CCHR Is Going to Hate This One

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by BigBeard, Jan 9, 2015.

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    65 years of progress in the fields of mental health and social sciences has obsoleted all the paradigms Hubbard based dianetics on.
    And the internet has exposed scientology for the scam/fraud that it is.
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  4. this was the only group that helped me understand my human rights and sons rights during cps kidjacking. I am anon proud and loyal except for CCHRI. Not once did anyone bring up anything relating to scientology. I received a call from the head there in LA. as well as Austin Tx, within an hour. I still keep in touch with the Austin TX CCHRI who assisted me for almost a year. I call him my friend. And the head there in Los Angeles worked diligently to help me. C.C.H.R.I. is for real and no scientology or Hubbard was ever an issue. They are a govt watchdog for veterans, adults, human rights for prisoners, wrongly committed victims and children being drugged until dead. They helped expose the VA Hospitals and vets being denied health, mental health, over drugged, and deaths as well. when the shit gets REAL BAD and its you or you friend, family, child, friend being horrifically treated these member all over the world GET REAL REAL FAST!! Veterans are now being treated and not left to die. I worked for the VA hospital and I KNOW this to be the history of horrific patient neglect and abuse. I do not endorse scientology and again this is not their job or intentions. Anon family has contacted me regarding Comal county TX, jails, prisoners, other citys, states and international anons as well. C.C.H.R.I has helped soooooooo many. I got calls just to say hello, check on me, and treated me with dignity, respect and its nice to know friends are real even in the online world. They have passed over 150 laws regarding human/patient rights and more than I can begin to mention. When no one will help they dam sure did with my situation and continue to be supportive. Fat bearded ,man approved videos with scientology I LMAO and anon classic for sure!!! CCHRI is a government watchdog exposing state, federal crimes against those of us with loved ones incarcerated or involuntarily committed by the CPS courts. Their mission keeping an online and very REAL reporting of doctors, psychiatrists, CPS workers, teachers, lawyers, judges who defraud and destroyed people is one for every person to check out. They expose them all and the data base is there for families, patients and victims to see. As I said anonymous is my family. C.C.H.R.I. and the endless help, information and for sure reports generated, time spent going to these shit hole mental wards for kids or residential treatment centers.......they CRINGE seeing CCHRI and they should!!!! I am asking all anonymous members everywhere to go to the C.C.H.R.I and take the time to view the site. Go beyond the Hubbard issue. Psychiatry, Psychology, Drugs for patients and children have been over prescribed, many causing suicide, mass shootings in recent incidents, children that hang themselves due to a side effect. My son is on one and attempted suicide and continues to on risperadol. Big Pharma hates CCHRI. again move past the scientology issue and see what I SEE......this is for sure one very VERY honest group of dedicated people trying to keep our human rights, patient rights, friends and family SAFE from the horrors and murders from the ones we should trust during the hardest time in our lives for us or or friends or family members. As I said I am a member now of C.C.H.R.I my son as well. this is not scientology and hubbard was right on this issue and cause. :)
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    "Honest" and "Hubbard" do not mix.

    If the people in CCHRI want to be honest and do good work, they need to 100% divorce themselves from any and all connection to the lying fraud con man L. Ron Hubbard and all organizations related to his so-called "Church of Scientology". There is nothing good to be accomplished by hitching your wagon to that dead horse. He was, and will forever remain, an enemy of mental health, and the organizations he left on Earth are a scourge to be cleansed.

    All that having been said, I don't question that your concerns are real, and there is room for real debate about many of the issues you raise. Just don't try to bring Hubbard or any of his garbage into the debate. Doing so does a disservice to anyone who needs help dealing with mental health issues, including possible overdrugging.
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    Anyone who cares to look into the way Hubbard treated his wives and children (and Miscavige, his wife) can clearly see that Hubbard had no solutions to mental health when he was clearly a narcissistic paranoid sociopath who was terrified of the psychiatry because 1. It saw the damage Dianetics could do (transference- whereby the "therapy" becomes an addiction) and 2. Because Hubbard was mad and knew he was.

    The vast field of mental health- psychology and psychiatry is forever advancing and developing- new techniques and medications being developed that are safer and more effective when the CCHR are still stuck in the 1950's!
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  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    He knew a psychiatrist would not purscibe visteril
  9. So who to turn to for help?! I just want to get my son out of the "residential treatment center" they dumped him in after he was stolen from me. Head attempted suicide, they say he's bipolar. I have the lawyer who's supposed to be advocating for my son saying my son "got himself in the situation he's in" I haven't seen him for 7 years. A close family member finally managed to get a visit scheduled and it was cancelled days prior due to a "self inflicted injury" that required a visit to a specialist! Tell me that someone didn't want my son to know he has someone who loves him. I need help! Someone please give me some direction here because I've run out of options. I'm desperate. My son needs to be rescued yesterday!
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    I'm sorry for your troubles but this is murky. If you have a lawyer that's a good start.
  11. I do have a lawyer. I got smart for round two and hired one from a different county. But as awesome as he is at fighting DHS, there isn't much he can really do as my parental rights were terminated 7 yrs ago. He himself said we dont have very much of a legal leg to stand on. He has been able to do some things I wouldn't ever have managed, and I'm grateful for that. I now know exactly where my son is, his therapists name, and have a general outline of the nightmare he's been living through. Also, my son now knows that he has the option to open the lines of communication with me beginning with letters, then phone calls, and leading (hopefully) to in person visitation. My lawyer told me that my son wants to start on this process but of course, DHS isn't responding with the green light we need to go. Idk, I guess I'm just going to have to be pacient, wait until they feel they've sufficiently fucked my son up enough that he's no longer useful for testing their drugs and they throw him away. I'm so frustrated and drained.
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    That is pretty normal, I think, from what I've seen. I realize that that observation won't do anything to help solve the situation, but perhaps you can take some personal comfort in it.

    Have you looked around for others in your area who have contended with the same system you are up against? There is safety in numbers, and many other good things besides. Feeling like David vs. Goliath is always tough.
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