenu and bodythetans and the NOTS for OTs that is our expert area. Also ask us to Enturbulate the fuck out of you. We do that just because we care that you don't waist your life and childhood in a cult that uses you up and always places blame on you for all their mistakes. Sounds familiar. Your case going to shit is never their fault. It is just that you are so PTS and you are so out ethics. How familiar does that sound to you. You should always buy the next case crack from flag but when you get to flag you need to come back home to handle your PTS. This is called fair game to use all your funds up and make you not able to afford that good lawyer. Sounds familiar. So ask us about that. Ask us X or anti scientologists on our own experience with your fucked up cult and see if you want to continualy support your abusers.

  24. LOL

    Actually there have been better. Certainly the ones that were produced in-house at Gilman were getting really awful as the few members that had even relatively competent production skills continued to decline but now, with no functioning in-house production staff to speak of, these few ad buys are being farmed out to wog's and even these are suffering from obviously lower and lower budgets especially now that fewer production houses having any interest in producing works for a group that doesn't exactly like paying on time, if at all.

    Just imagine how easily such an ad could have been produced at the old KCET facility in LA that your money went to purchase two years ago, and is still sitting empty and untouched.

    But that's neither here nor there. The question you should be asking yourself is, how did YOU like it. After all, the ads were placed, in limited markets, not for the public (By now you've surely noticed that it didn't exactly drive any crowds into the org.) but for you, in order to give YOU the false impression that scientology is still a viable organization. It's just more of your own money being cynically burned in your face for your own entertainment.

    Enjoy it while it lasts.

    How's that "Ideal Org" coming along?
  25. I thought you were a sion so I was commenting on that hahaha. I thought you were just messing with us. hahaha. But know this all of scientology's adds are just so cheesy just like most over produced shit in todays world of talentless artists who just produce crap after crap after crap. It drowns out the real talent. It is like you have to buy a 100 songs to find one that is even worth liking. So with this I have no idea why they ever mad at people pirating stuff that is mostly worthless. Also they used that to make you be stuck with junk. You used to be able to return a cd that you did not like now you have no choice but to be stuck with it. Scientology is lots of cheese worthless cheese over priced but no results. You are sold incompetence. They have no ability to train their own people and keep re releasing stuff because they think there is something wrong with the book and not the people who are not in it because how could you be in it if you are a robot who is told what to think hahaha. Also people that are abused will never perform. Welcome to modern auswitz its called an ideal org where children are in concentration camps working for almost no pay.
  26. Paladin Member

    Fans of "The Game of Thrones" know that the motto of House Stark is "Winter is Coming". I think the motto of the Chicago Anons should be "Spring is Coming". :)
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Think Spring!

    think spring.jpg
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  28. I guess this is what happens when you make your dog drink different color cool aid. They pie spring time on snow. hahahaha.
  29. Ethernals Member

    Any plans for april?
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  30. Ethernals Member

    Plans for may, june july.
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  31. Darth Xander Member

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  32. Uhh, let me see who wants to do what and when... Surely we can make something work! Stay tuned...
  33. would it be possible for you to post that you have set a date and time?
  34. lostatsea Member

    Out of Chi-town today, we have a little of everything in one article: an Idle Org update (lol), Rebecca Cusano, a mention of Going Clear, a cult apologist (or maybe rather a religious studies scholar who has no freaking clue about Scientology), a reverend talking about freedom of religion. I guess the reporter was going out of her way to be diplomatic. Or something.

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  35. Meet our new mascots:

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  36. Ethernals Member

    Edward Snoden scientology infiltrator of NSA. Just occurred to me that scientologists practice every day on a lie detector for years and years. Listing and nulling items electronically. Think about how clean one gets on lists in say 10 to 20 years. So what if you were born in the sea org and you are 20 and have practiced with the meters since age 6. That gives you 14 years to practice beating a lie detector. So you can pas polygraph while lying your ass off. No reaction. You by that time a mental expert that has control over how your thoughts react on the meter. You have total reaction control of your body and its response to stress caused by lying to any question. The lists in scientology are very extensive. And even on a scientology course you practice for hours. You have students who are hooked up and practice on each other 8 hours a day and 7 days a week. Some are so dedicated they work afternoon and study mornings. I done it. When i was on course I study from 8 or 9 to 12 and went to work 3 to 10 for fed ex and on weekends I come in at 9 and left at about 10. So that is a lot of hours to practice. Also think about the brutality of the questions. Some of the more advanced questions even extend into passed life. Here is some examples.

    Did you ever kill some one?
    Did you ever destroy a planet?
    Did you ever implant anyone?
    Did you ever rape a child?
    Did you ever rape a woman?
    Did you ever infiltrate a government?
    Did you ever report on someone?

    Also if you have no reaction to questions the meter tech can ask you.

    On the question is anything not as is-ed?
    On the question has anything been avoided?
    On the question has anything been invalidated?
    On the question has anything been suppressed?
    On the question have you gone exterior?
    On the question have you gone in?

    It seems that if the theta or spirit goes out of body during the question to avoid needle reaction then that may be a problem. Auditing usually is ended?
    That is a way not to answer something on the lie detector.
    But if you are OT you can be exterior all the time and can beat any electronic lie detector or polygraph. They say these type of people are rare but what if all those rare people wore at one point in their past life scientologists. You never know. Interesting to think about. Why or how would some one get the ability to beat lie detectors in any natural evolutionary way. It is too specific of an ability.

    So if Edward Snoden was a scientology infiltrator then Scientology may have proven that they are able to make good on threats of exposing secrets if they are not left alone by government and the media. The thing is that they are getting away with some major shit and there has to be some kind of balancing force to hold back governments around the world from ending the scientology human trafficking and child labor camps. There has to be something major like this and also the leaking of secret documents on wikileaks. Has to be some connection here.

    Anyways when is the next protest? Wether is looking pretty good in chicago and no tornadoes are coming. Only sunshine and slight rain. hahahaha.
  37. DeathHamster Member

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