Discussion in 'Projects' started by eclectric, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. eclectric Member

    *CAUTION ANONS* Warning!

    In case this has not been mentioned already, I wanted to warn everyone that you *are still anons*. I have seen some interesting craigslist postings, and the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar came to mind, "itsa trap!"

    Remember, you are now officially "fair game," which means the COS will do anything no matter how underhanded, deceitful, or illegal that they can to undercut you and render you and us ineffective.

    So even though this action may be over, you DO NOT discuss what you know with people who are not primary principles with anonymous.

    They *want* to know your identity, so they can park that Frosty Ice van outside your house and *get even* with some of us. Just because your mask is off, your mission is not.

    Vigilance MUST continue in all respects. :!:
  2. mtlanon Member

    Re: *CAUTION ANONS* Warning!

    Exactly and agreed!!
    I saw alot of people getting comfortable towards the end of the protest and starts talking about things..what school they went to what course they are in...
    Dont ask dont tell.
  3. Daywatch Member

    bumped for great justice
  4. Apalled Member

    i have the feeling to many its a fun party. which is ok (being fun), but for the sake of the lone japanese protestor, dont mingle and go for a latte. sheesh.

    but we need to remain vigilant, all must watch the stickied vidoe of OLD GUY...

    we must not drop our guard.

    IF ONE ANON is made and fair gamed that ANON should call out for help in his or her local community. Other ANON can volunteer to help document the fair game activites...we cannot abandon one of our own who is fair gamed, we can document it and USE it to fight the CO$!!

    Be prepared we won't know when or who, but for sure they will target someone.

    REmember the phrase "when one is removed 10 more will rise up to take his place"..we are not only commited to ourselves as individuals we must also think of the collective ANONYMOUS


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