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    I took my PI friends name off as with mine but Peter Asberg is a scientologist.... Im thinking she is to :(


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    “Labeling a child as mentally ill is stigmatization, not diagnosis. Giving a chi...ld a psychiatric drug is poisoning, not treatment.” Thomas Szasz, Psychiatrist & Co-Founder of CCHRSee More

    By: CCHR International

    You know this is a scientology front group17

    • I don't care what religion people are, so long as they try to do good and prevent harm. I have spent decades fighting drug and psychiatric exploitation and abuse on many levels. The drug side-effects alone are worth billions to them to cr...eate and then treat; not just psychiatric drugs, but all drugs. Don't get me going, this is an area of passion for me. I have my facts. I also have saved many lives, recovered many missing children, solved many cold cases, uncovered and righted many fraud and elder abuse cases, and much more. I've done my homework on this for many many years.See More
      17 hours ago ·

    • And thats good and the PI community knows of your hard work but scientology has been linked to many crimes and deaths. I agree that there is psychiatric exploitation but this "religion" is nothing but a money cult.

    • Andrew John Day Hats off to you, have my admiration and support as does CCHR.

    • Kris Cantil I totally agree with the statement, and further believe when we begin medicating our children we teach them to rely on drugs thus setting them up to rely on a substance to make them feel right.
      10 hours ago ·

    • Do you disagree with the statement, made by Szasz, a psychiatrist, or merely that it happened to come via CCHR, an organization that does not support psychiatry? If an anti-psychiatric organization can see past the fact Szasz is a psychiatrist, agree with and promote his statement, why can't you see past the poster of the statement, to the truth of the statement. Or perhaps you disagree with Szasz? I posted an opinion that children should not be drugged. Do you have anything to say about that?See More
      4 hours ago ·

    • Kris Cantil, I so agree. It seems that today any range of feelings is considered "abnormal" and treated with a drug. I recently had a conversation with a male friend whose wife had just died. He was very puzzled when I told him that he ...didn't need psychiatric drugs; that feeling grief was a normal process that he would get through. He had been taught from childhood that any feeling other than "average" required medication. I think it's worse when children are drugged, for the reason you mention and because you're dooming them to a lifelong series of one side effect after the other, each being treated with yet another medication, and all the while their minds and bodies are trying to develop normally. Note the current epidemic of child obesity, diabetes, cardio problems and more.See More
      4 hours ago ·

    • Peter Åsberg The day our own private approbval or disapproval of this or that organization is allowed to stay in the road for sanity in the world, is the day we all lost. Groups doing what everybody should be doing, aradicating harmful activities, deserves all our respect and support.

    • Huh, funny, I just got a post that contained this statement:
      "According to a report released yesterday by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), the rate of antidepressant use in this country among teens and adults (people ages ...12 and older) increased by almost 400% between 1988–1994 and 2005–2008.

      The federal government’s health statisticians figure that about one in every 10 Americans takes an antidepressant. And by their reckoning, antidepressants were the third most common prescription medication taken by Americans in 2005–2008, the latest period during which the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) collected data on prescription drug use."

    • Peter Åsberg Depressing news but relevant the subject Vicki...

    • Maybe I'm biased, as I do nursing home abuse cases, and almost all have a psychiatric drug component, often combined with other drugs. It's my opinion that many of those cases could be considered human trafficking cases. The definition of...a HT victim is "Any person held in service of another through force, fraud or coercion." What else is it if a nursing home or hospital keeps a person drugged up so the facility can make money?

      I just read some articles about Florida ambulance companies, doctors and nursing homes conspiring to defraud the government by having outpatients take ambulances to routine appointments. In a reciprocal arrangement the ambulance companies take patients to those nursing homes and doctors, the doctors recommend those nursing homes, etc. in a conspiracy to defraud. This is not an isolated incident, it's widespread. Meantime, the "patients" are just bodies, drugged up and used to make the conspirators money. Yep, sounds like trafficking to me.

    • Peter Åsberg Disgusting Vicki, plain disgusting. I do remember you put in a lot of work in this field and you deserve all admiration and respect for that. Too few people has it in them to even care - it's not their kids...

      4 hours ago ·

    • Here's another article, from the Palm Beach Post:

      "The newspaper showed that Florida has plied jailed kids with heavy doses of antipsychotic drugs, and that one in three DJJ psychiatrists had taken payments or gifts from makers of the drug...s.
      "The number of children in DJJ facilities that are being prescribed psychotropic drugs," said Storms, R-Valrico, "it really is exorbitant and shocking."


      "In May, The Post reported that, in 24 months, the department bought 326,081 tablets of Seroquel, Abilify, Risperdal and other potent antipsychotic drugs, and poured them into jails and homes that can hold no more than 2,300 boys and girls on any given day. The medications can cause heart trouble and other serious health problems, and hadn't been approved by the federal government as safe for use in children.

      The newspaper's investigation also showed that, in 18 months, 17 current or former DJJ psychiatrists combined to accept $253,982 in speaker fees or free meals and travel from AstraZeneca, Pfizer and other makers of antipsychotic drugs. One doctor accepted nearly $129,000 between mid-2009 and the end of 2010.

      Representatives of the Florida Attorney General's Office have said that state Medicaid fraud investigators will review DJJ's findings and assess whether criminal charges should be filed, a fact Storms mentioned during the meeting.
      4 hours ago ·

    • Peter Åsberg As I said, DISGUSTING!
      3 hours ago ·

    • Thanks for your support, Peter. I'm a bit outspoken, but this makes ma mad!

    • Peter Åsberg Agree!!!

    • Vicki I agree that psych drugs are harmful to children/teens and agree with the doctors quote but the CCHR is link to scientology and they have done many crimes, be objective and look into lisa mcpherson and tell me why was she locked up for 17 days and ghiven no medical help.

    • I agree that psych drugs are harmful to children/teens and agree with the doctors quote but the CCHR is link to scientology and they have done many crimes, be objective and look into lisa mcpherson and tell me why was she locked up for 17 days and given no medical help.
      about a minute ago ·
  2. acepi86 Member

    Now part two.... she has work for CCHR and says her story is "tragic"

    I honestly didn't notice the CCHR tag line below the quote, but I would have forwarded it in any case, as I agree with the Doctor's quote. For the record, CCHR & I have cooperated on several occasions. They have been as radical as I, and as effective, in most cases.

    As for McPherson, I was not involved in that case, so without considerable study I wouldn't render an opinion, although there appeared to be evidence on both sides. Her story was tragic. That said, I can say that I've done a lot of work for Disney, for instance, and can tell you that any company, group or organization that has deep pockets WILL be sued. In a situation where religion, politics, big names, big money &/or controversy is involved, the stakes make it inevitable.

    As an example, perhaps I could address your hero, Mark Fuhrman, since I did do some work related to the OJ case. One thing I found shocking was that, because he had sued for job related stress, his medical records were available, in which he ranted on about mixed race relationships, and even made specific threats. Perhaps you could address this?

    If I wanted to discredit you, I could say that you just spent the evening at Hooters, drinking Becks beer. Your state requires a private investigator's license for the work you profess to do, yet you have no license appearing under your name. Perhaps that's why you say you use public records. Nice try, however the law is clear, you need a license. Since I don't have an issue with you, I won't go on.

    In any case, this doesn't change the validity of Dr Szasz' quote, which we both seem to agree with. Perhaps we can now agree to get back on topic, and discourage the drugging of kids.

    • I could also discredit you for working for a church of scientology front group. Mark fuhrman was thrown under the bus and he was not the lead investigator, nice try

    • #7 of 43-30-02 of the North Dakota Century gives me the right to skip trace in ND

    • So LRH your org's founder was found gulity of fraud and died in hiding, whats your point on mark fuhrmans medical records?
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    Yep, sure does look like a moonbat crap to me, OP. I think you called it correctly.

    CCHR always says the same thing: teh psychs are bad.
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    They should ask Elli Perkins what she thinks.
    Oh right...they can't, her psycho son stabbed her to death. 77 times is a bit overkill, but there you go. Poor kid was stigmantized and all that.
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    At least his vitamin therapy helped him remember to do it on LRH's birthday.
  7. Anonymous Member

    The CCHR are BIGOTS- I have every right to my religion The Church of the Holy Psych and my chosen charity The Society for the prevention of cruelty to body thetans. Anti- psych speech is hate speech!
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    CCHR scilon died in his sleep in Clearwater, Florida.
    Written by another CCHR scilon Chris Corbell:
    "This morning I was informed that my friend and former Mental Health EDGE radio show co-host Chris Rider had passed away in his sleep yesterday, March 18, 2009. This is a heavy, heavy blow as he was like family to me and a fellow comrade in the effort to raise awareness through exposing psychiatric human rights violations and fraud."
    Looks like his OT powerz failed him.
  9. Anonymous Member

    His name was Chris Rider.

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