Caucasus region of Eurasia

Discussion in 'France' started by Fellow Georgia, Nov 5, 2011.


What should Izula do ?

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  1. We want to be part of ANONYMOUS!
  2. Izula Member

    Wrong place.
  3. i know but i don't know how to add caucassia in INTERNATIONAL DISCUSSION
  4. Izula Member

    You can't as there's nobody on WWP from Caucassia, there is no caucassia forum here.
  5. hmm, caucassia doesn't have forum. MY goal is to learn from this forum and after this i'll work about this !
  6. Izula Member

  7. sue Administrator

    This is a recurring problem, people from areas / using languages that haven't yet been covered by the international forum have no place to go. Give me a few hours and i'll get around setting up a forum for new / miscellaneous languages. This way they can grow at their own pace, and we can create a forum for their area / language once they have enough people interested / using the forums.
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