Chanology Fallout 3 mod

Discussion in 'Resources' started by anon1917, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. anon1917 Member

    Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    I am currently in the initial stages of developing a mod for Fallout 3, where the player can choose to help out a ragtag group of post-nuke anons, by gaining entrance to the remnants of Trementina base.

    Deep within, they will meet with miscavige in his present (circa 2277) body, decide the fate of the steel plates engraved with Hubbard's writings, and generally blow a LOT of shit up.

    Trementina Base Fallout3 mod came one step closer to development, today, with the first successful RickRolling of the fine city of Megaton.

    Anyone else toying around with the GECK?

    BTW- I realize that some may argue that a fallout mod is not a legit "Protest medium," but I beg to differ.
  2. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    is this pc specific?
  3. anon1917 Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    The GECK only allows for PC development, currently.
  4. PresidentShaw Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Sounds like an awesome idea!

    I unfortunately have no skills to help with that but I can't wait to see the results!
    Good luck.
  5. Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Well damn, thats one more reason to stop procrastinating and buy the damn game.

    btw, you just lost it.
  6. BlooAnon Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Curse you!
  7. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    I think it's an awesome an idea and shall subscribe to your newsletter in anticipation of the release.

    I shall then play it.

    Can you add in that the only weapon available is the modded nuke gun you get from the armory.

    If so that shit would be so cash.
  8. Snake Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    I have experience modeling, texturing and with the Unreal 3 Engine as well.
  9. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    You should talk to this dude and open source it.
  10. niggermatrix Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Pro tip: Free "Fawkes" from vault 87 and befriend him. Then talk to him about why he calls himself "Fawkes".

    Watch what he talks to you about... Anon, we're everywhere.
  11. darkshadow667 Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Someone should be out "Hosing off the radiation"...
  12. Tyrian Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Patriotic Nigras invade Fallout 3?

    Pool's Closed due to rAIDiationS?

    Armani Suit, EFG Mask, and a Fro, and I'm there.
  13. niggermatrix Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    FYI, what I described is already in the shipped game. They talk about guy fawkes in failout 3. 40 millions copies, already told. xbox hueg numbers.
  14. Vir Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Free Xenu from his mountain prison?
  15. anongurl7 Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    free purifs for everyone, purif is the only way to get rid of radiation you know
  16. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

  17. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Guy Fawkes masks for players?
  18. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Are you familiar with the originals?

    /r/equest you try to stick with Fallout canon wherever possible:

    Hubologists - Fallout Wiki - The Vault

    Present in FO2: (and therefore Canon)

    * stress test carts
    * charismatic celebrities!
    * fair game (NPCs critics are stalked and killed covertly)
    * plot to take over the world thru disposing of "lower conditions" quietly and without pity

    The Chosen One can (at their discretion):

    * take a stress test
    * join the Hub
    * blow the Hub
    * join the OSA!!
    * commit crimes against the Hub
    ** squirrel the tech
    ** steal their monies

    The Chosen One cannot (alas)

    * sleep with a Hubologist celebrity
    * fly the f'kn Shuttle
    * actually, ever, no matter what quests or crimes you do, get the Hubologists to actually liek you.
  19. anon1917 Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Ya know- I was thinking of making it a straight rip on scientology by name, but it is best to keep it canon, with the Hubologists.

    The two best reasons:

    1: Releasing a mod where a bad-karmawhore can walk into a scientology building and launch a mini-nuclear holocaust would be giving the scifags excellent fodder for their fursecution complex.

    2: Making it a parody, and keeping with the canon, opens up such MOAR legal freedom, and MOAR acceptance in the bethsoft forum (where a recent thread on scientology was snipped by admins.)

    I figure setting up a storefront in Canterbury Commons (considering it's already home to COSplayers gone mad.) In front, an NPC patrols, that can administer the Hubology personality test. On the opposite side, three anons are handing out fliers. Speaking to either opens up trementina base (located slightly southeast from the Oasis.)

    Beyond that, I can't make any promises, as far as scripting or plot. This will be my first mod, evar (although I've been working in 3d for ten years.)

    If anyone else out there is messin' with the GECK, and might have time for this sorta stuff, lemme know.

    Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.

  20. twistedpuppet Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod


    *runs off to find vault 87*
  21. Hostile Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    I like this and would love to help... unfortunately, my computer is crap and cannot yet play fallout 3...
    give me time and I will be there to help you.

    also, I did not know of the hubbologists before...
    make a mod for anon clothes/suit/skin etc
    oh and masks, we need masks.... and possibly a level requirement to join the in game group and or /b/rotherhood
    high hacking skill, high luck, etc

    and make weapons and items: banhammer, harpoon, nuke, explode a truck, marcab energy weapons... buy a dog?
    anything related... this could be really epic
  22. Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    A 'level requirement to join'? Anonymous is anyone and everyone.
  23. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    The required level is >9000
  24. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod


  25. An0nand0n Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    This sounds fucking awesome. Not a programmer here sadly, but I await the fruits of this endeavor with great anticipation :)

  26. the_cloak Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Yes, I'm surprised more people haven't found 87. It's not hard. In fact I've found all the vaults in the game fairly early thanks to a trip to the vault tech HQ. Glad to see someone is making a mod using GECK. I can't wait to get my hands on that as well and I hope the editor is easy to use unlike most game editors I've seen in the past.

    Fawkes rocks, I had him all the way to the end and he will mow down anything that gets in your way and has >9000 hit points. No joke. I hit him with several fat mans and it still took 47 rockets to kill him after that when I was screwing around in the game.
  27. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    depending on how tight your moralfagness is clenched
    maybe give [Hublons?] the "unkillable" flag? (setessential)
    Plenty of ways to enturbulate, besides R2-45.

    Slightly off-topic:
    "The Hub" was a big trading and commerce center in the original Fallout.
    Normal post-apoc town. No failtech. No space ghosts.

    It was darned disappointing that FO2 featured a new group with the same name- and no connection to the old one. And never even bothered to acknowledge the continuity issue.

    Would be fun (for continuity's sake at least) to mention the old place (founding Org?) and how the Hubologists got kicked out of Teh Hub. Canterbury could be the new "Ideal Hub" if they get their way.

    good luck (lol)

    There's not much art in the old games.
    Staff wear grey hooded robes. And all of them look alike.
    And like to throw grenades. At their own feet. (srsly)


    Now, THERE'S a thought.
    setessential on all Hublons
    but give them >9000 plasma grenades, and the "tech" to apply them properly.
  28. Zak McKracken Member

  29. Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Poppins is a girl?
  30. the_cloak Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod


    FFS when will the rampant moralfagottry die already? I killed the RPG game because (aside form lack of time and motivation) of all the moralfag bawwing because I used the word fag in it. Now you want to jew up a fallout mod as well?

    Go fucking kill yourself so I don't have to do it for you.

    It's FALLOUT. You can do what you want. Going in an blowing up a bunch of scilon celebs should be your fucking option. Let them cry about it. There's a lot more for the public to cry about in fallout already like kids shooting people and cussing. This is small potatoes since the public hates scilons because they keep mindfucking their favorite celeb heartthrobs.
  31. Snake Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod


    UT3 > GECK

    Kismet is godly!
  32. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod



    as if any fail the OP could possibly add would compare to the raeping Bethsoft already gave it.

    Eat a bag of superstims.

    nuking a roomfull of scilon celebs would do nothing because Dianetics can 100% cure radiation. What if OT powers worked IRL? Fallout encourages creative alternative strategies:

    steal their cigarettes -> cancer -> dirtnap
    3dog broadcasts OT3 -> wall of fire -> dia
    throwing plasma grenades at own feet (not lulz enough 4 u?)

    setessential == fucking cancer of the worst kind; but we didn't invent it, did we.
  33. Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    Whatever you guys decide on, someone let me know so I can play/promote it. Ideas sound pretty decent so far.
  34. EpicSwordGuy Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    i know rite?
  35. webkilla Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    sounds real good

    although i must say i support those saying that this mod should focus on continuing the Fallout2 hubardologists - make the canterbury 'hub' the new ideal hub or soemthing.... perhaps make several hubs and make epix quest line to troll them and expose them all general public NPCs will out them...

    special event: when confronting final hubardologist boss, if you have the alien blaster in inventory, then special option of "I got this from xenu, you believe me now when i'm telling you to GTFO?"

    most importantly: DO IT FOR THE LULZ
  36. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

  37. XtremeNL Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

  38. Jinkii Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    I have FO3, a PC capable of running it, a fair knowledge of Fallout backstory, a FalloutNexus Account and i keep irritating everyone on our IRC channel with my Hubologist crap. id be more than happy to help with the creation and playtesting of this mod.

    I dont have much knowledge of GECK modding atm but dammit if im gonna learn it id rather do it on a subject im interested in. PM me

    it would also be interesting to find out where the FCDC (Founding Church District of Columbia) is, it would mean only working with interior cells for the Hub instead of having to creat a whole building for it. i have dabbled trying to create an E-Meter but it ended up looking like a poorly coloured StealthBoy (which it is) so maybe i would be better used in writing and quest creation rather than any decorative stuff.

    Just checked with google maps and the FCDC is a couple of blocks north of Dupont Circle 20th and R St NW


    heh im full of ideas, Hubologist Perk: every pack of cigarettes you use reduces your Radiaton by n%
  39. Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    I love the idea. I am currently going to school for game programming and design, and my first idea was to make mods/games for protest. Obviously great minds think alike. I can't wait to play it!
  40. Anoniemert Member

    Re: Chanology Fallout 3 mod

    so errr, did a mod ever happen?

    I ask because I am in the process of making a mod that would feature hubology and after war anon remnants that are STILL busy on chanology (probably calling their faction Nameless or something simple).
    If at all possible I would like to use some of the assets (preferably a guy fawkes mask)

    Since Hubology is quite famous with the fallout community I figured such a mod would allready exist, so I google, wich led me to wwp :p

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