Catching Radical Scientology Spies

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, May 9, 2011.

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    Catching Radical Scientology Spies

    Posted on May 9, 2011 by martyrathbun09| 150 Comments
    By Steve Hall, Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun
    Being the Indies most often targeted for infiltration and destruction by David Miscavige, and as our blocks have been particularly hot of late, and recognizing that between us we’ve identified and neutralized close to a dozen OSA operatives before they could do much damage: we thought we’d collaborate to share some tips. Tips for living a relatively happy, Independent life while continuing to advance the ball.
    David Miscavige’s intelligence operation network, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) has been very sloppy of late. There is a rule of thumb that can be applied here: The number of Miscavige’s gasket blowing tantrums are directly proportional to the number of bone-headed, over-the-top OSA desperation blunders. The latter are committed in vain attempts to cut down the frequency of the former. As in most matters Miscavige, his psychosis is the cause of those motivators that he runs on everybody else as his cause for going psychotic. We know, a messy scene.
    But, we’ve learned a few things in the course of blunting the incursion of some deep-cover OSA operatives. We’d like to share these so that others might be able to guard against the embarrassment of being betrayed by an OSA plant.
    OSA agents have demonstrated several – and some most – of the following behavior patterns:
    1. Name dropping in a sort of creepy way. They particularly like to make themselves sound like life-long comrades of Mike Rinder, Steve Hall, and Marty Rathbun. They make a big point of it – and in every instance we have heard it is a manufactured or highly exaggerated claim used when making pitches that they can be trusted. Please do not confuse this with genuine anecdotes about friends. This is the sort of out of tune “I’m in the inner sanctum”, “I have known and worked with them for X years,” “They are my friends on Facebook, along with X others,” kind of “you can trust me” bull.
    2. They try to get names and contact information of particularly effective anonymous Indies. More specifically of late they have tried all manner of shifts to find out the identities of:
    a) The creator of the website.
    b) The persons behind the identities OTDT and Deep Fax on this blog.
    c) But in general, any individuals who post anonymously on the blog who discloses damaging information or who appears to be someone important.
    1. They are very illogical in their own “security” considerations. They are very complex on the subject. While their identities are clearly known by association with certain Indies they still will come up with all manner of excuse for not overtly posting or speaking out or telling all about the crimes they have witnessed.
    2. Criticism of Miscavige is reserved if uttered at all. Often their critical statements about the church are general, and primarily consist of LRH quotes (intended to make it appear they are very “On Source”). Listen closely, they site policy to stop quite often (an SP characteristic).
    3. They often ask about “the strategy” or “plans” and have schemes to “participate” or “work together” in order to become trusted and learn all about what is going on and potentially to ensnare or entrap their targets.
    4. When asked questions about their activities or intentions (by email) they comm lag while they clear their answers with their handlers.
    5. They have a “sales pitch” they deliver to everyone, whether asked for or not. It sounds like a rehearsed GAT patter – because that’s essentially what it is.
    6. They do not want to present themselves to law enforcement or government agencies to provide testimony nor do they wish to put themselves into a position to be questioned under oath in a civil proceeding.
    7. They avoid speaking to the media, excusing it as a “suppressive act” and will even try to dissuade others from doing so, saying “it should be handled through standard channels.”
    8. They covertly invalidate the purpose of getting in ethics on Miscavige and Co. and attempt to shift their target onto a benign sounding purpose (re-purpose) such as “making money” developing businesses or “just loving everyone”.
    9. They invite their targets to involve themselves in sketchy activities and situations designed to backfire on the target. They are particularly fond of trying to win agreement with ideas for “taking over” the church (precisely what DM has been falsely alleging since 2009).
    10. They third party key terminals to create internecine warfare. Examples: they complain they are being third partied when they are not. They characterize Indie’s as “followers” of someone else.
    11. They roll out elaborate stories designed to covertly, and you have to listen carefully to catch it, impart the message that the Indie movement is creating bad results.
    12. To establish “reality” with their target, they present themselves as “just like you” in various ways: their history is just like yours, their profession is just like yours, their likes and dislikes are just like yours, their second dynamic is just like yours, etc.
    Incidentally, 2 a and b might suggest something to you as it did to us. That is, and OTDT especially are IMPINGING on Miscavige. Why? In the case of, the site documents the exact scam Miscavige pulled, demonstrating with written evidence that he has hijacked LRH’s intentions for the future viability and expansion of Scientology and sabotaged plans for their execution. In the case of OTDT, he/she captures the essence of Miscavige’s personality to a tee.
    No witch hunts are invited. Just some tips to friends. The fact of the matter is Miscavige is freaked that the Indie movement is continuing to grow after two years and so he is throwing unprecedented resources at stopping it. Primarily he is banking on intelligence ops doing the trick.
    Steve, Marty and Mike
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  2. Diablo Member

    ^^Isn't this just how the three of you operated before "blowing?"^^^
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  3. Tourniquet Member

    If true, then they have performed a public service, for a major change.
    I'm not overly optimistic regarding this, however.
  4. grebe Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    1) Who cares about the percieved power they are trying to instill? Evil cult vs good cult (them) is really the same poop presented in both original recipe or extra crispy. Who cares.

    2) They are smitten with the cult life, and want others to be.

    3) Delivering a message of both fear (the problem) and how to overcome it (the answer) are attempts to instill trust and reliance.

    4) LOL indy movement is expanding! So why do all the indies go to ESMB to find new recruits? Their own forums yield no new business, so they go to the freshly wounded, or still recovering scientologists at ESMB.
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  6. mongrel Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

    I don't even know what that means.

    Marty & Mike

    PS - We typed that whole letter with each of us using one hand. Yep. That's right.
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  8. Django Member

    Good points. I don't think life in Marty's organization (if you can even call it that) is anything like life on staff or in the SO. You get audited, you go fishing, you go home. People crash at his house for a few days, but he really doesn't seem to be gathering brainwashed followers. Looks fairly informal from what I can see.

    You're right about the Indie movement not undergoing any sort of "expansion". He gets folks leaving the cult - seems like existing Scientologists are just shifting over to MR in whatever percentages. Is there any instance of people walking in off the street to join Martyology having never been involved with Miscavige's/Hubbard's official crime syndicate? Wouldn't Marty shout that rather loudly from his blog?
  9. Diablo Member


  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    There is no other kind.
  12. Mosey?
  13. Diablo Member

    Is your picture Tommy Davis fucking Casper??? I'm telling!
  14. Well he's always been friendly.
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  15. Orson Member

    Is this really from the same Marty who has said he has no intention of going to the FBI and that the feds can essentially stick it up their ass? Is this from the same Marty who per ESMB-key-players worked behind the scenes to scuttle Senator Xenophon's efforts last year and dead agent some of the other exes being interviewed by Xenophon? All instead of participating as a witness at the Senate hearings?

    Go fuck yourselves you fucking hypocrites.


    /Lisa died 5635 days ago today. That's 15 years, 5 months and 5 days. How long after that did you fucks start destroying evidence, Marty? In those 5635 days since, did you ever once consider that Lisa deserves the truth be known? You and Rinder are the ones who can tell the truth and you don't.

    /takes xanax
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  16. Anonymous Member

    The enemies of my enemies are my friends.
  17. My thoughts exactly Orson. Was reading about how "spies" don't wan't to go the authorities and was shaking my head with the audacity of that comment.

    But Marty is and always has been a liar. At least now his damage is limited to a few sycophants who would probably listen to the proverbial inanimate carbon rod if it was properly trained.
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  18. mongrel Member

    In this case, the enemies of my enemies are still my enemies. Sure, I would assist Marty if it helps take down the larger cult. But I would never help that self-serving delusional faggot piece of shit with anything that only serves his own lust for power and unwarranted self-importance.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Silly girl, gave up her day job. Prolly come to regret that.
  20. It does indicate that there is some demand for auditing at le crap shack.
  21. LocalSP Member

    What if they're Frenemies?
  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. Fuck all three of them! I still hate them especially Rinder with all my heart and soul.
    how you like when the fire is turned on you, you fucking fucks!
  24. Diablo Member

    There is really no good outcome in this situation. You are dealing with individuals who care about themselves more than anything else. Until DM repents and comes forward with the truth about his role in highjacking the cult (never will happen) OR mike/marty come forward with full disclosure surrounding their actual crimes. A good start would be the ones where the statute of limitations has expired and there are no legal repercussions. If it surrounded LMT and other juicy details about OSA tactics and who they were used on that would cause collateral damage to the church for sure. By showing tactics of black dianetics on reporters in the past would be enough to gather the attention of media to investigate and report further on their antics.
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  25. Those fucks are too high on their "were better scientologists that DM and his lot" tirade to be able to see the bigger picture. If I were an independent that seriously oposed the corporate church the 1st thing I would have done is what you said diablo, find cases of dark dianetics used against people that passed the stature of limitation and leak that shit to the ppress like yesterday. I honestly think that they still hope even if its subconsciously that once the reign of sscawee DM is over they're gonna be welcomed back to the chruch with open arms.
  26. Anonymous Member

    All we want to know is...

    what are YOUR crimes; Mike & Marty?

    typical scientologist cowards... "ooh let's blame Evil Black Dianetics and Davey Crock-o-shit for everything"

    FUCK off with your LIES

    WHAT happened with Lisa McPherson?

    Let's start with that shall we Marty?

    Or Mikey, come on sport, fair go, it's your turn to tell the TRUTH.

    Put those fucking worthless tin cans down, leave the LRH shit to the suckers still paying.

    WHAT happened with Lisa McPherson?

    Put that on your fucking blog - minute by minute - you OWE people a Knowledge Report like you never wrote before.

    DO IT NOW Marty/Mike. PROVE yourselves worthy of something.

    what are YOUR crimes, Mike & Marty?

    You owe it to everyone.
    This will never be over until you tell the truth about what happened, what evidence you destroyed, and what lengths you went to in protecting the guilty.
    Time is ticking, Rinder?
    Rathbun - you start first.

    On your blog be it.

    This post is dated 9th May 2011. The days will count up until you address the Lisa McPherson issue, beginning now.

    It is YOU that has given "all manner of excuse for not overtly posting or speaking out or telling all about the crimes they have witnessed."

    So put up or shut up. How did Lisa McPherson die?
    Don't pretend you don't know.
    You "handled" it.
    Over to you Marty... day 2 already...
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  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    Whatever your negative opinion is of the authors of the original post, I think the information leaked is novel, and useful in better understanding OSA's mindset and operations. Every little bit of information helps, especially when it comes from the people who used to run the whole ugly operation.
  29. Anonymous Member

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  30. Tourniquet Member


    By the same token, and as others have pointed out, M&M are (remain) complicit in the murder of Lisa McPherson. They can do the "out, damn'd spot" dance as they please, but last time I checked there was no statute of limitations on aiding and abetting a murderer. Meanwhile, they and Miscavige both intend to distract us from that fact.

    Someone explain to me how these three criminals are getting away with this in the light of day...

    Oh yeah, that's right, they're all in the U.S....
  31. Anonymous Member

    I prefer to hear about OSA tactics from people who have already left.
  32. Tourniquet Member

    Mm. So, you believe M&M are an OSA op... ?

    (Not saying they're not. It'd be the best OSA op yet, which ain't sayin' much.)
  33. Smurf Member

    M & M are the subjects of this article:
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  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Tourniquet Member

    This is just cynicism, but it should not surprise anyone. Organised religion has always been and always will be a social- and thought-control device. M&M are experienced social controllers, same as Hubbard, Farrakhan, et al.
  36. BLiP Member

    Great little distraction device, that post. I couldn't possible be OSA myself because, look, here I am telling you how to spot one. Never mind that half the indicators apply to me as well . . .
  37. Natter Bored Member

    I'm a life-long comrade of Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun. I’m in the inner sanctum. I have known and worked with them for 20 years. They are my friends on Facebook, along with 50 million other true scientologists, not these radical scientology scumbags.

    [/sarcasm ^]

    By the way, M&M, when are you going to take personal responsibility for your own criminal actions, rather than just blaming Miscavige?

    DIAF you pompous pricks.
  38. Anonymous Member

    crinimals know how to spot criminals
  39. Anonymous Member

    I meant CRIMINALS know how to spot criminals
    not crinimals lol
  40. Anonymous Member

    According to Marty anyone who doesn't suck his cock is an OSA spai.

    Some hackers on steroids figured out his sekret agent and the owner of the "hidden" site.

    Don Tolan is an exscilon who nao sucks Marty's cock. Voices on the intertubes tell us is OTDT. is a joke because even Lulz Security could figure out that Robin James Adair from 1303 N. Brand Blvd. In Glendale, CA is behind the site.

    Hey Marty, I don't know computers, does that make me an OSA spai? Fuck you and your scientology 2.0 church!!

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