ChanologySF 2012: The Winter of Our DiscoTech

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by enthaeon, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Very nice indeed.
  2. MOOG Member

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  3. over9000OT Member

    Awesome you guise.
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  4. moarxenu Member

    Epic Buttchurch caek is epic.
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  5. enthaeon Member

    screen caps are winning, moog.

    tommy gorman tommy gorman cameo <3

    hulanon's first raid = traffic jam

    butt nao
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  6. Zhent Member

    SF anons are DOING IT RITE! Shit is so uptone. Keep up the good work!

    omg its been so long since we have done carameldansen in Sydney, brings a tear to my eye to see you glorious faggots.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    You gots ta rent you a new caek!
  8. moarxenu Member

    DO EET FAGGOTS!!!!111
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  9. adhocrat Member

    We're out here shitting rainbows. Come join us.
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  10. ethicstrouble Member

    So much I wish I could say, here is what I can.

    1. Stats are going down.
    2. Things are anemic in the org and more people are getting disillusioned.
    3. You protesters are having an impact.
    4. Events are smaller, less public; approx 80% staff and 20% public.
    5. Staff pay is down, some staff can afford a couple lunches at McDonalds with one weeks pay.
    6. Debbie Cook’s email created a stir.
    7. There is infighting.
    8. The OT’s are so brain washed I think only God could straighten them out.
    9. The other hard core thinks there is such a thing as OT. Again God.
    10. The two categories above can’t support the Org forever.
    11. There are no new people, and no new deep pockets.
    12. Be careful out there. (this could also be number 1)
    13. I may be out sooner than I thought and hope to have a surprise.
    14. I can dance, how good is debatable by some, not by me.
    15. Love you guys.
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  11. lostatsea Member

    Love you back. <3
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  12. SPRTT Member

    Anons, take formation. Ready, set, bullbait! My gawd. That was like watching a deranged pep club. I lurve you guys.

    Also, epic chalk moar epic! Epic frosting had me lol'ing, wondering if you fought over who got the slice with "butt" on it. Lulzcaek! Rock on!
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  13. skeptic2girl Member

    I forgot to ask to hear the story about what the bakery person said why a certain Anon asked, "Could you please write EPIC BUTTCHURCH on the cake?"

    oh, Ethics Trouble!! If you think that caek looked good, just wait and see what we can come up with when you get out! CAEK CAEK CAEK dance party!!

    Also, please be out by May 5th for SF MEGARAID!!


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  14. JeffQuiros Member

    My SF Morgue is so downstat, I thought I'd cheer myself up by motoring up to Davis to visit my old haunt.

    I'm sad to say that almost as soon as I entered Vacaville, I was hit with the overpowering, sickly stench of FAIL.

    Did some research beforehand:

    I didn't think it had actually closed! But when I tried to call, the phone had been disconnected.

    btw, "Rate this business"?! We're a church! A BUSINESS church! Damn you, Davis Patch!

    ^I'm beginning to suspect this photo was staged :(

    ^in happier days, Scientologists lived here. Too bad that was in the 1970's, at least 20 years before UCD built student apartments in that area.
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  15. JeffQuiros Member

    Here's what some SPs posting at Davis wiki had to say about the history of Scientology in Davis:

  16. JeffQuiros Member

    The sad state of affairs for Scientology in Davis, January 2012. I barfed all over myself:






    Someone has a sick sense of humor: look what got left behind! Is the Way to Happiness really an empty mission? :(


    Speaking of which, this also got left behind... I guess Scientology can't save marriages after all:



    I can't believe they left the fire extinguisher! We could have sold that shit on ebay!!

    ^If you've ever seen the clouds of cigarette smoke enveloping the SF Org, you'll realize this sign was a big mistake, and could have meant the difference between upstat and downstat.
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  17. ^Is it possible that the cult could have bought this building and - while renovating, apparently - they're using the cult lit to double as window covering AND cult advertising? Seems very coincidental to me, since you can totally read the newspapers all unfolded out like that... no one's reading them while they're in the FailBox.

    I know the cult is broke, but they seem to come up with money when they want it...

    How can we find out who owns this building?
  18. enthaeon Member

    Adhocrat spoke at length with one of the owners/managers-- they are opening a french restaurant. They are aware of Scientology and their moonbattery.

    Our allies are growing, Jeff.

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  19. adhocrat Member

    I had a long talk with a woman Saturday. I had not seen her approach, but then she and her daughter were standing there looking frankly curious. So I approached, we struck up a conversation. We spent ten minutes discussing life and how culty the cult was. Then I asked her about herself. I had noticed something odd about her body language. She was not acting as if she was going to continue on her merry way.

    Turns out she was the one setting up the restaurant. One of them, in any case, i was not paying much attention, but I saw at least six people there, getting the place ready. She said it will be French cuisine, when I asked the prices she got very coy. I don't think I'll be eating there when it does open. But it might mean wanting to hang out and let the delicious smells waft over us.

    Also, the other half of the windows were covered with regular newspaper. One of those pages was of a sexy young scantily clad lady. The cult is very prudish.
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  20. adhocrat Member

    Damn it, Eon, You gave away my carefully constructed tale of Frenchery,
    Let's Raid
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  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Tangerine Member

    Great news, ET - I look forward to your next announcement and checking out some freedom moves on your new dance floor! I'm looking forward to the surprise too!

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  23. skeptic2girl Member

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  24. enthaeon Member

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  25. JeffQuiros Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. lostatsea Member

    I've read this before, but it makes my hair stand up on end, every single time. Because "their" should be "there", of course.
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  28. San Francisco, I am not worthy to view your most excellent thread.

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  29. Chipshotz Member

    SFAnons be rockin'
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  30. over9000OT Member

    1. YOU be careful in there.
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  31. ...especially since it was probably written by a UCD grad.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Smurf is good at finding out shit like this. Oh wait...
  33. Anonymous Member

    Then again, as long as it's not owned by the cult, which adhocrat seems to have confirmed, I'm satisfied. :)
  34. JustNoise Member

    This makes me happy. So very very happy.
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  35. telomere Member


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  36. JeffQuiros Member

    2 more things...
    wanted to dry my tears with cake after traumatic Davis Cult Horror Fail, so drove to Sacramento and Rick's Dessert Diner.
    gratuitous caek pix:





    Are you still there, Ethics Trouble? The SF Anons are gonna find out if Rick's personalizes caeks. ;)
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  37. JeffQuiros Member

    This homeless dude in Davis, not far from the Dead Org, would never be welcome in one of our churches... he has no money, and we only Help the Able Be More Able. Cute dog, though.



    (snuggle dog posed for picture, then warm and cozy, began to doze off again...)

    ps: homeless guy said he had two outfits, and the dog had 20 :)

    That is all.

    See you in SF...
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  38. SPRTT Member

    I generally am a dog person, so snuggle dog had me at hello while admitting there is something very strange about people dressing up their dogs (homeless guy gets a bye, DM, not so much). That said, another unpredictable effect of the SF threads in general is that now I am secretly harboring a love for cats. I prefer "waiting" and "soon" cats, but I'll take a "moar" cat in a pinch.
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  39. moarxenu Member

    Kyle Brennan loved cats.



    Kyle Brennan, 1986-2007
    We do not forget.
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  40. Anonymous Member

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