Chanology BOINC vs MIT (Aaron Swartz memorial)

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  1. XenuEtrawl Member

    As some of you are probably already aware, there has been a Chanology BOINC team active for several months.

    Chanology team:

    We've been very busy, and recently became one of the top 400 BOINC teams of all time (out of 97,500 or so), with over 140,000,000 credits worth of calculation donated to distributed computing projects... almost 2000 years of processor time, per BOINC's standard.

    I'm extremely pissed at the way MIT has gone from being the home of hacker culture, to acting as its enemy. As a BOINC team, we don't do anything but crunch numbers, so our options are limited, but we will do the little bit that we can, to express our disgust. We're publicly challenging the MIT team to an 11.5 month race, with the intent of beating them as badly as possible.

    However, MIT's team has been at it for several years longer than us, and has over 300,000,000 credits. They also have more than 100 times as many members as we do. We will need to outscore them by several hundred thousand credits a day between now and Jan 10, 2014, but we think we can do this, despite the handicaps.


    I'm not particularly soliciting new team members, but I did need a forum for calling out MIT, and this one works.

    The chart updates itself, so if anyone's interested in seeing how things progress, just check this thread.
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  2. Semi-annual update...

    We've been kicking MIT's butt for months, are now close to 300M credits ourselves, and have risen from 400th place to 278th. In a couple of days, we'll overtake the Cisco Systems team, and MIT's not too far past them.

    However, a couple of weeks ago, MIT got a new team member with a couple of pretty hardcore systems. They are at the highest level of performance in their 8.5 year history. We are no longer gaining on them, and, unless something changes, we won't make it.

    So, that thing I said about not soliciting new members? Scratch that. If this appeals to you at all, we could use the help.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Downloading BOINC client now...
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  4. We're now down to less than 5 weeks before the finish line, and it's a very close race.

    The chart below shows MIT's total points since the team was founded, with Chanology's superimposed. You can see why we were confident until May-June, then stressing after. We were kicking their butts pretty well until they floored it like that. So we've been fighting to finish them off for months, but have made only very slow progress.


    Our error in the beginning was assuming that MIT would stay somewhere around the production levels they'd always maintained in the past, i.e., that they'd hang around 250th place. We passed 250th months ago. We thought we might pass Microsoft as dessert, after passing MIT. Instead, Microsoft is now 62 million points and 19 places behind us, and MIT is still 17.5M points and 7 places ahead.

    Now, facing the home stretch, with no room left for procrastination, we're putting new machines together and making our final stand. We won't repeat our earlier hubris, we're expecting the fight to continue to the very end. Our job is to keep this gap nice and big.


    If anyone else wants to join in the last month of this race, they'd be very welcome. We're in no position to claim that even a small contribution won't make the difference between winning and losing, so it's okay if you don't have a $300 video card. Just come as you are, and do whatever you're comfortable with.
  5. The gap has now narrowed to 3 places and less than 6M credits. Assuming no big surprises, that means we intercept them on about the 30th, so we might have something extra to celebrate this New Year's Eve.

  6. We are now about a million points behind them, and creeping up slowly while charging our lazors. The whoop will be shooped on the 31st. Status can be checked here, by seeing which team is ranked higher on the list:

    We don't know what time on the 31st we will pass them, only that we'll be drunk by then.
  7. Just to conclude, we passed MIT a few hours before the end of the year, and have remained ahead of them ever since. We're now considering this job complete, and would like to thank everyone for their support.

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