Catholic Online: FDA to take another look at Scientology's E-meter

Discussion in 'Media' started by lostatsea, May 21, 2011.

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  3. AnonyVix Member

    This makes me happy. Nice of the Catholics to notice. :)
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  4. lostatsea Member

    Definitely--nicely done, Mark Cabian, Sparrow, and all involved. :)
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Rate the article, encourage more coverage by Randy.

    wtg MC and AS
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  6. Anonymous Member

    about frigg'n time.

    Good on those involved. And if this is only supposed to be used in religious activities, why do the people at the Dianetics (a non religious version of Scientology) use it to give stress tests to kids on street corners and in shopping malls ?
  7. Random guy Member

    Comments open as alllways.
  8. RightOn Member

    Oh he looks nothing like Mandingo
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  10. anonakatie Member

    Mandingo? Hehehehehe.
  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. AnonLover Member

    Randy Sly is pure awesomeness!
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  13. DeathHamster Member

    I'd like to be a fly on the FDA's wall while they're pondering this one.
  14. xenubarb Member

    Now if only the FDA would notice...
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  15. AnonyVix Member

    Comment pending approval, including rant about keeping state and religion separate should not be interpreted as meaning the state cannot apply rules on religions as long as the don't directly prevent practice and are applied fairly and equally to all religions. That is the USA should be able to have a charities commission just like the UK that determines what organisations are worthy of charity status regardless of whether they're a religion or not.
  16. Anonymous Member

    "The E-Meter is common part of most Church of Scientology public exhibits"
    " Two cylinders that are connected to the unity are held in a person's two hands "

    Semi-awesome. If he had only taken the time to proofread he would have been pure awesome.
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  17. AnonyVix Member

    Anyone in the USA contacted the FDA for a quote regarding this story? The FDA may not have noticed if they don't use Google News Alerts. I would but I'm in the UK and don't have a cheap US international plan ATM. :-( Shame coz when I've called places in the USA for quotes regarding some scilon story involving some authority or another they're kinda - huh, this is international now.... :)
  18. AnonLover Member

    yeah but he got it published on saturday... so +1 for working on weekend should get him a lil slack ;)
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  19. Mark Cabian Member

    He pretty much wrote this in one day. I'm really looking forward to the Sparrow interview.
  20. Mark Cabian Member

    Yes, please! High ratings place it on top of the list on the main page.
  21. AnonyVix Member

    Comments now showing. Only 1 scilon comment when I looked out of 10.
  22. Mark Cabian Member

    I should have mentioned to Randy that his spellchecker may try to play havoc on Brian's name. Thanks to the people who mentioned the typo in the comments.
  23. failboat Member

    failboat approves of this activity.
  24. Mark Cabian Member

    I sent him an email about the typo LAS. The article was a great surprise to wake up to. :)
  25. JohnnyRUClear Member

    You mean this gem?
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  26. Anonymous Member

    I like that man.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Heh, yeah ... it's funny because they don't have much to work with here from the play book.

    "OH! Other religions have been using a useless device illegally for decades to impress you to the extent that you'll hand over a quarter million dollars or more. No, wait, no they don't"
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I do too. A lot. Oh, by the way, he said he did the Mandingo typo as a result of seeing his name spelled that way at a couple other sites when he was reading up on Brian. He gave a big SORRY! Very nice guy.
  29. Needs more dox of hubbard talking about how fake jesus was.
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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. AnonyVix Member

    Indeed I do. I posted another rant about how Hubbard teaches that all religions are merely false memory implants put there by Aliens and explained that this means they believe themselves to be superior to all other religions because only they "know the truth" although I also pointed out that many scilons are not at the level where they teach that stuff.
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  32. AnonyVix Member

    Another little gem

    Oh now they really must be upset their bringing out the big guns: this site is infected with AIDS and remember they're all peados.
  33. Mention how all things considered, Rex William Fowler a Scientology Minister committing murder and then failed attempted suicide trumps pedophilia.

    Since there is a smaller number of ministers that commit murder in Scientology compared to the number of ministers who commit pedophilia in Catholicism, Scientology must be worse.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Um, you might want to think that comparison through again.
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  35. oh right sorry.... there are at least 12 million scilons... so maybe the number of ministers IS greater than Catholicism.

    Prove me wrong with a solid number of ministers plox!
  36. Anonymous Member

    < sigh >

    There is exactly 1 Scientology minister convicted murderer, and hundreds of (alleged?) Catholic priest pedopheliacs.

    So, I don't follow your logic how Scientology must be worse.

    Please clarify your reasoning. Not trolling you, it's just your line of reasoning is not clear.
  37. AnonyVix Member

    It's kinda apples and oranges comparing the Catholic church with the church of scientology (as distinct from scientologists in general) however I posit that the church of scientology is worse that the catholic church in so much as it fosters an environment of abuse through its very nature.

    The cult of scientology fosters a far greater degree of elitism amongst its followers, it fosters greater isolationism and through this commands far greater control over its followers. The catholic church no longer has any policies that could be considered particularly harmful where as the church of scientology does.

    The Catholic church does not for instance have a policy stating that Priests must be kiddie fiddlers, although it did act to cover it up when it was discovered in many cases; actions which were directed by the desire to "protect the reputation of the church" and it is understood that it is better for their reputation to expose kiddie fiddlers than to hide them. The cult of scientology does have numerous policies which define how a adherent behaves; the whole Suppressive Person and Potential Trouble Source is an example.

    Where as the catholic church has a problem of a number paedophile priests, a problem I suspect other organised religions of having, the church of scientology's members are directed in what they do from the top down.
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  38. AnonyVix Member

    Looking back on the thread I agree just mentioning Rex Fowler will not be seen as "worse" than paedophile priests. From our point of view though Rex Fowlers' actions were consistent with the teachings of the church of scientology which heavily influenced his behaviour. Paedophiles are not created by the Catholic church is just seems that they gravitate to it, like they also gravitate to becoming teachers or Boy Scout leaders, in fact anything involving children.
  39. Anonymous Member

    And so Sparrow finds other ways to give Scientology a difficult time. This makes me tingle.

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