CBC/Radio-Canada: Covid-19 : The Church of Scientology uses the crisis to do self-promotion.

Discussion in 'Canada' started by peterstorm, Apr 19, 2020.

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    Covid-19 : The Church of Scientology uses the crisis to do self-promotion.

    By journalist Gaetan Pouliot

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  2. I was waiting for this. I just knew it would only be a matter of time before the Lurch of Scientology would try to use this for its own purposes.
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    Vulture Ministers pass their brochures around Quebec City, telling people they are from the Government.


    Church of Scientology health brochures get a reaction.

    Members of the Church of Scientology of Quebec distribute leaflets in businesses pretending to be government employees, confirmed two business owners.

    The CBC news show "Enquete" (Investigation) revealed in April that the Church took advantage of the pandemic to start a promotional campaign that often critiqued the media, politicians and medical doctors.

    Last week, representatives of the Church came with two cases of leaflets at the branch of the Éléganza hair product chain, at Promenades Beauport.

    "I thought I was doing a good thing, but next time, I will look twice before putting out these kinds of material", says Maeva Guérin, manager of the Éléganza boutique, arguing that the two young women claimed to be sent by the government.

    Copies of a document on "how to stay healthy" were put in the bags of several customers before the company became aware that they had been produced by the Church of Scientology. The 30-page brochure reminds us of the importance of hand washing, for example.

    "We did not expect to pass material by a religious institution , admits Alain Parent, president of the Éléganza Group.

    "I find it a little odd to promote something through a lie. Usually when you show up, you're telling the truth. To promote anything, be it an individual, a company, or a religion through a lie, is just not right", he insists.
    Unlike the hairdressing salon, the leaflets are still clearly visible at the Lebanese Galette branch, on Saint-Joseph Street.

    Two young women posing as part of a government program left documents and masks.

    It talks about hand washing, but it's true that if they had presented themselves as being from the Church of Scientology, maybe I would have been more turned off, " said Frédéric Pearson, an employee of the restaurant.

    Considering the documents altogether harmless, he decided to leave them at the entrance to the store.
    "I couldn't see anything that made people want anything. It was really just for the purpose of helping people, "he said.

    (the rest is just some local college professor saying ignorant/uninteresting stuff.)
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