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Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Bard, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Bard Member

    Many parasite sites go after advertising revenue by setting up a site with a
    name close to the real one. However, this one is more ominous, and could be
    intended to capture identities. I have garbled up the name here so that it won't
    open with a click. If you do look at it, suggest disabling cookies:


    Also, always be cautious about potential Phisher sites that appear to look like
    the real ones. They may be reached by way of compromised DNS servers.
  2. Fake registrant

    BE Ads at a non-existent address in Ft. Meyers Fla.

    Nothing to see there but ads. I went through a proxy in Greece and the page came up in Greek, so it's not just static pages.

    Very suspicious.
  3. Beware of CSIS

    CSIS is another one but they have a dark side to. They rootkitted my *NIX box. I caught it logging into their site at boot. They claim to be a 'Whitehat' organization but it appears they also gather intel on legit protesters as well. Be careful when you go to their site

    Center for Strategic and International Studies

    Center for Strategic and International Studies
  4. I have sent an abuse report to the registrar at mentioning the inaccurate WHOIS information. The phone number is definitely fake, however, the address is real: walk circle Apt 215&where=Fort Myers, FL

    I doubt that is their real address, though.

    Here is the report I sent:

    Feel free to pile on reports. Hopefully Dynadot isn't one of those registrars who give people who have provided inaccurate WHOIS information a chance to update the information. We want this down as soon as possible.
  5. xoix Member

  6. Petitions

    Are there any petitions out there that are being used for name-gathering purposes? I signed an internet petition against IRI oppression, but I have second thoughts in hindsight. The Fascists in Iran will stop at nothing to stifle dissent, including baiting people through bogus internet sites?
  7. As I recall, I noticed that the first sites [from at as far back as July 18 and up until approximately July 25th] that came up [for me] for a google search using the terms [ iran why we protest ] was the fraudulent site iranwhyweprotest[dot]net .. strange. And today I used the same search and the first hits were the correct address iran[dot]whyweprotest[dot]net. Does anyone know the day[date] that the fraudulent site actually went into service?
  8. Referring to the above post: I should stress that I am not sure that the fraudulent site was the first google hit but I am interested and trying to recall the details; usually something like the [dot] in a short address stands out or is quite obvious for me - not something that I usually miss or don't recall but it is certainly possible when wizzing about cyberspace.
  9. ^^WHOIS says the 22nd of June:

  10. Got this back from Dynadot:

    ...which could be a polite way of saying "Go away, we don't care"

    More complaints could help bring this site down, so send em now!

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