Celeb Scientologist Erika Christensen will be doing an Q&A Apr 17, 1pm EDT

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    She will be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about Scientology. It's your chance to ask her everything about Scientology :)
    According to reddit:
    "I recommend asking her non-confrontational questions. She was born into Scientology and there's a chance that she doesn't even know that there's something wrong with her church."

    You can ask your questions tomorrow at 1:00 Eastern on
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  2. failboat Member

    Bump, it's almost 1pm.

    Also this:
    Erika Christensen’s Journey From Teen Star To "Parenthood"

    She was a druggie rich kid in Traffic at 17, and at 31 is a lawyer mom on Parenthood — here, Christensen discusses her long career, growing up famous, Scientology, and how harrowing it’s been for her character this season.

    posted on April 17, 2014 at 8:45am EDT

    You were born in Seattle, but you moved here when you were little. What brought your parents to Los Angeles?
    Erika Christensen: The weather. Job opportunities for my parents. Certainly I don’t think my parents could have necessarily predicted that I would have wanted to be an actor. But this is the land of opportunity. And I know that they very much took into consideration me and my brothers. And without starting a whole huge other conversation, it is the largest concentration of Scientologists in the world. We’re Scientologists. So it’s really cool to have that community as well.
    I’m now peering around you to look at the new Scientology building across the street.
    EC: So pretty. It was a parking lot.
    It was! I would like to talk about Scientology later. You became an actor when you were a kid.
    EC: I was going to school with a girl who was an actor. And I was, like, “No, I want to be an actor.” I told my parents I wanted an agent, and they decided to let me have a go at it. Then I started working right away. I was 12.


    I’d like to go back to Scientology — you seem to be an out, loud, and proud Scientologist.
    EC: I totally am. It can take over any interview. So that’s the only thing I’m wary of.
    I promise that we haven’t talked about all of this other stuff just so I can ask you about Scientology. You’ve spoken before in interviews about how Scientology helps you — what does that mean?
    EC: What it means is — how to make it concise? The goal of Scientology is to give the person back to themselves. So who you really are — anyone — is a concentration of all your best qualities. Honesty and hard-working and confidence, and all those things: That’s who you really are. And anything else that’s not those things is not who you really are. And they can go away. If you read the back of a Dianetics book, or if you look at, it says these are the aims of Scientology — it’s basically that.
    Are negative perceptions of it because of the way that goal is expressed metaphorically in Scientology teachings?
    EC: Obviously, people make fun of what they don’t understand. I also know that Scientologists have a tendency to be super excited when they’re trying to explain things. And people are, like, “You sound crazy.” Which I know I’ve done too. Just calm down. Form sentences. And, like, make sense. Instead of being like, “It’s so cool!” You can get super, super excited and passionate. And I’ve seen us as a group do that. And then you look crazy.
    Are we talking about Tom Cruise?
    EC: For one thing, yes. And trust me, I have felt that, and I go, “I love that you’re so energetic, but people don’t get it.”
    I’m interested in the younger generation of celebrity Scientologists who aren’t Tom Cruise or John Travolta. I don’t feel like people have a real vision for the way the Scientology community works.
    EC: Well, it’s like this. There are books, and you can read them at home. But most of us go in to the Scientology Center and will go quote-unquote “on course,” just go to study. Hey, we’re here to study.
    Celebrity Centre? [LINK REMOVED]
    EC: All of ‘em.
    I’m from New York, and there aren’t so many visual representations of Scientology.
    EC: There are, though. But yes, it’s everywhere here. This is going to be so much information, but there are two things I think that I want you to know. One is that there are Scientology holidays. We celebrate L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday, and we celebrate the day Dianetics was released, because that was essentially the start of everything. So there are big get-togethers, and we tend to see each other, if nowhere else, at those. That’s more of an insight into the community. The other things I want you to know is that there are Baptist Scientologists, there are Buddhist Scientologists, there are Jewish Scientologists. Everybody comes from wherever they come from. And if part of their identity or belief system is another religion, there’s no conflict there.
    People are very obsessed with Scientology, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.
    EC: Obsessed.
    I appreciate your talking to me about this stuff.
    EC: You being a member of the press is what makes me not want to talk about it. Like, how many inches of the article it will be. But if you were just anybody, I would talk to you for hours about it. I’d be, like, “Sure, ask me anything you want.” I think actors specifically have been burned by being associated with weird things. We’re so, so open. And I think that the Church has realized increasingly people don’t know we are, and that’s the problem. You just need to see we’re so transparent.

    Full interview -
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  3. BlackRob Member

    It's that time! The Q&A will begin in a few minutes on

    The seat is ready, my popcorn is hot and salted, let's go!
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  4. BlackRob Member

    FRUUUUCKKK!!! I guess she got scared for the 2PM stats, huh?

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  5. Awwww, but I tought she was a really tough mofo

  6. amaX Member

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  7. BlooAnon Member

    Who wants to take bets of how long the AMA will last before she blows the Q&A?

    Edit: So who called 0 minutes?
  8. What I love is how one day she just decided to start acting and poof, she wanted an agent and she got one. Sci influence? 'Cos most actors I've known have to have done something before an agent will sign them, and even with experience,talent,etc there is no guarantee that an agent, especially a good one, will take you on.

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