Chaka Khan in Rehab

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    Chaka Khan was a COS member for YEARS.
    I think she is out now, but ruh roh.....

    "Chaka Khan:
    Singer-Songwriter Cancels Shows After Checking Into Rehab Center
    A California Exposition spokesman said Khan's representatives confirmed the singer, who is in treatment for a drug addiction, will not perform at the State Fair Monday and other appearances in July."
    Quote above from diff. place.

    Other Story:
    Grammy award winning R&B singer Chaka Khan has canceled her performances at the California State Fair and Stanislaus County Fair in order to get healthy.
    A representative for the musical artist told officials Chaka Khan has entered an addiction rehabilitation and aftercare program, which has forced her to cancel all her scheduled July performances.
    Chaka struggles with a dependence on prescription pain medications, according to her representative, and she has voluntarily entered the program to get healthy.
    “We are extremely disappointed Chaka Khan cancelled because we knew how much the community was looking forward to it, yet at the same time we wish her the best in her health and full recovery.” said county fair spokesperson Adrenna Alkhas.

    If she is out, I wish her all the luck.
    I just hope she doesn't go back in.

    This just in...
    the tech doesn't work.
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  2. RightOn Member

    Posted 2014:
    Chaka Khan
    "In an interview with the Telegraph in the U.K., “Queen of Funk” Chaka Khan said that religion played a big part in the her ability to overcome drug addiction over the years. At the time, she didn’t discuss which belief she was referring to, but mentioned Scientology and said she has taken classes and studied the religion.
    “I’ve taken some courses in Scientology, and they’ve been very, very helpful through life’s ups and downs,” she said."

    ^ uhhhhhh nope!
  3. DeathHamster Member

    Or that their celebrity Narconon has a customer?
  4. RightOn Member


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