Chanology hits Japan

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by AnonymousAleph, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Re: Chanology hits Japan

    THAT is good news. I hope more people turn out to stand UP next to Japan ballz of steel who stood alone on the 10th!
  2. Amomynous Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    Much win!
  3. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan


    i love how the have taken up deathnote/L's persona for this.

    Thats going to make for some WIN japanese videos.
  4. anonwillwin Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    1 wapanese can actually change everything

    if 1 wapanese says like:
    yo, scifags, you suck.

    scifag will be like IMMA CHARGING MAH LAZER

    *draws japs attention*

    'all' wapanese charge their lazer
    gg no re

    japan/russia etc only countries that rlly gets things done lately...
  5. argh Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    the music in that... Mike Oldfield? Or inspired by?
  6. Lorelei Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    Posted in memeish for the benefit of new Anons! :p You so funny. :)

    Viva and salute! to Japanese Anons! You rock many socks.

    Amidst the levity here, a valid point is made: the lovely Japanese folks do have a way of completely going OTT (often in a good way) about things they deem pertinent to their interests, and they do have a fairly fresh memory re: the "sarin gas cult" shenanigans (that was Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth), FWIW).

    Their "capacity for amusement" re: culty crap is nearly nil at the moment, it's one big DO NOT WANT.
  7. Anonyneko Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    I wouldn't say Chanology hits Japan... more like... Japanese Anon are too busy making cool videos and doing not enough informing.

    But then again, Japanese media has tons more tabloid press, most of whom don't fact check and make absurd allegations. Japan fails hard in this regard.
  8. Tweenon Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan


    L is such a rebel.
  9. alsocake Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    FINALLY. I fully expect laz0rz and bad-assery to ensue.
  10. Re: Chanology hits Japan

    i coulda done much better than kira... ;-)

    <fiction on>
    1) don't get my news from a tv channel.
    2) no more than 1 person every rand(seed(GMT))%21 days. yes, i'd write a program.
    3) make the deaths more strategic.
    a) start with religious figures or institutions convicted of abusing women and children
    b) move to politicians
    c) move to people who send the poor to war, keep their kids out, and their family rakes in billions
    d) etc.
    4) make every person write a suicide note claming that the angel of death came, told them to repent and confess all of their sins, and make them actually do it before their death.
    5) if i roused the suspicion of law enforcement, immediately stop. tear out pages with the names written. burn the pages. lock the book in a trunk. forget about it.
    </fiction off>
  11. Anorumi Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    The biggest problem has been language barrier. The Japanese are ridiculously bad at English. In fact, one of the worst in the world. What language are all the information sites in? English. The amount of work it's going to take to translate everything is going to be hard. It's also a completely different culture, so what is acceptable in the west is going to either be looked down or ignored there. Us foreigners are also viewed with suspicion, so any gathering of more than ten is in danger of being deported. Until we get more Japanese natives to join us, a giant raid will be very, very dangerous. Scientology in Japan wouldn't need to do a thing. The government will do all their work for them.

    Another Japanese anon also recently found out that religions in Japan are not only tax free, but allowed to act as corporate entities. :? Talk about massive fail.

    I won't be protesting on Mar. 15th, but I can tell you that I'm working my ass off for this thing.
  12. Re: Chanology hits Japan


    Also, western Japanophiles and their interests don't exactly translate. MagicalPockyUsagi[/url:2yb01p9f] would not exactly be taken seriously here -- in fact, people would just be like "what a fucktard... I'm glad she's a foreigner, so she doesn't give us a bad name". DESU DESU DESU would just get you strange looks here. Having anime wall-scrolls is not exactly... well, it's the kind of thing that shut-ins have.
    It's like, if some Japanese salaryman arrived in the US wearing a Yankees hat, shirt, and jacket, and just went around to random people being like "YES! GO! YANKEES! I RUB YANKEES! AMERICAN YANKEES! GUNS!" As a westerner, you'd just kind of hear that and be like "Yeah, cool, right, Yankees man..." and then walk off and mutter something about "stupid Japs" or whatnot.
    And getting the otaku community to be a part of this is not really helpful -- they spend too much time fapping to loli anime in Akihabara manga-kissas to have enough spare time to think about IRL events.

    Translating to fit the culture is a huge difference.

    Think of Japan like Las Vegas. Every thing is shiny and there are bright lights and loud music and scantily clad women everywhere. Why? Do distract you. In LV it's to keep you distracted enough to throw away your money. In Japan, it's to keep you distracted enough that you stop having the motivation to look into the corruption in the government and police force. It's all about social control.
    In the US, religion and television are the opiate of the masses. In Japan, soaplands and pachinko and booze are the opiates of the masses.

    So, on the Japan front, we need to keep things much more official. Both in order to protect our own necks and in order to get the public in general to start listening. They won't listen to a bunch of white kids who've watched too much Sailor Moon. They'll just say "goddamn foreigners, they're like locusts..." and go back to drinking their shochu and paying for handjobs.

    Edit: Also, don't get me wrong. I love Japan. I just think that Japan has a lot of societal problems.
    And I think the way most Westerners think about Japan is really... wrong. Just misguided or misinformed.
  13. Anorumi Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    ...yeah. Now that I lived in Japan, I can never go to an American anime convention without wincing.

    There are some pop culture things we can make references to among the younger set, those in our generation. Personally, I find mixing Death Note with the Anonymous message was a wonderful idea. A pity that most Japanese aren't exactly internet savvy. I'm serious. The Japanese are terrible with the internet and computers, no matter what people think. Due to the nature of the culture, the people have an inherent distrust of the internet and unknowns, which they consider dangerous. In fact, one of the best ways to make a site legitimate is by forcing people to pay for them here. People think, "If I pay for it, it's going to be safe!" An internet campaign is going to be hard to start up here.

    Japanons, we have our work cut out for us.
  14. Anonyneko Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    Clearly they're not gaijin-hating enough to block the Scilon Battlefleet in.

    And yes, churches are able to operate as a corporation in Japan. But then again, reputation is everything in Japan, and clearly someone needs to point out that the Scilons have no honor, tear families apart (another big nono in asian culture), and are out to rob the salaryman blind.
  15. Re: Chanology hits Japan

    Whereas it's usually the housewives who do that...

    But yeah, for us Japanons, we are trying to find a way to get the soulless, emotionless salaryman to wake up to the fact that Scientology is a scam. Or, without the religious angle, that the CHURCH of Scientology is a scam and that there are cheaper and easier ways to go about it. And that's the hard part -- getting the average Taro Tanaka to start thinking for himself, rather than accepting the status quo, is pretty damn hard.
  16. Anorumi Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    It's why we need to appeal ourselves to the youth. Get those family parasites off of Chanel and brand names and thinking badly of Scientology!

    Maybe if we tell them that once they join, they won't be allowed their favorite brands that they'll start thinking...??
  17. Re: Chanology hits Japan

    i wanna cool battle assignment and pic... all I'm really good at though is r&d...
  18. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    Is there any info that exists on the legendary Japan anon who singlehandedly raided? I wish there was pics of it but yeah, he would've had to set it up on timer or something

    I just wonder how do people even know about this guy?
  19. Tweenon Member

  20. Annie Omnes Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    "They will steal your husband's Bento Box and make him eat McDonald's! These Scientology people will make him Different and he will lose his job and have to implode from shame!" Like that?
  21. Anorumi Member

    Re: Chanology hits Japan

    Actually, when we briefly studied Japanese cults in my classes during college, the biggest targets were usually lonely housewives and bullied teenagers/misfits, etc. I'm guessing a better threat will be:

    Your wives will waste all your hard earned money on stupid worthless classes! Stop Scientology now!
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    Though I'm thinking that, and this is just a theory that I'm putting out, with the way they groom new recruits in other countries, they might be working on a "business" angle in Japan.
    Like, with TR drills and such, they might be putting it out as a self-help/business improvement course kind of thing. Like a Tony Robbins style seminar. At least, from looking at the CoS Tokyo homepage, that's the impression I got.

    The desire to conform, or to be a cog in the machine, is a very real thing in Japan. Its not to say that people don't have identities, but the sense of individualism that you have in Western countries is not as strong. So, people assert their identities by choosing which organizations to affiliate themselves with. Once within that organization, they then just let themselves become a "part of the machine" for the good of the organization/company/whatever. It sounds like some romanticized samurai-like self-sacrifice thing. I can assure you -- it is very much NOT that.
    But, because of the sense of giving over one's will to the mechanizations of the company, I think CoS would very easily find a foothold here. The problem is (and this is a good thing), the younger generation is way too lazy and selfish. After a long, long history of "sacrifice for family/society", there's come this period where people have disposable income and nothing really to sacrifice for. So now, younger Japanese people are trying to be more western, with the sense of ????? (individualistic, free, what-have-you). But they haven't yet distinguished the difference between ????? and ???? -- individualism and selfishness.

    Plus, we can't underestimate the hystrionic superstitiousness of many of the middle-aged housewives.

    Which is one reason I think the housewives don't fall for it. It takes away from shopping/gossiping/television time. Whereas salarymen are pretty much the perfect targets -- they're used to being unquestioning obedient servitors. And the fact that CoS offers an egoboost as well is a danger. Plus, I don't think housewives would make the effort to go all the way to Otsuka (rather than Shinjuku or Tokyo).

    Just my two yen.

    Edit: The above should be taken with a grain of salt. I feel like it applies to the Tokyo area. Osaka is apparently a completely different animal. And more rural areas are much more laid back and realistic, IMO.
  23. Re: Chanology hits Japan

    Actually those videos were not made by japfags...

    It was made in the Co$ Relent forums to tell all the Japanese about Chanology...

    We still need folks that can speak Japanese to spread information EVERYWHAR on Futaba and etc.

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