Catholic woman fired after refusing Scientology courses at ‘alkalized water’ company: lawsuit

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    Lieutenant Governor candidate required closely integrated Scientology into bottled water company; forced top employee to attend "brainwashing" rehab center

    By Riley Snyder, The Nevada Independent, May 13, 2018


    A Republican candidate for lieutenant governor included Scientology-themed videos and language in training material for employees of his Las Vegas bottled water company and forced a top executive to attend treatment centers sponsored by the controversial church that allegedly tried to “brainwash” him.

    Brent Jones, a firebrand conservative former assemblyman who announced his bid for lieutenant governor earlier this year, has long touted his business success heading the company which produces Real Water, an “alkalized” bottled water that purports to be the only water on the market with a “stable negative ionization” (Medical experts have questioned the underlying science.)

    But Jones and the parent company of Real Water,, have been targeted in several discrimination lawsuits by former employees, including one centered on claims that the former lawmaker required her and other new employees to watch videos with Scientology undertones that promoted the controversial system of religious beliefs founded by writer L. Ron Hubbard.

    Although a District Court judge ruled in Jones’ favor and ordered the cases to be remanded to arbitration in late 2017, court documents including depositions of Jones, his son and wife and a former top employee paint a picture of a workplace that appears to blur the lines between promotion of Scientology as a religion and various secular management techniques created by Hubbard and taught by groups close to the church.

    Although Jones dismissed many of the allegations in the lawsuit during an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal in March, court documents indicate that he has closely integrated many aspects of Scientology into his Las Vegas business, which employs between 40 to 60 people at any given time.

    Although Jones did not respond to an emailed request for comment, his campaign website devotes a significant section to one of the lawsuits, which he claimed was “verifiably false.” It pans Republican state senator and fellow lieutenant governor candidate Michael Roberson as “The King of Dirty Politics,” and accuses him of conspiring to file “false legal charges against his opponent.”

    “It is becoming more evident that the suit is frivolous,” he wrote. “It is also a sensational campaign ad for the opposition to create a political campaign attack.”

    Jones said on his website, which includes a transcription from a deposition taken by one of the former employees who sued his company for religious discrimination, that he was expecting political attacks alleging that he is “a member of a cult or an alien from outer space.”

    He defended his company’s use of Hubbard-developed management techniques and declined to comment on the many scandals facing the church.

    “Like you I have seen and heard many negative stories about Scientology,” he wrote. “However, I have no first-hand knowledge if any of these stories are true.”

    Continued here, with open comments:
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    In Nevada, voters went for entheta

    By Tony Ortega, June 13, 2018


    The results of the Nevada primary are in, and two Scientologists running for Republican nominations — a husband and wife team — both went down to defeat yesterday.

    Brent Jones failed in his bid to become the Republican nominee for state lieutenant governor, coming in second with 18 percent of the vote to Michael Roberson, who pulled in 46 percent of votes. Roberson will face Democrat Kate Marshall in November’s general election.

    Aimee Jones fared a little better in her race for Brent’s old Assembly seat in District 35. She managed to get 42 percent of the votes in a losing effort to David Schoen, who got 59 percent. Schoen will take on Michelle Gorelow in the general.

    But they’ll always have Real Water, right?

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    getting fired their... best thing that ever happened to her.

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