ChanologySF 2012: The Winter of Our DiscoTech

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by enthaeon, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. SPRTT Member

    For the record, even publics believe in the vast conspiracy of deprogrammers, trolling the streets and looking to pick off an ogre or two. When my sibling blew, the concern was that the "deprogrammers" got 'em. One of my other siblings responded, "why would the DEprogrammers get 'em? Were they programmed?" lulz

    EDIT: seriously? Could epic chalk get more epic? Epic'r? I hope Hamburglers are trollin' here nao.
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  2. skeptic2girl Member

    sprtt -- you should totally come to the megaraid!!
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  3. JustNoise Member

    The ashtray to total freedom, epic chalk art, and squirrel socks! I am very entertained. The morgue is enturbulate, good job guise, carry on.
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  4. SPRTT Member

    The timing may be...fortuitous for that. I'm keeping an ear to the ground and an eye on orbitz.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Cream in your coffee?

    Noticed a public sitting across the desk from a staff member, apparently signing up for courses.
    We thought she should know about the no-refund possibly and... some other stuff.

    Visuals aren't the best -- but you can kind of see the woman we were talking to -- she turned her head several times to listen, and eventually the staff member led her away from the all enturbulation...

    Bonus: kindly anon makes coffee run! thx thx thx <3

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  6. MOOG Member

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  7. MOOG Member

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  8. MOOG Member

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  9. Is J Dilla available to help moog DJ at megaraid?

    edit (add): Ulfw5.jpg
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  10. JeffQuiros Member

    ...because apparently, it's almost as hard to leave an awesome protest as it is to leave the cult:

    Kyle and Victoria Brennan are referred to in video.

    Kyle's getting his own special caek for his Celebration Party Protest on his all-day Friday, Feb. 17th:

    If we do the thing where you have the photo image as the frosting on the caek, it will be this picture:

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  11. enthaeon Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    frame-by-frame, even more impressive
    kid was grabbed around the ears (gently) and nipped on the forehead.

    Despite how aggro the cat appeared,
    this was not an attack.
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  13. Zhent Member

    So much win, love it, feels like 2008 ITT!
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  14. skeptic2girl Member

    wow! Best. Compliment. Evah. <3<3<3
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  15. Anonymous Member

    this is why I have a cat, in lieu of human children...
  16. moarxenu Member

    Newfags + oldfags = WIN!!!!
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  17. xenubarb Member

    At the end of the video with Joe, it shows the Call Box outside the side door. Guys, has that thing been vandalized AGAIN? They tried to blame Obamanon for it when we came up, called SFPD and everything.
  18. SPRTT Member

    Funny, and I just thought that kid had it coming. And I have kids, and I don't have cats.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    confidential to to Jeff Quiros:

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  20. Kiddo pulled it in...
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  21. JeffQuiros Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    Set to private ^^^^
  23. enthaeon Member

    hai jeff &amp; osa, liek our ghandi kitty tech?

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  24. JeffQuiros Member

    Thx! Should work now...
  25. MOOG Member

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  26. (last video, until... oh never mind!):

    Josh is kinda like a bad boyfriend. He just ignores you and never calls...

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  27. enthaeon Member

    Stat crash came early this week.

    Feels good, man.


    Pippi scampers out right away to halp us place our signs. Thx!




    The grim face of THIRST. Now staff have to bring their own water to the mOrg? Lawl.


    Aww, widdle staffy wants to pway OSA?

    &quot;How this fucking cam works?!&quot;


    Finally, KR TIEM!


    ^^^Curious clam was curious about our chalk tech...


    Back to fail...

    Family-style downstat


    u hungry?

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  28. enthaeon Member


    Someone loves us

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  29. MOOG Member

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  30. skeptic2girl Member

    We were trying to figure out what was going on at the org tonight... besides fail.

    Apparently, it was...


    Also apparently, if you're a Scientology staffer and your name is Vicki, you wield a camera, because *our* Vicki climbed up on the table to take snaps of the most attractive Scientologists in the org. Was Jerry there? YOU BETCHA! Quiros? Yes, please! Lots of people we didn't recognize, too.

    Pippi was in top form -- apparently deciding that Bitch Tech was NOT win -- and had her TR's all in a row, playing sweetie-pie when she asked us to move our SP-infested sign. &quot;THANK YOU!&quot; she said, as if talking to an ashtray.

    Other local celebs: Rico Suave, Miss Manners (I think), Bill (aka Goatse), Ameet, Mama and Mr Cass um, er, John and Michelle Phillips, a young lady with FABULOUS hair who's tentatively named &quot;Vidal Sassoon&quot; --

    But where oh where was Jennifer2?
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  31. Anonymous Member





    pTs: Jeff Quiros, you most definitely do not run this...
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  32. Chipshotz Member

    You SFAnons are raiding machines. <3 your post raid reports.
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  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. Anonymous Member


    Best line of night... to OSA dude, as he walks by the above chalk tech...

    "One day, that Kyle Brennan's going to bite you in the Butt Church!"
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  35. adhocrat Member

    Marvelous, simply marvelous
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  36. MOOG Member

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  37. MOOG Member

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  38. Random guy Member

    Just posting in awsome thread!
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