Chanology Timeline?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Johnny Thunder, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. amaX Member

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  2. amaX Member

    Shawn Lonsdale's Death: Six days after the first global protest=February 16, 2008.

    Shawn Lonsdale INB4US

    Rest in Peace.

    Cult Watch Day 2,365
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Shawn Lonsdale died one year to the day after cultists killed Kyle Brennan and covered it up to look like suicide, February 16, 2007.

    We do not forget.
    Expect us.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    It was suicide. He shot himself in the head.
  5. anonymous612 Member

    You haven't been following the Brennan situation room threads closely enough. Try to keep up with the rest of us.
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  6. Mainly cause i´m being a bit of a nostalgia-fag these days, but also because I´m trying to figure out a few things.

    I´ve been lurking here for a long fucking time, and WWP has at times been a seriously time-consuming addiction. But recently, like any good crack-addict, I feel like i´m chasing dragons every time i open this forum. I remember when Jason Beghe´s 2 hour interview actually raised my pulse, but recently it feels like any big breakthrough is just another story, just another drop in a glass that should have overrun a long time ago. I guess the only thing that would get me lively again would be a exposé of Miscavige´s crib and a photo of the dwarf handcuffed by the feds, but in the meantime I wanted to hear more about what people actually remember from these past 4 + years.

    Secondly, to try to speculate on what Chanology means in a global political perspective; is this an indication of a genuine shift in established power structures, or is it just an internet fart generated by a bunch of fags who had nothing better to do? Is chanology a sequence of random events and coincidences, or is it some weird inevitable democratic mechanism?

    Either way, thanks for sharing memories, its heart-warming to re-live a few of these moments. Personally, Bacca´s bullbaiting of Tommy Davis to confirm the Xenu story was my favourite moment. That and agent pubeit.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    That's cool. Sounds Interesting. And your perspective - "I feel like i´m chasing dragons every time i open this forum." - well said. really.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, nothing beats your earliest wins - that's how they get you hooked.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like you just need to take a break for a while. Come back refreshed and ready for action.
  10. amaX Member

    Take a break. Patience. Lulz.
  11. Budd Member

    Why was Orlando suddenly a hotspot, one of the very first protest raids?

    How many people would you say were there that first day?
  12. amaX Member

    Because Orlando had two awesome Anons organizing! I have no idea how many people showed up for their first protests, but they organized a huge protest on February 2, 2008 and I attended. I think we probably had 100 people total come out. People came and went. I stayed till well after dark and there were still Anons there when I left. Which was pretty awesome considering how disgusting it is to protest in that area.

    Orlando Anons also came and visited us in Clearwater early on. That was a great raid.

    Rest in peace, 1532.
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  13. Budd Member

    I had been on a long business trip, but then I led several raids later that year and in 2009, IIRC.
    Always a positive reception by people driving by, and by OPD. "Win after win after win."
  14. amaX Member

    You lead several raids in 2008?
  15. CarterUSP Member

    Yes, but that was always going to be the way. Many of us realised that the battle was going to be long and drawn out. The initial blitzkrieg was awesome, but this enemy will take a long time to be fully destroyed.
    I often rejoice at how many people speak out who would not have dared four years ago.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Ah yes, 1532. Memories. But who was the other awesome Anon organizing in Orlando?
  17. FreakE420 Member

    And then there was FreakE!

    I've been here since the get go and spent many solo dayz protesting in the sun and rain,and every time I felt like I was doing something right,and was/is proud to be part of Chanology ...Also learned photo manipulation just for Chanology. The shoops,the shoops,,,,,dont forget the shoops!

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  18. amaX Member

    I am ashamed to say that his name alludes me. I remember what he looked like, but can't recall his name. I believe Six remembers his name. I will ask her.
  19. Anonymous Member

    For those of us that came here after 1532 (me:2010) backstory plox.
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  20. another123 Member

    At the same time WWP was taking up the slack of Enturb, I remember another rival site being around.
    SEx ( Don't really know anything about it, just remember it (sadly, in their robot.txt file was instructions not to index, so no internet archive of it)
  21. amaX Member

    Six tells his story better than I do.
    Personally, he was polite and intelligent and he impressed me with the way he carried himself. He also had a sense of humor and I hope that he knew how much I respected him for all he did for Chanology in Florida.
    We carry the Florida mask laws in his honor.
    I'll let Six tell the rest.
    Rest in peace, 1532.
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  22. sallysock Member

    Much appreciated. It's funny, but right after the TC divorce broke, the thing that made my heart twirl was seeing some anons that I hadn't seen in a while (some since 2010).
    Thank you Amax. Looking forward to hearing about 1532. So many have done so much good.:)
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Those were good days.
  24. CarterUSP Member

    What about Sparrow?
    How many of us watched hours and hours of his protests, getting to know the DC orgers on first name terms, watching the daily low attendance at the Ideal Org, watching failtech in action, the court case with Kim Belotte.
    Sparrow showed that one man with a camera, big clanking balls and a sense of humour > scilon tech.
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  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. anonymous612 Member

    Orlando started protesting waaaay before anyone else mostly -- from an outsider's perspective at least -- because of their primary organizer. But back in the day, the OPD was outright hostile. In general, not just to Anonymous. 1532 had the Orlando anons carry printouts of the mask laws on them at all times, and the OPD still just ignored he publicly shamed them to the media. Because OPD had a bad reputation in general then and the media was pleased to have another example of them behaving shittily. And that finally got the cops to stop acting like dicks.

    After he died, the Orlando guys tried to compensate for a while...but it really took the heart out of the group and eventually they just fell apart.

    Heh, I remember, the first raid I attended by myself was in Ybor, and I got there way early and, as was the norm back then, I was obsessively paranoid. And 1532, who I had never met, was early too. And we were convinced the other was some sort of creepy scilon plant, until he flashed an efg mask at me and I made a mudkips reference and we both went "Oh okay."
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  27. I realized something. There are so many events that have taken place that most of us just tl;dr when we list them all, and its not particularily lulzy in my opinion. How about some sort of Top 10 list or something, to boil it down to the most important developments and make it funny again? Top 10 "Oh shi..." moments in chanology? For no other reason than to look back with fondness and see if we agree on any of them... Could be interesting to see what people remember the most.

    Something like (in no particular order)

    1. Tom Cruzer video leaked
    2. Matt Lauer is totally glib
    3. Jason Beghe tells the brainwashing perspective in detail
    5. WiseBeardMan says wise things and gets a nickname that sticks
    6. Bacca makes Tommy Davis fuck himself
    7. Tommy Davis was not the beginning...of the interview....
    8. over 9000 people in the streets worldwide
    9. Seeing the old video of the dwarf declare the death of LRon on stage for the first time.
    10. Miscavige arrested under the RICO act for fraud, extortion, human trafficking and murder and the subsequent live televised carchase down Hollywood Boulevard.

    Edit: 11. Shawn Lonsdale
  28. amaX Member

    No lists.
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  29. anonymous612 Member

    12. Tommy Davis walks out of interview.

    Since no one's mentioned it, don't forget the BATSHIT CRAZY assault on Anon44 in Nashville. And the ensuing Regional that got...odd. I still have fond memories of a certain anon running across the road shrieking "SIXXY!! SIXXY!! I SAVED YOU A "KIKE" CUPCAKE!!"

    DC Anons' fault.
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  30. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Rather than trying to compile a single list, with all the accompanying arguments over yes/no inclusion/exclusion, I would suggest some kind of timeline with "rate-able" entries. Then, any time you want to see a list of the "top 10", you can simply rank them all by current rating and read off the top 10.

    Databases really, seriously work and they help people. Setting them up can be a pain... but get a geek and smile.
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  31. Dont really need ONE single list, but rather lots of them; everyone remembers things differently, and it could be fun to see what people think of as their own top 10 list of stuff that made Chanology such an amusing ride. So i guess the question is "what would YOUR top 10 list look like?"

    (I know top 10 lists are kinda Letterman-lame, but they are easy to do, fun to read and even more fun to write.)
  32. amaX Member

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  33. Pinaciphobia much?
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  34. amaX Member

    Thanks for making me have to word clear.
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  35. anonymous612 Member

    What about an ongoing voteable list that could be updated? Then it could shift with popular opinion.
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  36. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I've lost interest in this Top Ten project and now want it to DIAF. Stop posting about it, to validate my feelings. TIA.
  37. The Wrong Guy Member

  38. jensting Member

    Yeah, Shawn was a good guy

    We also lost Dave Bird in England, on the actual Feb 10th, Sigh.

    Best regards

  39. DeathHamster Member

  40. DeathHamster Member

    Are there any copies of Shawn Lonsdale's videos currently live on the net? His originals were taken down from YouTube with bullshit DMCA claims.

    (I archived them off net, naturally.)

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