Chanology Reborn - Boston

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by YDT10, Feb 1, 2012.


Chanology protests?

Poll closed Feb 9, 2012.
February 10th (Friday) 1 vote(s) 9.1%
February 11th (Saturday) 10 vote(s) 90.9%
  1. YDT10 Member

    This February, Anons across the globe are attempting to "revive" the Chanology protests for some more incredible lulz against the Co$. There will be protests in other cities on Feb 10th and Feb 11th.

    I guess the question which needs to be answered is: Do others want to join me, and Feb 10th (Friday) or 11th (Saturday)?
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  2. We thank you for sharing our pastebin submission

  3. grebe Member

    I am intrigued.
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  4. BLiP Member

    I vote for BOTH dates.
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  5. Start boarding your ships, prepare your crew, be smart, be safe , load your cannons...we should set boots on the ground and reignite IRL protests soon, and soon after the real fun begins..

  6. Anonymous Member

    Keep it legal, please. Thank you.
  7. Anonymous Member

    In case you need instructions, here is how to load your canon:

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  8. YDT10 Member

    As I've said elsewhere I think the IRL protests are the most important part. There are thousands of Anon groupies now thanks to Occupy who'd be willing to don a mask and show up, and nothing looks or feels more badass :)
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  9. YDT10 Member

    As in wanna go both days, or both days work?
  10. Aren't masks illegal for protesters in some areas?
  11. YDT10 Member

    In some places, yes, but cops also selectively enforce. Check your local laws ahead of time. If you're clearly not up to any harm many cops will be understanding.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Do we have someone making vids to post on YouTube and such
  13. Anonymous Member

    DO EET
  14. YDT10 Member

    I am 100% unskilled at video/image editing and cannot. However I would encourage others to!
  15. Splendide Member

    I'll go, sounds like fun :)
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  16. Trev6 Member

    For those worried about police relations since Occupy, if you have to register your protest with the cops is any way, identify yourselves as "Chanology" rather than "Anonymous" on any paperwork (if you have to put some kind of a name anywhere). We had some problems registering for protests and such here around the time AntiSec kicked off, but once we started registering as "Chanology", everything went under the radar.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Guess we should not be surprised they don't research...This isn't even new
  18. For Fawkes sake, every pleb knows who was behind it back in the day

  19. YDT10 Member

    It was Xenu, right?
  20. It's always xenu, all hail the great galactic overlord and his fleet of space planes

    Here's an every confirmed site we have boots down, we should get a female volunteer to take an e meter test and register their name as Lisa Mcpherson
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  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Trev6 Member

    To be perfectly honest, our situation is a bit unique. Between the language barrier, willful ignorance, and being out of touch, the police in Japan don't know anything that isn't five feet from their face or on TV. And post-PSN takedown, there wasn't a lot of love for the name "Anonymous" around here.
  23. WMAnon Member

    Boston allows an unlimited number of masked participants in a raid. Don your GF and enjoy.
    Massachusetts state law requires that you present identification to any police officer who asks for it, so be sure to bring your ID to raids. We have not had anyone be asked for ID since things started in 08, but no sense in tempting fate.
    The BPD and Boston Chanology have a standing agreement that we will not occupy the corner that the Org is on. That leaves three other corners on that intersection. Not something that's mandatory, but push that at your own risk.
    Do not lean on the black fences in front of the other buildings. That is private property and the people who own it are dicks.
    Cops are bitches about amplified sound. You can mitigate this by not yelling shitting dick nipples at the Org while toddlers are walking by.

    I might be able to do the 11th, I don't think I could swing the 10th.
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  24. YDT10 Member

    It sounds (to me) like Saturday the 11th would be an ideal day for people to come out. Would someone like to suggest a good time?
  25. YDT10 Member

    I've spoken with some people on the ground, it seems to me like we could get a decent attendance. Can we make this an 'official' thing and get it happening for the 11th if no one has any objections?
  26. RightOn Member

    good luck guise!
    maybe wear berets and have French and Belgium flags? lol
  27. My crew is all in for the 11..some of us will be in NYC that weekend to monitor op wallst, but plan on catching a flight to Boston..i hear tsa is a bitch at Logan ...lets how they react to GF masks in our carryon haha

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  28. Rickglass Member

    yell it anyway, fuck morality!
  29. Rickglass Member

    seriously tho.....good luck but don't copy what the original group did, it will get stale fast and history will repeat itself verbatim.
  30. Rickglass Member

  31. YDT10 Member

  32. anonh2078 Member

    oh jesus christ, really? this again?
  33. anonh2078 Member

    so essentially don't become an incestuous little puddle of distrust.
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  34. Rickglass Member

    or a bunch of naive morons who think all the world's problems can be solved with some strong words and witty signs. You gotta get your hands bloody eventually*

    (bloody is a relative term, could mean anything, moralfags!)
  35. Anonymous Member

    also, for giggles, set up a legal defense fund if you plan on bringing this nonsense back long term.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Saturday sounds good. Moralfag in. let's finish the job.
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  37. YDT10 Member

    does this mean i can't bring my sister? :(
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  38. Trev6 Member

  39. Rickglass Member

    Aww, you're a nice cunt, aren't you?
  40. Shite happens

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