Celebrity Openly Gay Scientologist rejoins the cult..

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Smurf, Jul 9, 2009.

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    Re: Celebrity Openly Gay Scientologist rejoins the cult..

    Hate to agree with Mary, but I agree with Mary at least to the extent that statements about Keith Relkin's HIV status or his health should be limited to what is actually known. I find what is actually known to be extremely disturbing, but it should not be presented as the guy being HIV+ without proof. It should be known that stating that someone has a disease of a certain sort, when this is not true, is libel per se, meaning the plaintiff need not prove actual damages, as damages are assumed.

    Now, I certainly have *opinions*. I'd state based on what has been presented so far that anyone having sex with the guy would be well advised to demand a current blood test from him. But there are a number of reasons someone might lose weight. However, while anyone who joins or rejoins the homophobic nut cult of Scientology should have their head examined, Keith Relkin in particular would be well advised to have his blood examined.

    That's all I'll say. Don't give a cultist a good reason to sue for libel. The guy is either HIV+ or he isn't. In either case, it's none of our business, but it is the business of anyone considering sleeping with him, who would be well advised to Google Keith Relkin and Google his cult before doing so.

    Considering the number of people who died of cancer after letting the nut-cult discourage them from seeking treatment and instead using nut-cult gibberish, I wouldn't trust them for AIDS. In fact, the nut-cult even claimed to be able to cure AIDS on the AOL forum years ago.

    Some of us remember this shit: The Skeptic Tank: Alt.Religion.Scientology Archive Message - 1995
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    2-year-old-topic bump ftw
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    Because it is still relevant. Also there is a wealth of information in old post.
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    Relkin is probably not gay just saying he is, like Smurf.
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    Relkin is probably not gay just saying he is, like Smurf.
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    there's a church across the street from my house that flies one of the biggest rainbow flags i've seen, and the marque says "everyone is welcome here". i think trinity churches see gays as humans, too. or, at least, trinity allows gay AA meetings in their basements...

    there are a few others that i can't think of right now.
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