Chanology Manga, vol. 2

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous10, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Etain Member

  2. Etain Member

    Excuse the double-post, but I just though I should show you guys a comment that was posted on one of hte pages. Just to show you the kind of effect this manga is having.

    For the record, I made it clear in my note that I am not the creator of this manga and they recognized it after posting this message, which I will show you now.

    People are getting it. They understand and recognize the danger Scientology presents.

    To the Anon's who created this manga... keep it up. Your work is reaching people.
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  3. SigfriedVIII Member

    Loving the manga. Glad to see Anons still on the ball vis-à-vis Scientology. I support this project and will do my part to help spread it across the interwebs.

    Also, my Anon status requires me to reiterate the request for rule 34.
  4. Random guy Member

    I think he already made one, with the two protagonists sharing an ice-cream. In bikinis. Small ones.
  5. Trev6 Member


    You mean, thiiiiiiis one?
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  6. Etain Member

    I posted this up over on the dA page. I'm honestly shocked that it doesn't have more views and comments.

    But anyway... I think I'll post up the other language versions sometime this weekend or next week. I think there's a Dutch version, German and if the original Japanese were made available, that would be great. I also think there's a Spanish version somewhere?

    However many there are, we need as many people as possible reading this. Posting it in the other available languages will really be a big help in spreading the word.

    I was wondering if it would be all right with you to have the comics and artwork posted here re-posted over at 'The Chanology Papers' and if we could get them translated into English. Cause they look really good and I think more people would benefit seeing them now that we are getting more attention.
  7. Trev6 Member

    I can get Japanese originals to you, I still have them around somewhere.

    I've been slow to get shit done, but I've got a day off tomorrow and a priority list:

    - put Disconnect Volume 1 up somewhere people can download it
    - provide the Japanese originals to Etain
    - get the other pics on the old dA page to Etain
    - get the German pages I've got made into a PDF
    - finish the subtitles on the next video

    If somebody's asked us to do something that I'm forgetting, please let me know here.
  8. Etain Member

    It's quite all right. I understand you have other priorities. Sorry to bother you with this.
  9. Trev6 Member

    Oh, you. If people didn't bother me with things to do, I'd only just spend my time masturbating and playing Fallout.
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  10. Etain Member


    Then aren't you lucky! You get to help bring down an evil cult!
  11. Artfag Member

    If I can butt in... They're already on DA, all we need to do is link back to them at every opportunity. No point duplicating things like this unless there's something new (i.e. translation), IMHO. Uploading them all to one gallery with Disconnect (which in itself is BIG) may be confusing to some, unless you do some extra work organizing the gallery into folders and such.
  12. genoramix Member

    i got a computer again ang i got nuttin' to do those days if a french translation is needed
  13. Etain Member

    Hmmm, good point.

    I'll get on that soon as I can.

    Translations: that's going to be a massive project for me to post over at the dA site, so it will take a little time.
  14. Artfag Member

    Yes, that would be great!

    Actually, we've got a decent French text for Chapter 1 already, but the translator couldn't shoop and I'm always busy drawing new pages, so if it's okay with you maybe you could put the text onto final pages?

    no French translation has been done for chapter 2 yet, or at least i don't know of any...
  15. Trev6 Member

    Hey Anonymous10, could you do me a favour? Do you have the PDF for Disconnect 1, and could you put it up form download somewhere? I'm busier than I thought I'd be.

    Also, if I sent you a bunch of German Disconnect PNGs, could you make them into a PDF like you did before? i dunno how do, lawl.
  16. Artfag Member

    Sure i can PDF them, no problem, but I don't know where I could upload the book. Megaupload seems to be down. And didn't I send chapter 1 in pdf to you recently?

    Anyway, I'll see what I can do, just give me a bit.
  17. Trev6 Member

    You did, and I have it here somewhere, but I'm just having a slow day, and it would help if I could just remove those jobs from my To Do list and focus on the rest.
  18. Artfag Member

  19. Trev6 Member

  20. Anonyfruit Member

    omg this story is amazing :D though the manga-ese mini-propaganda of making the scientologist-personel seem like monsters without conscience and the scientologists like mindless drones were totally unjust ;O

    Lol jk, the propaganda-like illustrations fits reality so well :p Good job anons! you have me outcomic'd.
  21. Trev6 Member

    This is just a quick update, but I have received word from our associates who handle the paperwork.
    Our application to Winter Comiket has been accepted. Given recent events, changing our circle name to "Chanology" seems to have gone a long way, lol

    We'll be distributing Disconnect 2, as per the Osaka event. If I have the time, I might even print out a handful of copies in other languages just for the novelty.
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  22. telomere Member

    all I can say is

    Nyan! Zzzz...
  23. genoramix Member

    oops almost forgot about my translation proposal. will do it today or tomorrow.
  24. Etain Member

    Quick question; is there a Spanish translation of this posted? Someone sent me a note over at the dA page that they were interested in a Spanish version. If not, they offered to do it!

    Also, links to the other language translations would be great. It's something that needs to be done.
  25. Trev6 Member

    Ohhai! Sorry I've been away. December has been hell.

    I have German versions, and I believe Polish versions have been posted in ITT. Don't have Spanish, but somebody might. If you'd like German, I'll MegaUpload them for you.

    Also got the new Comiket Catalogue. Going to start up a new raid thread once I scan in the page with our circle listed. Will link here once I do.
  26. Anonymous Member

    what is 'bump' in Spanish?
  27. Etain Member

    I'd love the German versions! I found the second chapter in Polish, but I can't find the first one.

    An Anon called 'chanologyleaks' from Argentina has offered to translate into Spanish. And of course, the original Japanese would be helpful in spreading the word to Asian countries.

    Someone also said they would translate it to French. When/If that's ready, I'd be happy to post it.

    What other languages are available or doable?
  28. Trev6 Member

    The German versions I have are all PNG files, good enough quality for distribution, but not quite as good for editing/translation work (although they'll do in a pinch). MegaUploading nao, will post link when done.

    I would love Spanish. Here's the blank PSDs if they want the best quality source material:

    EDIT: German Stuffz
  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Etain Member

    ^Ah, great! Thanks guys!

    I'll try to upload this before Christmas. And I'll send off the blank pages to the Anon who offered to translate them in Spanish!
  31. Trev6 Member

  32. dispart Member

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  33. Trev6 Member

    Oh, perfect, I was just going to start printing this weekend. Glad to have the best possible quality.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Any info when 3rd chapter will be released?
  35. Artfag Member

    Probably late summer.

    It's underway, but IRL has to take priority, so we can't work very fast. It's 6AM, I'm off to work, but I'll try to finish up another page tonight.
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  36. Trev6 Member

    I sent you an email re: next issue, just a heads up. Need to do some applications.
  37. Artfag Member

    Can someone help with a bit of reference, please?

    I need better, high resolution photos of scientology buses, especially the logo on the side, behing the rear axle:

  38. JessieX Member

    bumping here as well for disconnection 2 in pdf complete. It seems to be missing one page from the one posted in the beginning of this thread :/
  39. Trev6 Member

    Arg... really? Which page? We should have backups stashed.
  40. Trev6 Member

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